20 Reliable Places To Sell Sports Cards – Online & Cash Options! 

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Sports cards are the best way to remember the most famous athletes in sports history. Moreover, these cards have prevailed since the launch of different sports leagues. Further, there is a vast market for selling sports cards online and for cash, all thanks to some hardcore sports card collectors.

How do you sell sports cards for cash? One can sell sports cards on sites like Beckett, eBay, Kruk Cards, Facebook Marketplace, Panini, Justcollect.com, Bonanza, etc. Also, factors like the condition of the cards, their uniqueness, the importance of the player present on it, accomplishments, retirements, sudden deaths of players, etc., play an essential role as they influence the value of these cards.

What are the different factors that influence the value of sports cards? We will learn in detail.

Different Factors Influence the Value of Sports Cards

Before we plan to sell sports cards online or for cash, we must understand the factors that influence the value of these cards.

sports cards

Once we know these factors in detail, we can get the answer to this question effectively. 

Condition of the cards

One of the most important factors influencing the card’s value is its condition. If it is in good condition, then we can get more than the damaged ones.  


The rarity or uniqueness of the sports card is another factor. The more the card is, the more it becomes valuable in the market.

Achievements of player

If the card players are sportsmen who have achieved huge accolades like MVPs, Hall of Fame, or more, then the value of the sports cards increases. 

Accomplishments as a team

The next factor that influences the selling of sports cards for money is the accomplishment of the player as a team. After all, every player wins when the entire team wins. 

Retirements and sudden deaths of players

Another factor influencing selling sports card collections is retirement and sudden deaths. In the case of the same, the value of sports cards can undergo ups and downs. 


Their popularity is the final and most important factor in buying and selling sports cards online. If the team is famous, then the value of the cards can vary when we buy or sell them. 

Thus, these factors influence the buying and selling of sports cards.

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How to Sell Sports Cards Online

We will learn about the 20 most reliable places to sell sports cards. We can do so on online marketplaces, other general marketplaces/social media sites, and virtual marketplaces.

Now, let us go through some of the reliable places in detail:


The pricing and checklists make Beckett the ideal place for this. However, we have to be a registered dealer of the site.


Moreover, ensure we have an extensive collection of cards with authenticated card grades before doing so. If we are registered dealers, we can access a real-time guide to the prices of the sports cards. 


If we are aware of the value of our sports cards and comfortable creating our listings, then we can use eBay’s “auction” feature. It will help us to get the maximum price for our cards. They have an auction fee of $0.30 per listing and 5% of the sale amount. 

Dave and Adams

Here, we can sell vintage and modern sports cards if they are professionally graded at $50+ for modern sports cards and vintage cards that belong to 1970 or earlier.

dave and adams

There are no auction fees in Dave & Adams. Further, expensive orders from the site can be eligible for free shipping. 


StockX buys and sells different collectibles, including sports cards. They offer a real-time price tracking feature that helps us track the card’s trending price. Moreover, we can set the prices for buyers. We can sell sports cards for baseball, basketball, football and more. It has transaction fees of up to 10% and payment processing fees of 3%. 


Offerup is the most robust website to sell sports cards and other less-expensive collectibles. And we have to pay a service of 12.9% for the free listing of our cards. Moreover, with Offerup, finding local and online sports card buyers is easy. 

Kruk cards

Kruk Cards’ experience of 30 years in the field is also a top highlight. Further, they buy sports cards in bulk, allowing us to sell rare collections.

kruk cards

We can also sell standard cards in bulk and get high value for our rarest and most unique sports card collection. 


We can sell antique collections of cards from the 1970s or earlier and modern cards at Otia. Moreover, they buy the entire card collection and ensure we do not receive emails regarding the rejected ones.


Tonyetrade provides instant offers on precious sports cards. The fee for selling sports cards varies with the process of payment. Moreover, we can sell the rarest of the rare collections of sports cards quickly, even though the transaction fee can be high at times.  


Check out my collectibles, or Comc is another marketplace where we can sell sports cards. However, a processing fee is $0.5 to $2.00 per card. But still, we can sell our cards with Comc quickly. Moreover, they don’t add shipping costs.


Further, they offer store credits that we can convert into cash if we want to.

PSA card forums

PSA card forums authenticate and grade the cards we upload on their site. It helps potential buyers to know what they are buying. Further, we can negotiate the pricing and shipping details directly with the buyers.

Facebook Marketplace

As we know, Facebook is the topmost social media website globally. However, it is also the best marketplace to sell sports cards. But we can sell only those sports cards that belong to the 1980s.

facebook marketplace

Moreover, it is the best place to find more sports card buyers than elsewhere. 

Visit: Facebook Marketplace


Even though the Shopify website is not accessible, we can still find some potential buyers for the sports cards on the website. Most of all, they need to become more familiar with sports card buyers, but they are the most reliable places to sell sports cards. 


A chewing gum-making company in the USA, Topps started its sports cards selling and buying as a business in 1954. Moreover, they sell and buy heritage sports cards and make and sell their own sports cards for rare collectors. So, Topps is the best place to choose if we are rare sports card collectors.


Panini is an Italian company that sells and buys sports cards in and around the USA. Moreover, if we are rare sports card collectors, then Panini will contact us.


However, if we contact them directly, they might not respond. 

Dean’s Cards

Dean’s cards also help us to learn easy tricks and techniques to sell sports cards online. Be it baseball, basketball, or football, we can sell and buy any sports card we have and prefer.


Another popular marketplace that allows us to sell and buy modern sports cards that belong to the 1980s and beyond. And antique cards that belong to the 1970s and earlier. Moreover, they also provide resources that help us to get the value of the card we intend to sell or buy from Justcollect.com.


If we love baseball cards and are avid collectors, then the Webstore is the best place to buy baseball sports cards. Moreover, there is an auction for potential buyers to buy and sell their sports cards. There is a special section that lists sports cards for sale. Even though they are not specialized websites, they are very reliable.

Blowout card forum

Blowout card forum helps in the fair assessment of the value of sports cards before buying and selling the same.


Further, they have exclusive forums for each type of sports card collector. 


eBid.com offers higher pricing for these cards than any other marketplace. Moreover, there is a separate section for sports card selling & buying and other collectibles. However, we must own an account on the site to sell or buy anything. 


Even though Bonanza is not an official buyer or seller of sports cards, we can still sell our sports cards here.


We need to sign up for Bonanza for free and start selling the sports cards quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we sell sports cards online?

Yes, we can sell and buy sports cards online.

How can we sell an extensive collection of sports cards?

We can auction the extensive collection of sports cards online on platforms like eBay and sell them.

Can we know the value of the sports cards before selling them?

Yes, we can know the sports cards' value before selling or buying them.


Overall, the 20 marketplaces mentioned above are the most reliable places to buy and sell sports cards with online and cash options. 

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