8 Places to Sell YuGiOh Cards

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Kazuki Takahashi designed YuGiOh. YuGiOh in Japanese means “King of Games.” YuGiOh gained immense popularity within a short period of its release. But, the card game was unable to keep up its popularity. Now, YuGiOh cards have become collectibles, and people have been looking for platforms to sell YuGiOh cards. 

The best places to sell YuGiOh cards are eBay, Dave & Adam’s, Card Market, TCG Player, Heart of the Cards, Troll and Toad, Reddit(r/YGOMarketplace), CardTrader, and Sell2BBNovelties.

Let us look at where you can sell YuGiOh cards and earn money. We will also examine the pros and cons of selling YuGiOh cards on each website.

Top 8 Places to Sell YuGiOh Cards

So, let’s dive in with the top places where you can sell YoGiOh cards –


EBay is a popular e-commerce platform that lets you sell almost anything. Due to its large customer base, eBay is among the best places to sell YuGiOh cards. There is a massive market for TCG collectibles like YuGiOh cards and others on eBay.


A 5% to 10% fee is charged for every listing you put out on eBay. Further, you can make these listings in the form of fixed-price listings or auctionable-price listings. 

This also helps you get a higher price for your cards if listed in the auction section. Before listing the price, you can check out websites like YuGiOh Prices to set the appropriate price for your cards.

Click here to start selling on eBay.

Dave & Adam’s

Dave and Adam’s is a popular name in the collectibles industry. Also, Dave and Adam work in different ways. It releases a list of cards that it wants to buy. So you can go through that list to sell your cards if they are on the list. 

Dave and adam's

Not only do they buy cards, but also YuGiOh booster boxes and packs. You can list your cards at high prices here. The website will pay up to thousands of dollars if you have rare cards. But, the website also has a minimum selling value of $199, and any selling value less than this will cost you a shipping charge.

Further, Dave and Adam also give out coupons, gift cards, or store credit that you can redeem. But this is applicable only when you make significant sales.

Check out Dave and Adam’s to see their buy list.

Card Market

The card market is the best site to sell YuGiOh cards overseas. Listing your card here is very easy; you only need to open an account to start

The card market is an excellent platform to sell your cards at a higher price, and this is because it lets you sell to other countries with limited YuGiOh card supply. 


Further, the only disadvantage of the card market is it charges a transaction fee of 5%. Also, a currency conversion fee of 3% is charged in case of overseas payment. So, you need to list the price of your cards, keeping in mind the cost that gets reduced due to the charges.

Also, if you pay via PayPal, a platform charge is applicable.

TCG Player

TCG Player is one of the best e-commerce platforms for selling trading cards like YuGiOh, pokemon, etc. One of the most unique features of this platform is that it lets you connect with other card players and collectors. Thus, you can also increase your network, interact with other players, and converse about the cards. 

TCG Player

A platform fee of 10.25% is charged. However, the capping price of each card is $50.So it is the best platform to sell cards that cost more than 500$.

Further, using their pre-formed database, you can post ads for your cards directly without much hassle.

Check out TCG Player to sell your YuGiOh cards online.

Heart of the Cards

Heart of the Cards is an excellent option to avoid selling your cards directly to the buyer. Further, Heart of the Cards is a store that gives you up to 40% of the market value of the cards in cash. You can also get 50% returns in store credit that you can use to buy new cards and games at their store.

The only disadvantage of this store is that they need to be more picky about the conditions of the cards. This website will not give you the best returns for your card, but this is an excellent option to sell your cards if your cards are in perfect condition.

Click here to start selling on Heart of the Cards.

Troll and Toad

Troll and Toad is another place to sell your cards if you don’t want to sell them directly to the buyer. Also, Troll and Toad have their buy list, and if you have any cards on the buy list, you can directly sell them to them. 

Troll and toad

The selling procedure is hassle-free, and the money is transferred into your account within five business days of them receiving the cards.

Check out their buy list and start selling.


Reddit is a popular social media platform. Here, you can form communities and target a niche audience. Many subreddits exist, and one such subreddit is YGOMarketplace.


Here, buyers, sellers, and collectors can meet, discuss and trade YuGiOh cards. It is a subreddit with 22.8 thousand active members, providing a large audience to sell your YuGiOh cards.

You can check out this subreddit and post your cards on this to start selling.


You can sell individual YuGiOh cards or a pack of YuGiOh cards on Sell2BBNovelties. 

Further, it has values already set for each card. It charges $0.10 for each holographic card. Also, it charges $0.03 for each rare card. Further, it charges $0.01 for each standard card.

Further, if your seller value is a minimum of $30, then they do not charge shipping. Also, this is the best site to ask for high prices for your rare cards.


Are YuGiOh cards worth selling?

Yes, YuGiOh cards are worth a lot of money. Especially the limited edition cards and the foiled cards cost can get you a lot of money.

What YuGiOh card sold for $2 million?

Tournament Black Luster Soldier was sold for $2 million in 1999. It was released in 1996.

How is my YuGiOh card valuable?

Its availability and condition determine the price of a YuGiOh card and how many such cards were released. The rarer the availability of a card, the higher the price. Also, foiled cards cost more than standard cards.

Where can I sell my YuGiOh cards?

You can sell your YuGiOh cards on eBay, Dave & Adam’s, Card Market, TCG Player, Heart of the Cards, Troll and Toad, Reddit(r/YGOMarketplace), CardTrader, and Sell2BBNovelties.


Thus, if you possess rare cards like limited edition or foiled cards, they might be worth a lot of money. The places where you can sell these cards to earn money include eBay, Dave & Adam’s, Card Market, TCG Player, Heart of the Cards, Troll and Toad, Reddit(r/YGOMarketplace), CardTrader, and Sell2BBNovelties, which are suitable for those involved in Selling Credit Cards To People.

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