Understanding the NFL for Your Super Bowl Party

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It’s the biggest party of the year, and when Super Bowl Sunday rolls around every February, you are either going to host a party or attend one. You’re in on the food and drink. But the football still leaves you a tad confused. So instead of constantly asking questions, you stay quiet and only watch the commercials. In this post, we help you in Understanding the NFL for Your Super Bowl Party.

Understanding the NFL for Your Super Bowl Party
Understanding the NFL for Your Super Bowl Party

Today we aim to change all that with this definitive NFL guide on the sport, the season, understanding NFL odds, and most importantly, the biggest unofficial national holiday, the Super Bowl.

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NFL Basics

The Super Bowl will feature only two teams, but there are 32 teams across the NFL. There are two conferences – the AFC and NFC – and four divisions of four teams in each conference.

afc and nfc
afc and nfc

There is a 17-game regular-season schedule. And each division winner, plus the following three best teams in each conference, advance to a 14-team playoff. The seven playoff teams in each conference play three games to determine the conference champion. Then those two champions – one representing the AFC and one representing the NFC – meet on Super Bowl Sunday.

There are 285 NFL games played each year, and each of them can be wagered at BetUS.

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Basic Football Rules

The primary way an offense scores points is by advancing the football, either by running it or passing it, into the end zone, resulting in a touchdown worth six points.

Following a touchdown, teams are given the option of kicking the ball through the goalpost for one point or running a play that will result in two points if they get into the end zone.

basic football rules
basic football rules

Each offense has four plays (called downs) to pick up 10 yards when moving the ball down the field. Otherwise, they turn the ball over. If they do get the ten yards, the four downs reset. If they get to fourth down and don’t want to run a regular offensive play. They can punt the ball away to the opponent or attempt to kick a field goal. A field goal that must go through the goalpost scores three points.

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Player Basics

Each side has 11 players on the field at one time.

The 11 players on offense are led by the quarterback, who either hands the ball to the running back or throws the ball to his wide receivers. There is a five man offensive line to block for the quarterback and the running backs.

11 players
11 players

The 11 players on defense are broken into three groups – the defensive line, who line up directly across from the offense; the linebackers, who play just behind the defensive line and are the top tacklers on the team; and the defensive backs, who cover the wide receivers and preventing long plays.

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Only 11 players from each team are on the field at once. But each team has 46 players for each game, coming from a roster of 53 players.

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Why the Super Bowl is Special

The Super Bowl happens to decide the yearly champion of the NFL. But it has become so much more than that.

It’s an all-day party, with the pregame show beginning early in the morning and lasting into the wee hours of the night.

super bowl party
super bowl party

It’s a concert. There are pregame musical acts, but the real highlight is the halftime show, headlined by stars like Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and The Rolling Stones.

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