Welcome to FinancePolice.com. A money blog was established in 2018.

My mission is to make personal finance something that everyday people can understand.

No, I do not have any degrees in business or finance.

And I don’t have hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook (yet!)

But years of research, experience, and hardship have given me the expertise necessary to create a site like this.

This is why articles have been featured on and referenced by many top companies and websites in the financial industry, including Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Entrepreneur.com, WiseBread, Business Insider, Go Banking Rates, and even Capital One.

Like most people, I want to live a better financial life. So in the last decade or so, I have been reading, researching, learning, and taking action, all in hopes of improving my finances.

Throughout this time, one recurring theme that I kept noticing was the difficulty most of us understanding all the financial jargon.

And if you can’t understand how things work, how can you improve them?

So, I started FinancePolice to share what I have learned (and continue to learn) in an easy-to-understand language.

My mission is to make personal finance and managing your money as easy as it can get.

And that’s precisely what FinancePolice was built for.

Who am I?

My name is Pooja Siloliya, and I am an Asian-American. 

Although when I arrived here I was still practically a kid, I was completely alone and on my own. I did not know anyone, didn’t speak English, and had no money.

And by “no money” I mean literally no money; not even a single cent!

Thankfully, the International Institute (the organization that helps immigrants settle in the U.S.) was there to help me get going.

Needless to say, the financial culture of this country was a shock to me, not to mention that it was the first time I was really on my own. So, I had to learn how to manage my personal finances in a brand new country that I didn’t even speak the language of.

Fast forward 15 years later, and I am living a comfortable life.

No, I am not rich, but I can manage my financial life comfortably.

And I believe if I can do it, so can you!

In the past few years, thanks to the great economy of a country I now call home, I have learned so many things that have made my financial life better than I could ever have imagined.

And if by sharing what I have learned, I can make a difference in even a handful of people’s lives, then it’s worth it.

Personal Finance in a Sentence

Make more, Spend less & Save as much as you can!

I think many so-called “personal finance gurus” make it too hard and complicated for people to understand and manage their own personal finance.

To me, if you can spend less than you make while saving as much as you can, you got your personal finance covered.

What is FinancePolice?

FinancePolice is….

Well, a place where you can come and find all kinds of goodies to help you with your finances.

Whether you are looking for ways to earn extra money, ways to save money or get out of debt, you can count on FinancePolice.com to have all the ingredients you need to get cooking!

Taking action

I believe the most important thing you can do to better your financial life is to take action.

Here at FinancePolice, you will find actionable tips to help you better your financial situation.

To manage your money better, you have to take action.

You have to be willing to make sacrifices.

You have to be committed.

And you have to believe in yourself.

You can read every book, blog, and magazine there is about money management, but if you don’t take action, nothing is going to change.

Start today!

Take action.

It could be a simple saving strategy like putting $1 a day in a piggy bank, going out to dinner once a week instead of two or three times, starting a blog to make some extra cash, taking on a freelancing project to earn additional money….

It could be anything!

As long as you take action and do it, you are improving your personal finance.

Set the tone.

Start taking action today.

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