Online Jobs for Teens (40 Easy Jobs to Work from Home)


Online Jobs for Teens

The teenage period of one’s life is full of contemplation and eagerness to achieve great heights. Being a teen, you are neither a full-grown adult nor a high school kid worrying about nothing. You must crave independence and keep searching for online jobs for teens over the internet. It’s understandable, and we got you! 

Some of the best online jobs for teens are freelancing jobs, writing articles, editing articles, blogging, proofreading, doing technical jobs, HTML designing, game development, web design, etc. You can also do passive income by surveying sites, babysitting, selling your creativity, selling photos online, tutoring, etc. 

Let’s put an end to your long search for jobs with this article. This article has listed below the work-from-home online jobs for teens to help you.

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What Is A Work-From-Home Position Like?

These jobs allow you to work from home, and they frequently call for an internet connection to interact and network with coworkers and bosses. Employees who telecommute or work from home have the flexibility and independence to conduct their business from home offices.

Online jobs for teensWith an adequate internet connection, some telecommuting workers will even go on business trips. Even though working from home can be quite alluring and offer several advantages, there may be disadvantages to taking a job that allows for remote work.

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Is It Legal For Teenagers To Work Online?

Yes! Some online jobs have age limits that you must meet, as you’ll see here. But as a teenager, you can frequently make money online legally by working in the gig economy or online employment.

In the gig economy, you are compensated for completed tasks.

The emphasis of online work is increasingly on creating your own internet business.

Additionally, if you earn a lot of money, you should set aside a portion of your income to pay taxes. Get your parents or another responsible adult to assist you with this part.Jobs which pay more than 15 hrs.

Best Online Jobs For Teens in 2023

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Below are some categories under which online jobs for teens can be found, along with names of sites offering work at home jobs for teens:

Survey Sites For Teens

How about if you are asked to answer some questions and get paid in return!

Yes, it may sound weird, but there are many market research companies and organizations who on behalf of brands conduct a feedback drive for their products and pay participants in return for their reviews.

online jobs for teens

All you need to invest in 10-20 minutes of your time. And by spending just 6-8 hours a week, you can earn up to 100$. Below are some sites that solve the problem on how to make money online as a teen and offer online jobs for teens:


MySurvey is a site for online jobs for teens, and you must be at least 16 years old to get registered.

VIP Voices Use VIP Voices to take the surveys you need to be at least 13 years old.

Swagbucks – Open for work at home jobs for teens aged 13 and up you can make money in a variety of ways.

HarrisPoll, open to teen jobs online in the USA and Canada as young as 13 years old to take surveys (with parental consent).

PaidViewpoint – You will need to be at least 13 years old to make money online as a teen for this company taking short surveys.

Writing And Editing Jobs

If you find filling surveys boring and like to invest your time in something that involves words, then writing and editing online jobs for teenagers are for you.

Writing and Editing jobsNow the question is how to make money as a teenager in writing and editorial work? Many sites involve both writing and editing online jobs for teens, and it does not matter whether you are 12 or 20.

All that it requires is your edge for writing and unique ideas. You can choose the type of work that interests you, and after you gain sure to experience, you can even post ads offering your writing and editorial services.

Writing Articles

Many sites offer online jobs for teens for writing, and there you can post your articles and content as demanded.

After a certain experience, you can go and write as a Freelancer. Some sites offering work at home jobs for teens in writing are:

WriterAccess, it is a content writing agency where businesses can order content of all kind, and writers earn money to write the content., this is another subreddit which is mainly focused on writing gigs.

Hubpages, they accept teens under the age of 18 but also require parental consent for the same.

Helium, if you are 13 years old and above you can write articles and get paid to work here.

You can write articles for content networks like BlogMutt or ClearVoice, which also offer jobs online for teens.

Proofreading Jobs

If you have grammatical skills and can hunt down spelling errors, then there are various online jobs of proofreading for teens as a bidding proof-reader waiting for you.

Proofreading jobsSome online jobs for teens in proofreading are:

Textmaster, Upwork, and Amazon Mturk are great places to look for beginner proofreading and editing work at home jobs for teens.

Freelance sites like Textmaster and Kibin list many jobs for proof-readers on a regular basis.

Writing eBooks

How to make money online as a teen if we want to write a book?

If your knack for writing does not want you to restrict yourself to write some words per page, then this is perfect. If you have the heart to write an entire book, then you can write an eBook and sell it to open sites.

But do keep in mind that it’s a bit difficult to be identified as a writer, if your work is not sorted to be exciting and attractive then it will not get any recognition.

Some options where you can publish your eBooks and are equivalent the online jobs for teens are:

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), you can write books and sell it for few dollars like $1 or $2 and earn up to 70% royalty on sales to customers from different countries around the world. You can also sell eBooks via the marketplace of

Transcription Jobs

If not writing and editing but typing is your kind of the thing then you can easily apply to online jobs for teens in the transcription category.

You are required to have good listening skills along with typing.

Transcription jobsYou can register with sites offering online jobs for teens on transcriptions and start working.

But the pay not is big and attractive in this job, considering the amount and type of work involved.

TranscribeMe and Speechpad are excellent sites for searching for online jobs for teens, 18 and up.


How to make money fast as a teen? Don’t want to write to somebody? Want to keep your work like yours and still want to earn?

Then how about turning into a blogger/vlogger. These may not be similar to the online jobs for teens provided by other sites.

But if you have knowledge about a particular topic or combination of themes and as an add-on, you like to write then blogging is for you.

All you need to do is create your page or website and start writing on topics you want to share with your audience and keep posting on a regular basis.

Once your blog gains enough steady traffic, then you can utilize various methods to monetize your writing. you can start by getting ad displays, guest posts, reviews, marketing, etc

Vlogging is no different than blogging, the only difference being here is that you share your views in the form of videos instead of text, although for creating your video reviews you shall require a script!

You can post your vlogs on sites like YouTube It is an interesting online job for a teen that can pay $200 to $500 per month even if you’re publishing 1-2 content on your blogs or YouTube channel.

Other than this you can post your blogs on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn too, they don’t pay you but will help you to show something in your experience., if you have a sweet voice that is clear and are interested in voice-overs, then you should consider this website. There is no age bar for this platform.

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Start Tutoring Others – Online Jobs For Teens

If you’re good at studies and particularly in a subject, then you can apply to online jobs for teenagers as a tutor.

tutor other people

Online tutoring is trending as online jobs for teens jobs and can be very promising regarding Pay.

Many sites now offer work at home jobs for teens a platform to share their knowledge and tutor other curious young minds.

You can check out the below sites that offer online jobs for teens in tutoring:

Khan Academy is the answer to how to make money fast as a teen. You can be a tutor and give coaching online via Skype and earn more and fast.

Online jobs for the teenager as a tutor are available on sites like Tutor or Tutor Vista.

EnrollGreat site if you are at least 15 years old, you can work on this website tutoring people online.

SameSpeak, if your first language is English, you can apply as young as 16 years old and earn $10 for every 30-minute tutoring session.

Technical Jobs

If your inclination is not creativity but instead you prefer coding a program, create a unique application, or even design using various software.

Then dear teens you are made for technical and coding jobs.

It does not matter whether you are a teen or adult what matters is your skillset, although you do require to have a technical background or base to convince your employers.

There are many opportunities for online jobs for teens, where you can display our skills and get paid.

Unlike other sites that are paid for particular tasks like survey taking, for technical jobs you will have to register with some freelancing portals and look for technical projects over there.

You can either do personal projects and sell them or get yourself registered to freelance sites with online jobs for teenagers like, Fiverr and Upwork.

There are various categories under which you can work as per your interest and get paid:

HTML 5 And CSS Designing

On and off there is a demand for skilled people who can code in HTML and CSS and deliver the desired results to their clients.

It is all about coding. You can find lots of work related to online jobs for teens, and you can earn a minimum of $10 to $20 per hour for working on such projects.

Photoshop And Illustrator Designing

If you don’t want to design web pages but still want to do something that is into creativity and yet technical then how about creating logos, graphics, upgrading photographs, etc.

You can Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and if you can gain expertise in it, then there are jobs online for teens with a huge demand for Photoshop and Illustrator.

Web Designing & Apps Development

If not styling but you prefer developing websites or apps for androids, then it’s a very promising market outside.

Web DesigningThere are so many people seeking skilled people for developing WordPress, App developers, or just simple websites for them and are ready to offer projects and pay similar to pay provided by the other online jobs for teens.

Gaming Software Developers

How about some serious coding stuff? Gaming is big on the internet.

If you are a programmer or a developer, then you can earn big through your talent similar to any other teen earning through other online jobs for teens.

Apart from developing apps or designing pages, you can build your very own games or code for different online gaming companies or software.

Get Paid For Completing Tasks Online

Just like we don’t like to do some of our work like cleaning the room, taking out the trash or doing the laundry, and want someone else to do it for us.

get paid for completing tasksSimilarly, many other sites or companies do not want to do small tasks by themselves and hence offer online jobs for teenagers and adults, to complete the tasks and provide payment for their work.

These tasks may be involving watching a set of videos, download some mobile apps, and even be playing some video games!

Some site that offers such work at home jobs for teens are:

Ojooo, you would need to be 13 years old and up to sign up and watch advertisements online.

CrowdSource, offers online jobs for teens for a variety of tasks including data entry, writing, and translation among others.

My Likes offers teen jobs online if you are 13 yrs. And above. All you need to do is share links using My Likes and earn money.

Humanatic, this company offers online jobs for teens with a chance to review calls for quality purposes. You listen to the call and then answer questions about it.

Boostapal Ambassador Program, teens 13 and up can earn by introducing new users to the website. You can make as much as $60 per week with referrals through such online jobs for teenagers.

Swagbucks, you are randomly rewarded with 5 to 10 Swagbucks, for searching once or twice per day.

Rewards can be redeemed for a variety of free items such as Walmart gift cards, Amazons gift cards, prizes, and more.

If you don’t want to write, code, design, or even do small tasks then don’t worry there are online jobs for teens sites offering different kinds of work at home jobs for teens waiting for you.

Become A Babysitter

This is the most common, easiest and great gig for teens at any age anytime. And nowadays with online media, you don’t need to rely on advertisements.

You can register on sites like Sittercity and, to find people looking for babysitters offering online jobs to teens and the average rate is around $15 to $20 per hour.

Sell Your Creativity

If you have an artistic side to your personality and you can create amazing handcrafted items or jaw-dropping paintings, then you have to pay for online jobs for teenagers waiting for you in art.

Sell your creativityYou can create your work and then sell them via your blog, site or a third party. Finding freelancer projects for art is difficult so instead what you can do is. Selling handmade crafts online is a very exponentially growing industry and you should definitely try it.

You can open a shop on Etsy if you are 18 years of age but one of your parents or someone who is your guardian has to manage your shop for a legal requirement.

Sell Photos Online

Similar to art if you love taking photographs and want a career as a photographer.

Then all you need to do is upload them to different photography sites, get the approval, and start counting all the dollars.

With photographs, there is a thing that you can sell them under license. So that when any user downloads an image, then the common license allows a user or client to download a photo for a relative fee. This is where you make money from.

Sites like Shutterstock, iStockPhoto, Dreamstime, and Microstock photo sites offer online jobs for teens as a photographer.

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Review Music And Earn

Other than art or coding if you have love music and deeply understand it, then you can be a critic of sounds and share your review on different styles of music.

Some sites look for such people who can share their feedback or a review and in return they are ready to pay the participants.

Some sites that offer such online jobs for teens are:

MusicXray, here you will listen to music, give your feedback and make some money. Payment can be anywhere from $0.05 to $0.20 for each song.

SlicethePie is also one of the best sites offering online jobs for the teen that let people earn cash by reviewing music. You listen to a short clip and then judge it on a 1 to 10 scale, providing a few sentences about your impressions on the matter.

Do Freelancing

If you’re confusing yourself as to what to do, and still want to find work from home jobs as a teenager, to make money, then you can do so in one easy way.

Do FreelancingBecome a Freelancer. Register yourself to various freelance sites, create a profile mentioning your interest, skills, and enter any project or past work that you have done.

Then the world is your platform, enter the keyword of a different kind of work or go through the portal and look for what interests you.

Apply for the job, bid for it, and start work at home jobs for teens and make money off it.

Some freelancing portals offering different online jobs for teens are:

Guru, how to make money online as a teen? You can find freelancing projects related to a variety of subjects here. From writing and design to translation, coding, and more.

Fiverr offers teen jobs online in variety and works on the principle of “I will do X task for $5.” You choose the task and advertise your services.

Upwork, you need to be 14 at least to sign up for this site offering online jobs for teens and create a profile detailing your skills. Simply bid for the jobs that suit per your profile, and you are confident about it too. As you build your reputation, you will be able to earn about $10 hourly., this site works similar to Upwork and is one of the largest platforms that provides freelancing projects globally to age groups from 16 years onwards.

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Work-From-Home Benefits And Drawbacks

Below are some of the most prevalent advantages and disadvantages of working from home:


  • More autonomy.
  • Less spending.
  • Enhanced productivity.
  • Increased technical proficiency, increased communicative proficiency.
  • Greater flexibility at work.
  • No interruptions at work.
  • Working together globally.
  • Create a network of professionals.
  • Grants and inducements.
  • Decreased absences from work.
  • Heightened satisfaction.
  • Expanding the number of positions accessible assures work-life balance.

Pros and cons of online jobsCons 

  • Heightened isolation.
  • Home office expenses.
  • Overworking danger.
  • Productivity danger.
  • Home distractions Workplace disconnect.
  • An imbalance between work and life.
  • Lower face time.

How Can Work-From-Home Employment Fraud Be Prevented?

Because they seem real, some job scams are simple to spot. Important advice to assist you in avoiding job scams is provided below:

  • Don’t divulge your social security or bank account details over the phone or by email without first acquiring consent.
  • Money orders and cashier’s checks are never accepted as forms of payment.
  • Never cash a check that promises “additional” cash, don’t buy gift cards, and don’t transmit any barcodes when an employer asks you to.
  • If you have yet to meet the employer in person, you shouldn’t ever consent to a background check.
  • Never send money using Western Union, MoneyGram, or any other service.
  • You should refrain from applying for jobs that seem to be remote or located abroad.
  • Even though you are unaware of the position, you shouldn’t apply for one that was emailed to you by a respected company.
  • Be cynical. It may be a job scam seeking to obtain your personal information if a job offers a lot of money for little to no effort and with lots of bonuses.
  • You should insist on having an in-person interview with any possible employers. You can learn more about the employer’s goals and the project plan they wish to carry out with your assistance by conducting a personal interview or having a casual conversation over coffee.

Ending Note

Teens may not be adults, but that doesn’t stop them from wanting cash to buy or fulfilling their expenses or earn because they like it.

The list of online jobs for teens given above can provide you with an initial platform to earn money, maybe small but with experience, it shall grow into big money or even a permanent salary. Spring break, winter break, or any break is not a restriction to the above-mentioned online job for teens options.

So, if you are a teen what are you waiting for, identify your skill, and start earning.
Good Luck!