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In today’s world, when inflation is rising, people are trying to find various creative and unique ways to generate some bucks. is one website that allows you to add cash to your pocket while sitting at home. People can earn money from this website by selling their used books to trustworthy and reliable buyers. This article sheds light on the latest 2024 review. 

As you surf the internet, you will learn from reviews that it is one of the most reliable used book buyers. According to the latest reviews, it is one of the most significant ways for youngsters, especially readers, to earn cash. You may find mixed reviews regarding this company when you go through websites like Trustpilot, Google, or Bookscouter. Even though there were some fraudulent cases, this company still stands as one of the best book-selling organizations. 

This article will outline various ways of accessing this website for optimal profit. It will also point out the exact steps to help you successfully sell your books online and make a profit. It will give you honest and latest reviews about the company’s working ethics and operational features. This can be advantageous for the readers, helping them avoid any fraud that might come along during their selling procedures. Here are the 13 best online places to sell your textbooks, as it is a great way to earn money and save the environment.

See Also: 12 Free Books For Kids By Mail Review – Is it Legit? is known as a very trusted source for booksellers all over the web. In 2008, this company bought over a million books. Searching the website and listing your books will show you the amount they can pay according to their worth.

sellbackyourbook website

By any chance, if the book doesn’t fulfill the criteria required to sell the book, it instantly conveys it to the user. As per the review, it is a very easy-to-use website that individuals of all ages can operate. If you compare their prices for your books, they are way higher than those of other websites.

It is a trendy brand with a high customer service rating. This platform acts as a thrift store for your books. Therefore, it is proven that it is a legitimate site to convert your books into cash. All the reviews prove that is Legit

How does Work?

First, gather the books you want to remove from your collection.

  • Mostly, I go for nonfiction and academic-oriented books that the website usually prefers. Also, they are not interested in any magazine or books with promotional content.
  • Check the condition of the books, as books with a decent outlook can have more chances of getting purchased.

The second requirement of this website, is the ISBN.

  • The ISBN is the International Standard Book Number. You can quickly locate them at the back of the book or in the first few pages.
  • Sometimes, you can easily use the website scanner to extract the ISBN if you can’t find it.

sellbackyourbook website register

Now go to the website or and individually enter the ISBN allotted for the books.

  • You can also take a shortcut and upload an entire file containing all the ISBNs simultaneously. 
  • As you upload the ISBN, the app will directly show you the price they are willing to offer for the particular book. If you are satisfied with the amongst, go ahead and proceed.

Now, you will receive a free shipping label.

  • You have to attach this label to the box in which you will be packing your books for shipment.
  • Make sure you use a good, durable box to pack your books. This will ensure that the quality of your books is intact even after the shipping process.

According to the company’s terms and conditions, they will send the money directly to your bank account in 2-3 business days as they receive your items.

These websites are not only good places to sell your unused books but also to purchase thrifted books. These are the 11 best places where you can get books for free by mail to satisfy your reading desires without spending a penny.

How Much Money Can You Make on

It is said that even if you can’t become a millionaire by selling books, it can undoubtedly support your finances. Especially for students, this can be a side income they can generate by selling their academic books.

Every year, students gather a lot of books, which are mainly academic. They can utilize them by listing those books on this website to earn a decent amount. This money can be enough to cover their daily expenses. The earnings depend on the amount of books an individual sells and the quality of the books.

media and books

The prices that this website offers are high. Books with a higher academic value or superior quality are assigned higher prices than lower-quality books. It is always better to sell your discarded books instead of selling them.

This is how libraries have made money to run as an organization over the years. Therefore, waste no time and improve your financial situation by trading unused books. Reviews Around the Internet

Several evaluations are available on the Internet concerning as both a corporation and a brand. The 2024 review shows the company’s brand rating is 4.0 out of 5 stars.

These assessments are based on various criteria, including customer service, payment alternatives, discount rates, corporate rules, and ethics. Overall, this brand ranks among the websites that provide book-selling services.

BookScouter App Reviews

As far as is concerned, BookScouter app reviews are primarily popular. People have pointed out that it is a trusted platform for reviewing selling prices for books.

bookscouter app

It also helps you to know whether your books meet the basic requirements for selling. People have had a favorable experience with this app and consider it an excellent platform. It has a 3.7 rating with 11K reviews.


Unlike BookScouter app reviews, according to the 2024, reviews are primarily positive. According to some people, they experienced excellent customer service when it came to

trustpilot review for sellbackyourbook

Even though some people are delighted with this site, some are unhappy with it. Some people have confessed that even after the shipment of their books, they have not received their share of the money.

Some have pointed out that the customer service provided needs to be better. Even after that, it has 4.4 stars on Trustpilot with over 32248 reviews.

Visit: Trustpilot


According to Google, is a 100% legitimate and high-paying platform for putting your books for sale. The reviews pointed out that it is very user-friendly and easily operated by people of all age groups.

sellbackyourbook app on playstore

From the net reviews, it is found that this app has a solid 5-star rating on Google for its extraordinary pay scale and customer satisfaction. If you search it on Google, you will notice that the app has 5 stars and 1k reviews.

Is there an App for

There is a dedicated app for up just now. Their website is generally smartphone-friendly and offers customer-friendly experiences. If you want to sell your used books, you can search for their website directly in any network settings like Google and Chrome.

sellbackyourbook app on app store

One portion of the website solely dedicates to selling books, allowing you to check the prices instantly. This app will also allow you to track the progress of your apps during shipment and check the payment status.

Even though there is no app, the website is equally competent and possesses all the features an app offers.

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Is sellbackyourbook reliable?

Yes, according to the latest reviews, is a reliable website when it comes to selling books and earning money.

How does sellbackyour book work?

It is a website where you can basically sell your used books for a competitive price

Who is the owner of SellBackYourBook?

The owner is Glen Nothnagel.

What is the weight limit for sellbackyourbook?

The weight limit is 35 lbs.

Conclusion is a great website for utilizing your beloved books once you have finished reading them. The majority of the reviews online suggest that this site sells your books at the best competitive prices.

This gives your pre-loved books a second chance to get used instead of getting trashed. Nowadays, even if you don’t have enough money to afford a book, you can easily read them online in the form of E-Books. Additionally, here are 21 places to read and download books online for free to satisfy your Bibliophilia.

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