20+ Apps Like Justplay In 2024 (Android & iOS Both)

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The rapid growth of technology has given rise to apps like justplay mobile applications serving users with different needs and desires. In digital gaming, Just Play has become one of the top platforms for online gaming for Android and iOS users to play their favorite games. 

There are numerous apps like JustPlay for Android and iOS users. Some notable ones include Cash Giraffe, Rewarded Play, Swagbucks, Bingo Cash, Kashkick, Money Well, Scramble, Display, Buff, Cashyy, InboxDollars, Gamehag, Coin Pop, AppStation, Flash Rewards, App Flame, PlaytestCloud, Cash Alarm, Money Rawr, and Lucky Day. Each offers unique features, gaming experiences, and various reward options.

Have you ever thought about just playing a legit app? Yes, Just Play is a legit app where you can earn rewards and profit from it. This article explores apps like JustPlay and 20+ upcoming legit apps in 2024 (Android & iOS).

If you’re interested in exploring further, consider checking out the Earn Haus review, a reliable source for evaluating gaming apps and maximizing your earnings. Let’s not waste time; come on, explore apps like Justplay.

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Cash Giraffe

Cash Giraffe is a German Android Gaming app installed from the Google Play Store. It is one of the best apps like JustPlay, launched in 2022. In Cash Giraffe, you can play games and earn rewards. It is the best app for making money and for playing games. 

cash giraffe app


To play, install the app from the Google Play Store and create an account using Google Mail ID or any other email to register. After signing in, it gives 4,499 coins and tracks your progress. You can take a look at app features and payout options. 


  • you can download it from the Google Play Store for free
  • Constantly tracks your game progress
  • You can choose any cash-out options
  • There is no fee to redeem
  • Available in many countries


  • It may not include your favorite games
  • Available for Android users only
  • Earning decreases with time
  • Inconsistent customer service is provided 
  • Sometimes, the software has trouble tracking the progress

Visit: Cash Giraffe

Rewarded Play

For Android users, Rewarded Play pays you rewards for playing games. But iOS users cannot access it in Rewarded Play. You can get gift cards and prizes and play games like Sudoku, Harry Potter, Mahjong, Royal Match, etc. You can also play classic games. 

rewarded play

To play, install from the Google Play Store, and register is simple; you need to create an account using your email and accept the terms. After signing up, you will receive 5000 free points. You can also get points for filling out survey questions, and if you open three games, you will win 10,000 extra points. 


  • Available in the US and Canada 
  • Download for free
  • Different kind genres of games
  • New games are added 


  • Available for Android Users only
  • Age 18 or 18+
  • Rewards are based on the skill 
  • No PayPal for payment option

Visit: Rewarded Play


You can redeem gift cards from Swagbucks from Amazon, Walmart, or PayPal. Furthermore, you can earn extra cash by filling out online surveys.


It offers expensive shopping rewards, cashback, coupons, and many more. You can send friend links and email invitations to your family and friends. Per Day, you can earn 1$- 5$, and you will receive a special bonus for achieving a diamond level.  

Visit the Swagbucks website, download from the Google Play Store, or use the app store to play. Create an account and discover deals and free trials. Swagbucks also offers a PayPal option, allowing you to check out 15 games offering instant payments to your account.


  • Earn great rewards
  • Easy payout options  
  • Many gift cards from Starbucks, Amazon, Walmart
  • Free trials and shopping deals


  • Take time to earn money 
  • Earnings depend upon the time you spend 
  • For some games, you need to spend money rather than earning 
  • Fewer surveys based on demographic 

Visit: Swagbucks

Bingo Cash

Bingo Cash is one of the top-rated apps for online gaming and earning money. You need to play with your real money and are encouraged to participate in paid cash Bingo tournaments.

bingo cash

Here, after signing up, you can practice free games. There is a processing fee of 1$ and a minimum withdrawal. Do you want to be a part of a fair play club? Here are the best gambling apps to get paid for playing. 


  • Available for both Android and iOS users
  • Get extra power-ups and boosters
  • Free playing games
  • Free cash bonuses


  • Not available in the Google Play Store
  • Chances of losing money
  • Paid Bingo tournaments are not open in all states 
  • Not a reliable income source

Visit: Bingo Cash


Get paid for completing simple online tasks with Kashkick. To earn money from a paid survey in Kashkick, you must live in the US and be eligible if you are at least 18. When creating an account in KashKick, register with your email and create a profile.  


Furthermore, it asks you to share your age, gender, and educational qualifications. Completing your profile provides you with matching paid surveys according to your preferences and demographics. 


  • If you refer to your friends, earn up to 25% of your friend’s earning
  • You can earn rewards by watching advertising videos 
  • no special skills are required
  • easy payout options


  • Available for only Android users 
  • Available in the US only 
  • Low rewards in fewer surveys 

Visit: Kashkick

Money Well

Playing users at many conventions will be great for Android users’ money. No in-game purchase, based on the time you play, earn points through surveys.

money well app

With the sign-up, you will get 4,444 bonus points. It includes a wide range of gaming categories.


  • Multiple gaming options are available 
  • Earn gift card and PayPal rewards 
  • Earnings depend on the time


  • available for Android users only 
  • face verification is required
  • earning potential is low

Visit: Money Well


Receive immediate cash upon sign-up. You will be credited 500 bonus points. You can also get rewarded for completing the task and progressing with the task given to you.



  • Available to Android and iPhone users
  • Easy cash-out options
  • By referring to your friend, you can earn up to 10% of your friend’s earnings
  • Organized interface


  • Photo of a valid ID or selfie is required to get paid
  • paid surveys are after your first cash-out only

Visit: Scramble


This app, launched in 2016, offers over 50$ million worth of rewards to over 2 million monthly users. You can also earn shopping rewards and cool badges and create avatars and daily streaks. 

display social app


  • PayPal option is available
  • Earn 100 points for referring to your friends and family
  • Variety of games
  • Available in many countries


  • Available to only Android users
  • Geographical-specific games only
  • less gift card rewards
  • low potential earnings

Visit: Display


This app supports 1500+ games; you can receive real-time gifts such as gift cards and Steam keys, offering a customized news feed. It highlights your Gameplay and captures your defects. Provides transparency and security.

buff website


  • Easy to use
  • Not only can you play games, but also you can watch the news, workouts, health tips, and so on.


  • Privacy issues
  • Inconsistent customer service

Visit: Buff


Cashyy is a free advertising gaming app. It offers you a variety of games with unique features. It was updated on January 2, 2024. You can discover free games and win coins free of cost.

cashyy app

Download it from Google Play without a login or register requirement if you want to play. You can earn up to 100 coins by creating an account and taking the survey. 


  • more games to play, and US users can get rewards
  • invite your friends and earn up to 25% of your coins
  • PayPal is available


  • low earnings
  • Availability of games depends on the region

Visit: Cashyy


You can earn money from InboxDollar by completing surveys, reading commercial emails, playing games, redeeming gift card options, cash back, offering scratch cards, etc.


It was last updated on November 10, 2023, with a unique feature of updated playtime rewards.


  • Available to both Android and iOS users
  • Easy payout options
  • 5$ for the welcome bonus
  • Available in the US, UK


  • Available to US users only
  • Low potential earnings
  • Takes time to transfer
  • Cannot qualify for survey all the time

Visit: InboxDollars


Gamehag can be played on mobiles or computers. Earn fantastic rewards with a massive selection of games. Just install the app from the Google Play Store and collect thousands of gems as a free welcome bonus.


For completing each game, you can make a reward. In Gamehag, you may also earn rewards by watching commercial ads. If you are logging in for seven consecutive days, you can earn 20 gems.


  • You can upgrade for 4$ per month
  • Earn by writing articles, contributing to forums
  • wide range of games
  • Gift cards and easy payout options


  • Low earnings
  • No sign-up bonus

Visit: Gamehag

Coin Pop

It is an entirely free app with no advertising and in-app purchases. You can play your favorite games and updated games.

coin pop app

It depends on the time you play. You can win gift cards, track progress, and earn real money.


  • Available in many countries
  • PayPal option is available


  • Low earnings and rewards
  • Limited opportunities for earning

Visit: Coin Pop


AppStation lets you earn coins, gift cards, and Coupons by playing games. You can play classical games and all kinds of games on the Appstation.


You can play your favorite games such as Adventure, Sudoku, Arcade, etc. It is only available to Android users. Appstation is available on Google Play Store and the App Store.


  • Available in many countries
  • No skills required
  • Variety of games


  • Only to Android users
  • Low potential earnings

Visit: AppStation

Flash Rewards

Flash Rewards offers both free and paid offers. There is no complicated signing-up process, and you can start exploring new games and earning rewards from as little as $5. You can receive gift cards, and it is easy to use.  

flash rewards


  • Good customer service
  • Useful to earn money in leisure


  • personal information is required
  • Big rewards may need payment

Visit: Flash Rewards

App Flame

Users of Android can play their favorite games for free by downloading the app. Always keep you updated on versions of games, with no in-app purchases.

app flame


  • Earn gift cards
  • Variety of games
  • multiple payout options


  • Only available for Android users
  • Only in the US and Canada
  • GIF cards do not cash out other than US

Visit: App Flame


The playtest cloud play testing service has many US, UK, and Canadian players.


To become playtesters, you need to be eligible for it, and for participating in it, you will earn a reward of up to 10$. It requires gaming skills and interests. It pays you to test games and get feedback.


  • Available for both Android and iOS devices
  • Gameplay is recorded
  • Multiplayer testing


  • Some are unpaid test
  • not available in many countries

Visit: PlaytestCloud

Cash Alarm

Cah Alarm is an online gaming app that pays you and receives gift cards. To play, install from the Google Play Store and sign up by creating an account with your email ID.

cash alarm

In Cash Alarm, you can play games such as Dragon City, Angry Birds, Gun of Glory, etc. You can find games similar to Appstation. You can make money 5$-25$ in a month.


  • new games are added often
  • PayPal option is available
  • wide range of games


  • Not available for iOS users
  • less games are to be chosen in some countries
  • low earnings

Visit: Cash Alarm

Money Rawr

It is an Appstation division similar to Cash Giraffe and Mistplay. You can earn gift cards from Starbucks, Amazon, Walmart, and Nike.

money rawr app


  • Referral program is available
  • multiple payment options


  • Available only for Android devices
  • low potential earnings

Visit: Money Rawr

Lucky Day

Lucky Day is a free gaming app that offers exciting features and experiences. You can play casino and earn scratch cards and tokens; the user interface is a reliable app for playing games.

lucky day


  • Different games to play
  • multiple pay options


  • available for Android users only
  • Advertisements  

Visit: Lucky Day


Boodle is a 3D maths gaming app. It helps K-6 students learn and engage with each student.


Boodle is a game-based learning app for teachers, parents, and students. It will be fun and more interactive.


  • Interactive
  • Customised platform
  • Compatible


  • Language barrier
  • Server issues
  • features are not advanced

Visit: Boodle

Note: There are no specific apps like JustPlay available on the iPhone. Still, apps like JustPlay for iPhone users and Android users like Bingo Cash, Scrambly, Inbox Dollars, Gamehag, and PlayStation Cloud are available to download games and earn rewards. 

How can you Maximise your earnings?

If you want to maximize your earnings with apps like JustPlay, here are a few tips for you


  • Understand the terms and conditions and know how the app works. 
  • Consistency is crucial. Login daily so that you will get daily rewards
  • You can follow us on social media to get a chance to participate 
  • Participate in tournaments and win cash rewards.
  • Always check the reviews to protect yourself from scams and fraud.
  • Often, withdraw the cash. 

If you want to earn more through your gaming skills, there are seven of the best games to make money in, where you can play games like PUBG and League of Legends. 


What is Just Play?

Just Play is a mobile gaming application where you play games online and earn real-time money, cash back, coupons, gift cards, and more fun.

Does JustPlay pay a lot?

Apps like Justpay do not pay much. The maximum you can be is 10$- 25$ if you Consistently play.

What are the best play alternatives?

There are so many best apps like JustPlay, such as Cash Giraffe, Rewarded Play, Swagbucks, Bingo Cash, Kashkick, Money Well, Scrambly, Misplay, Buff, Cashyy, InboxDollars, Gamehag, Coin Pop, AppStation Flash rewards, App Flame, and many more.

Is an appstation the best alternative to play?

Appstation is one of the alternatives to play as it offers exciting and unique features in online gaming. It shows you gift cards, cash rewards, coupons, etc.


In this article, we have explored 20+ apps like JustPlay and their Pros and Cons. The best alternative is just. You can choose any of those and earn real-time money by playing at your own pace free of cost.

As with fast-paced technology, these apps will be updated accordingly. Choose the best app that fits you and win cash prizes. Also, try 25 ways to make money on Meete app.