6 Job Search Websites Sites like Rat Race Rebellion

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Finding quality work-from-home job leads might take a lot of Work.

You’ve probably seen frauds, a tonne of positions that aren’t open, and even positions for which you aren’t qualified.

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There are few reliable websites where you may locate work-from-home employment.

I assume you’ve heard of the Rat Race Rebellion before. They’re a fantastic website to find legitimate Work from home jobs, and new opportunities are available daily.

You can get remote and work-from-home jobs on websites and sites like Rat Race Rebellion. Did you know that?

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Rat Race Rebellion

Rat Race Rebellion advertises open roles for persons in Canada and the United States. Formation of Rat Race Rebellion is done by two industry veterans. Users can post work-from-home jobs there for others to apply for.

rat race rebellion

The first step would be to send the research team the job posting so they can investigate the vacancy. They evaluate the job postings to ensure that they are consistent with the style of job postings they promote.

The tasks add for free to the section of everyday jobs if it passes their review. 

For those who need assistance finding an online opportunity, Rat Race Rebellion does offer a course centered on How to Find Work from a Gig in 30 Days or Less for just $49 per person.

I’ll list 5+ trustworthy websites, sites like Rat Race Rebellion, where you may find remote and work-from-home employment.


You can look for remote employment in marketing, technology, customer service, and other fields with Jobspresso. For those who visit their website, Jobspresso focuses on offering the most significant jobs that are free from scams. 


To do this, they investigate the employer’s social media profiles, online reputation, and website.

Your chances of getting the job can improve if you submit a portfolio and your resume.

For job seekers, using Jobspresso is free. You can follow them on social media to receive daily updates on open positions.

Penny Hoarder’s Work-from-Home Job Portal 

Find your ideal remote job opportunity through Penny Hoarder’s work-from-home website.

Search using either your home state or the position title you’re seeking. You may see the hourly rate alongside the job title before you click on an ad.

penny hoarder

Additionally, you may view each option’s advantages before entering the listing. 

The heart symbol is used to symbolize something and keep an eye out for it while applying because certain positions only accept candidates from particular regions of the United States.


The merger between Elance and oDesk produced Upwork.com

Upwork is “a global platform for freelancing where companies and independent people can connect and cooperate remotely.” They have job advertisements for writing, customer service, marketing, and IT, among other categories.


You are recruited and paid through the Upwork platform, which sets it apart from the other websites we’ve covered. Upwork charges freelancers up to 20% of their revenue, even though signing up and applying for jobs are accessible. 

They also charge for premium memberships. Users either truly adore or dislike it, and signing up within 24 hours was simple.

There are many prospects because their website posts over 100,000 projects monthly, but you must exercise caution. 

Additionally, they provide a review system where freelancers may provide feedback for other job seekers and grade the employed clients.

Upwork doesn’t like screen job advertisements, unlike the other websites mentioned, and some users have reported scams.

Additionally, the hefty 20% service charge can significantly reduce your profit.

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FlexJobs is one of the most well-known websites for seeking employment that can be from home.


You can apply for work-from-home, temporary, and flexible positions on FlexJobs. You may be confident there won’t be any fraud because FlexJobs has verified the positions.

Since it has been operating for more than ten years, FlexJobs has collected data on more than 40,000 businesses offering remote employment.

The Home-Based Working Woman 

Like the other blogs on this list, including Rat Race Rebellion, The Work at Home Woman includes a page displaying recent job openings.

It has Loads of entries regarding Work from home opportunities. It provides a section for extra cash.

Content about starting a business and a blog are distinctive things you can find at The Work at Home Woman.

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Dream Home-Based Work

The massive work-from-home website Dream Home Based Work is owned by Lashay Hudson.

She has THOUSANDS of posts about various work-from-home jobs and a website where she puts job leads (which she updates at least weekly!). 


As if that weren’t enough, she also has a YouTube channel where she discusses a variety of tasks that can be done from home.

To begin your work search, go to Dream Home Based Work’s Work from Home Job Directory or the “Hiring Now” section of her website.


How long has your business existed?

We founded Staffcentrix, a virtual career training company, in 1999 and have been collaborating with customers, including the US State Department and US Armed Forces, for a while. In February 2007, we launched the Rat Race Rebellion website. You should Google us; we recommend it. For more than 15 years, we have been pioneers in remote Work and virtual employment.

Do you screen every job lead on your website?

Yes. Each employment lead we post on the Rat Race Rebellion website has been thoroughly vetted. However, since Google decides what Google Ads are, we don't screen them. (Ads help to keep our site and research efforts free for everyone.)

Do you ever have to defend getting paid for your work?

Receiving compensation for the right to labor is rarely justified. There are a few circumstances, though, when payments might be acceptable. For instance, when you apply for a job as a home-based call center representative, some employers may demand a background and credit check, which the candidate must pay for (often $30 or less). Additionally, the crafter will almost always be required to pay for materials or a start-up kit for home-based craft assembly labor (while many of them are scams, we have located a few genuine organizations).


There are a lot of possibilities if you want to discover reliable Work from home jobs and sites like Rat Race Rebellion.

The listed websites are excellent resources, but you should also conduct independent research on job prospects. Remember that you shouldn’t need to “recruit” people or pay a fee to apply! Beware of con artists!

Remember to read our post on a list of more than 200 work-from-home call center jobs if you still need to do so.