Top 11 Ways To Sell Amazon Gift Cards For Cash

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With the rising prominence of digital marketing and the growth of companies facilitating Online shopping, many customers have taken to using gift cards of such companies for convenience and great offers. And of the companies topping the list is Amazon. Discover the top 11 ways to sell Amazon gift cards for cash in this comprehensive guide.

In this article, we have mentioned 11 ways to sell Amazon gift cards for cash which are,,,,, Craigslist, Kangaroo Card, Facebook, eBay, Contact Amazon for Buyback, and List It On The Gift Card Reseller Website. 

There is no way to sell Amazon gift cards through Amazon. Fortunately, various other ways exist to sell Amazon Gift Cards for Cash. Let’s look at how to turn Amazon gift cards into cash. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to turn your gift cards into cash so keep reading.

Buy cryptocurrency with Amazon gift cards

Did you know that you could use Purse to trade unused Amazon gift cards for cryptocurrencies?

On this website, only Amazon gift cards can be exchanged for Bitcoin. On it, you can locate people who want to buy things from Amazon, and your task is to purchase the merchandise from them using your gift cards.cryptocurrencyIn exchange, the person deposits the money in an escrow account and opens one, ensuring your reimbursement after the deal. Once finished, the individual receives his Amazon items, and you comprehend his Bitcoin. Cool, huh?

Review Amazon Again

Now, to some, this might sound a little out of the ordinary, but why not give it a shot? Have you given thought to returning the card to Amazon?

Your task is to ask them if they’d be interested in purchasing it again from you. The worst-case scenario is that they might reject you, but so what?

However, there’s a rare possibility you’ll get your gift card’s total face value returned if they decide to say yes.

Use It, then Make Money by Selling the Items

Now that we’re talking about unorthodox methods, here is another one you should try.

It entails utilizing the gift card to purchase fun items from Amazon and reselling them online for a healthy profit.

selling the items

The main benefit of employing this strategy is that you avoid selling your gift card for a loss and instead turn a tidy profit. Additionally, you may be eligible to get cash incentives if you are an Amazon Prime member.

Could you give it to friends and family?

Has a friend’s birthday already passed? The anniversary of your parents’ union. You purchase a fantastic (and pricey) gift in both instances, correct?

Instead, give them an Amazon gift card, saving them time, money, and trouble.

According to the adage, “A dollar saved is a dollar earned,” you will wind up saving much more than a dollar in this situation, and no one will ever know. Smart, huh?

Purchase only what you genuinely require

Now consider this other exciting concept, which functions as follows. As you are undoubtedly already aware, Amazon sells thousands of items online in hundreds of categories. Many of the daily necessities that you must purchase regardless, such as soap, groceries, accessories, clothing, etc., are also included in this.

buy what you require

So you use your gift card to get the things you need for nothing, and in exchange, you give yourself the money from your bank account that you would have commonly used to pay for the items, so you can spend it however you like.

By doing this, you may make good use of your gift card and also get your hands on more money that you can use however you see fit.

Which gift card from Amazon is the best?

Best Indian Credit Cards for Cashback in 2024

which card is the best

  • Axis Bank Ace Credit Card.
  • Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card.
  • Cashback SBI Card.
  • Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card.
  • HDFC Millennia Credit Card.

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Sell Amazon Gift Cards For Cash

We explore the 6 best ways to Sell Amazon Gift Cards for Cash: virtual marketplace is an amazing place to sell out your unwanted Amazon gift cards. It is a privately-owned e-commerce platform and that enables third parties to sell used or new gift cards at a fixed price. takes a 12% cut in the sale of every gift card. Raise also has the option for buying and selling cards, and it also has the offer that it checks the validity and the remaining balance of the card before it goes into the listing.raise All you need to do is list the card online. And you can even set your price, and once you find a buyer, you get paid at that moment. As Amazon gift cards are highly popular, this platform accepts them from some sellers. This is a drawback of the platform.

Visit: Raise

Cardpool is again a service that helps you buy and sell a variety of cards online, and you can earn up to 92% of the card value. It does not make as much profit as other options. But, if you don’t need the card, you can sell it for a pretty good amount. cardpoolAnd in this card pool, there is an advantage in that all the transactions are guaranteed, and shipping is always free. I conclude that it is smart and safe to sell unwanted gift cards. Funds withdrawal will be sent to your email address or a paper check mailed directly to you to arrive within 4 to 5 working days via USPS first class mail. One of the best ways to convert Amazon gift cards to cash.

Visit: Cardpool

Gameflip team consists of Entrepreneurs who collectively have centuries. You can redeem Amazon gift cards for cash, prepaid, and non-reloadable gift cards on Gameflip. This website has a mobile app, and sellers can list their unwanted gift cards on their website and through their mobile app.gameflip Set the rate between 2% and 15% off the original amount. Gameflip safeguards their sellers from scams safety holding the buyer’s payment in escrow. Until the whole transaction is completed, the funds will be locked. Funds can be withdrawn anytime using your bank account, PayPal, or Bitcoin.

Visit: Gameflip

Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. Registered members can only submit the contents. But it is not the marketplace for exchanging cards, but it has a barter thread(a subreddit) that offers you the gift card exchange at rates you set, and interested parties can pay that amount.

reddit Sell Amazon Gift Cards for CashPosts are organized by subject into user-created boards called subreddits, covering various topics like news, science, books, sales, etc. If you’re a regular seller, you will become a verified seller on this website, and Reddit will give you a badge and increase your buyers’ confidence. If both parties are agreed on their buying and selling, they can make a payment on their wish either on PayPal, Bitcoin, etc.

Visit: Reddit

GiftCardGranny is a retailer and comparison-based site. They have gift cards from over 1,000 different stores. This website allows customers to search through numerous gift card websites and purchase or sell gift cards. Users can look for specific gift cards from specific stores. They have prices at a discount from the GiftCardGranny partners.giftcardgrannyMoreover, it is a user-friendly site for gift card shopping, and it also has many good deals. You can choose to sell it on the top gift card website, and it will provide a profit margin of 92%. You can sell the card right away for an offer price, or you can name your price and wait for any takers. Using GiftCardGranny more often, you will earn some points and redeem them for even money and benefits. Payouts offered by these websites are check, PayPal, and ACH.

Visit: GiftCardGranny


Craigslist is an American Advertisement website with provisions like community service, jobs, sales, discussions, etc. Here, sellers can easily find buyers to Sell Amazon Gift Cards for Cash by listing them on the website. When you find the buyer, you should check his/her balance on the card.craigslistYou can do it with smartphones. This site serves more than 20 billion page viewers per month, and it takes 72nd place overall among World wide websites. Once you find your buyer, you should meet them personally and hand it over to the card in exchange for cash. A fee reduces for any online transaction.  So, it’s better to get in hard cash. The website has the advantage that you can sell your gift cards even to your neighborhood.

Visit: Craigslist

Kangaroo Card

As interesting as it sounds, the Kangaroo Card is a new website to convert your Amazon Gift Card into cash or trade it with other items. You have to register the card details and its cost. The Kangaroo Card website itself will further provide an offer price. Once the offer is accepted, the company ships a label, along with which you are supposed to attach your Gift Card and send it to them.

Once the Amazon Gift Card is sold, the payment is done through Paypal or sent a cheque via mail. In either of the cases, it takes at least 48 hours to receive the money. Statistical reports confirm that as of March 2020, the website has catered to the needs of around 60,000 users. This is enough evidence to prove the credibility and reliability of a new website like this.


Most people think of Facebook as a platform to develop social skills and interact with people. With so many people using Facebook, many people want to Sell Amazon Gift Cards for Cash, and likewise, many are eagerly waiting to buy them. Many Facebook groups comprise many people, and the main aim is to buy and sell gift cards. It is easier and much faster to sell your gift cards here.

facebookThe only disadvantage is that of scams. One may not be sure whether the person proposing the offer is a genuine one or just another fraud with so many people. Nevertheless, it is one of the most suitable places to sell the Amazon Gift Card if there are prospective and genuine buyers available. Apart from this, there is always a possibility of posting the gift card sale online on your timeline for your friends and family to know about the offer. 

Visit: Facebook


eBay remains a great place to sell your unwanted Amazon gift cards. Moreover, gift cards on eBay sell for their full price and even higher prices in certain cases. The shock on your face is understandable, but this does happen. People buy cards at the full price being allured by the cashback sites’ offers, which can get the buyers more than the face value. Buyers from various countries also enjoy different currency exchange rates and are thus willing to pay more.ebayWhatever the working of such schemes, eBay acts as a trustworthy and safe source to convert your gift card to cash. Sellers who do not have much experience in sales on eBay should follow certain precautions. The most important thing is to make sure that the card sold ships to the real and correct buyer. Never send the card number by email. One of the ways to Sell Amazon Gift Cards for Cash.

Visit: eBay

Contact Amazon for Buyback

As obvious or simple as it may sound, you are to first contact Amazon to see if they would buy back their gift card. Not many people who have these gift cards try this step, but it is one of the simplest options. There is no surety about you getting cash for your card, but the high point is that there is no harm in trying for the safest method first.

More importantly, Amazon has one of the most supportive and strong consumer support networks out there. So, who knows, maybe the company may refund you for the card themselves.

List It On The Gift Card Reseller Website

Use various sites like Card CashGift Card Rescue, and many such sites that are specially tailored to Sell Amazon Gift Cards for Cash. Set the gift card’s price at a price lower than the face value, and the sites list your gift card. The buyers make their bidding to sell cards.

The sites neither ensure quick cash nor full gift card value but are an available option wherein the burden of ensuring safe and secure transaction lies on the site and convenience.


What is an Amazon gift card?

It is a pre-paid gift card that can be redeemed for purchasing items on Amazon and its partner merchants.

Which is the best website for selling Amazon gift cards?

Several websites are out there, making it difficult to compare as each has its pros and cons. See the one which suits your needs accordingly.

What are the different types of giftcards?

There are two types: 1. Electronic: Available on SMS with a voucher code. Usually preferred for gifting virtually to a person. 2. Physical: These come in cards and consist of voucher codes at the back. They're perfect for parties.

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The sellers can opt-in for any of them or a good combination of the ways mentioned. The thing to remember here is that the company itself does not have a refund policy in place, and therefore, there are quite a lot of people and websites which can pretend to Sell Amazon Gift Cards for Cash, but, in truth, maybe fraudulent entities.

So this is how to get cash from an Amazon gift card. The preferable way would be to pay for Amazon purchases for friends and family and take cash in exchange or exchange with a family member. These are the ways to Sell Amazon Gift Cards for Cash.

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