Jobs 15 Year Olds & 16 Year Olds (20 Places That Hire)

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There are many youngsters around age 14 to 16 who search for work! And many have reasons for needing to work. As many want to start saving for school or college early!! Or on the other hand, you should begin presently to put something aside for purchasing a vehicle when you’re 14 to 16 years. Whatever your explanation, realize that there are jobs for 15 years old to make money

Well, working at a young age can give kids numerous benefits, for example 

  • Understanding the benefit of gaining money.
  • Find out about the responsibility of work.
  • Gaining cash for your goals, for example, school or a vehicle buy. 
  • Figuring out how to give, spend, share and spending plan 
  • There are numerous online employers and the nation over who will hire workers as youthful as 14, and we have a list of 17 beneath, just as businesses that kids can begin. 

What Do You Need to Know About Jobs for 14, 15, or 16 years old? 

There are a few things you have to know whether you’re going to attempt to find a job with an organization, and you’re under 16. The central government has child labor laws that manage when and how you can work. These act shields workers from unreasonable work practices by businesses. There are explicit rules in this act that apply to workers under 16.

What is the number of hours, 14 and 15 years old can work?  

So, there are additional limits on the number of hours and times of day 14 and 15-year-olds can work. 

jobs for 14 and 15 year olds

The Fair Labour Standards Act says 14 and 15-year-olds may work: 

  • 18 hours total in some random school week 
  • 3 hours of the day on school days 
  • 8 hours out of each day on non-school days 
  • 40 hours per week maximum on non-school weeks 

In like manner, 14-and 15-12 months-olds can paintings from 7:00 A.M. Additionally, 7:00 P.M. This limit adjustments to nine:00 p.M. From June thru Labour Day.

What kinds of jobs for 14, 15, or 16 years old!?

  • Work regarding vehicles and trucks, for example, apportioning fuel or oil and washing or hand cleaning.
  • Scholarly or innovative work, for example, PC programming, tutoring, teaching, acting, singing, acting, or playing an instrument.
  • Delivery or tasks work by bike, foot, and accessible transportation. 
  • Yard clean-up tools that exclude power-driven cutters, mowers, trimmers, edgers, or comparable hardware.
  • Some kitchen and food service work, including washing dishes, reheating food, cleaning equipment, and restricted cooking.
  • 14 and 15-year-olds who meet specific requirements can perform limited tasks in woodshops and sawmills.
  • Cleaning vegetables and fruits, wrapping naming and sealing, stocking of things, and weighing prices when performed in regions separate from a meat cooler or freezer. 
  • Loading or unloading objects for use at the worksite, including rakes, hand-held shovels, and clippers.
  • 15-year-olds who meet specific requirements can perform lifeguard obligations at traditional swimming pools and water amusement parks.

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What are the places that Hire 14 and 15-year-olds? 

Well, many companies are eager to hire capable or responsible 14 and 15-year-olds for work. Likewise, there is an independent work you can do as a 14 or 15-year-old. 

The three primary types of businesses that are eager to hire more youthful workers are: 

  • Entertainment venues
  • Restaurants
  • Grocery stores 

And we’ve assembled a list of well-known companies that hire at 14 and 15 years old. On the off chance that there’s one close to you, you might have the option to get a job there.

Work as a 14-or 15-Year-Old at a Restaurant Chain 

There are a couple of eatery places that hire at 15 years. Here is a rundown of some that we found.

1. McDonald’s 

Well, there’s most likely a McDonald’s café near to you. They have more than 14,000 store areas in the United States alone. 

You can begin working at McDonald’s at age 14 at most locations. You’ll be hired to do different jobs, for example, cooking, serving, and restaurant maintenance. So, McDonald’s offers part-time jobs for 16,15,14-year-olds

2. Dairy Queen 

Well, Dairy Queen has around more than 4,000 areas in the U.S. They hire workers as young as 14 years old. And available jobs differ by region. You may work as a food preparer, cashier or cook, or a restaurant cleaner.

Dairy Queen
Dairy Queen

3. Culver’s Restaurant

Culver’s eatery is like a Dairy Queen Grill and Chill. They have almost 700 areas in about a portion of the U.S. states. You can look for some employment at a Culver’s eatery on the off chance that you are 14 years of age or more.

Culver’s Restaurant
Culver’s Restaurant

Available jobs fluctuate by location. Anyone can find out roles for themselves by just searching on Google, for example, jobs for 16 years old near me. That sit!

4. Boston Market

Boston Market has around 450 store areas in 28 states. They serve rotisserie chicken and going with side dishes. You should be 15 to work at Boston Market. They regularly employ for dishwashers and servers at that age.

5. Baskin Robbins

Well, Baskin Robbins. The home of unlimited flavors of ice cream. They have almost 3,000 areas in the United States. With stores in 46 out of the 50 states, you might have the option to find one close to you. Baskin Robbins will typically enlist as youthful as 14 and no more stores.

6. Chick-Fil-A

Chick-Fil-A serves, well, chicken. They’re your fast food restaurant with chicken as the included sandwich decision. They have more than 2,000 restaurants in almost all 50 states. Most areas will hire youngsters beginning at 14 years old. Reward: You’ll never work on a Sunday at Chick-Fil-A. And Chick-fil-A offers part-time jobs for 16 years early.


7. Rita’s Italian Ice

Rita’s Italian Ice has more than 600 areas all through about a portion of the U.S. states. They serve Italian ice, custard, gelato, ice cream, and many more. Rita’s Italian Ice offer jobs for 14 years old.

Rita's Italian Ice
Rita’s Italian Ice

8. Ben and Jerry’s

Ben and Jerry’s is the home of broadly fantastic ice cream concoctions.


Also, Ben and Jerry’s scoop shops all through the U.S. They enlist workers as young as 14 years of age, all things considered, stores.

9. Work at a Grocery Store at age 14 or 15

These market areas may enlist 14-and 15-year-olds to work at their store areas. Realize that state work laws can affect contracting age at all work environments.

10. Hy-Vee 

Hy-Vee grocery stores have 240 store areas in the Midwestern United States. A few stores employ 14-and 15-year-olds, and some don’t. Positions for more youthful workers shift. Since each store independently operated, the minimum hiring age is up to store the executives.


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11. Kroger

Kroger has around more than 2,700 grocery stores over the U.S. They claim stores under different names also, for example, King Soopers and Smith’s, Fry’s. A portion of these stores does hire workers as young as 14 years old. You’ll need to check with your nearby store to confirm whether they hire at 14. It is because of each state’s grass change concerning the hiring age.



12. Winn Dixie

Winn Dixie has about 500 grocery stores situated in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, and Florida. They procure for certain positions beginning at 14 years of age.

Winn Dixie
Winn Dixie

13. Giant Eagle

The Giant Eagle grocery store chain has around more than 400 areas in the United States situated in five U.S. states. They’ll hire workers as young as 14 years of age for different positions. On the off chance that you live in Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, or West Virginia, you might have the option to work at Giant Eagle.

14. Giant Food

Giant Food has more than 150 grocery store areas all through Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. And they hire workers as youthful as 14 years of age in many areas. 

15. Publix

Publix has more than 1,100 grocery stores situated in seven states: 

  • Alabama 
  • Florida 
  • Georgia 
  • Tennessee 
  • Virginia 
  • North Carolina 
  • South Carolina 

They do hire beginning at 14 years old for floral clerks, cashiers, or service desk clerks. And check your local store for available job data.

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Entertainment Venues That Will Hire 14-and 15-Year-Olds 

Well, entertainment venues hire more youthful workers. Look at this list to check whether there are places close to you where you could work at 14 or up.

16. Six Flags

There are 25 Six Flags amusement parks and water parks in North America. You can work there as young as 14 years of age. And job positions shift by area and season. Contact your local Six Flags for more data. On the off chance that you don’t have a Six Flags park in your area, contact your local water park or amusement park.

Six Flags
Six Flags

17. AMC theaters

AMC Theaters has more than 600 theater areas in the United States. Many regions will hire workers as youthful as 14, yet not in all areas. Check with your nearby AMC theater on the off chance that you’d like to work at a movie theater.

AMC theaters
AMC theaters

18. Dog walking jobs for 14, 15 or 16 years old 

Being a dog walker can be the best job for 15 years old. If there are many dogs in your neighborhood, you could offer to walk them. Set your hourly rate and publicize to dog owners near you.

On the off chance that the dogs coexist with different dogs, you could walk three, four, or more dogs one after another. It will build your income. On the off chance that you are great with dogs and can be capable when walking them, this may be the best job for 15 years old. 

19. Babysitting jobs for 15 years old

Well, there are bunches of more youthful kids in your neighborhood or your family circle? Why not begin a babysitting job! There are abilities you ought to have if you need to be a sitter. You ought to be celebrated with kids and like caring about them. 

You likewise, must be fully responsible and mature. The best sitters are the ones that the two guardians and children appreciate. Guardians lean toward sitters who are trained with their children and make responsibility a priority. Children prefer baby sitters who will communicate and play with them. 

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Obviously, with the prosperity of a youngster in question, there are a few laws or rules that may preclude a 14-year-old from turning into a babysitter. 

By and large, the guardians of the youngsters that require supervision are in charge of deciding whether the babysitter is appropriate. Check your state youngster care laws for explicit details or confinements concerning supervision requirements.

20. Car wash jobs

Well, car wash jobs for 15 years old is such a great option!! One chore people possess a hard energy finding time is cleaning their vehicle. You could begin a mobile car washing job and help them out. 

And you can also start the Car wash business. You would go to every customer’s home to wash their vehicle on the ends of the week or after they return home from work. It is continuously a great advantage for customers. 

To start with, you’d clean inside, remove garbage or trash, vacuum it out and wash within the windows. At that point, you’d also utilize the customer’s hose and water, your soap, rags, bucket, and clean the outside of the car. 

So, pick an hourly rate that guarantees you make enough cash to cover work time and travel time. Publicize your services on an area application, by flyers, or by approaching family or friends for business.

Also, if you need to fire up a little vehicle cleaning gig, you may need to spend around $50 upfront for supplies, for example, car cleaning cloths, shop vacs, inside cleaning arrangements, and window splash. 

Although there are no measurements, a reasonable cost to charge for full vehicle cleaning services would be around $10-20 for each vehicle. You may base your service cost off of what a local mechanic shop or vehicle wash charges.

21. Housekeeping

Is it true that you are great at cleaning the house? Assuming this is the case, why not begin a housekeeping business? You could go to a customer’s home and do dusting, vacuuming and light tidy up. Or on the other hand, in case you’re extraordinary at the association, you could work with a customer to sort out their garage, basement, or different parts of their home. 


In case you’re under age 16, there are a lot of available work opportunities for you. Be sure you and your boss are following state and government rules for youth workers. In case you’re under 16 and keen on attempting to earn cash, consider the jobs listed above. Each sort of posts will give you significant experience and valuable experience. So in this article, you will find out many jobs for 14, 15, 16 olds. 



Are work permits required for 14/15 year old's?

Only a few states require a work permit, but the federal government doesn't demand one. In a few cases, it also depends on the employer. This is mainly done to avoid trouble for the employer, as a 13-year-old can easily claim to be 14 and get a job. These permits are easy to get and require minimal effort.

How many hours are 14/15 year old's allowed to work?

The law states that 14/15 years old's should work less than 8 hours a day, including not more than 40 hours a week while in school. Their working time is only between 7 am -7 pm.

What kinds of jobs are 14/15 year olds not allowed to work at?

These jobs include: 1. Those involving driving of any sort. 2. Operating heavy machinery. 3. Slaughtering