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Are you still building your castles in the air about making money efficiently and at the same time without sweating much? Then stop doing so. You have come to the appropriate place. There are oceans of ways to fill your pockets using the Internet as the medium. One of the simplest ways is captcha entry. Captcha entry jobs are nothing than data entry jobs and simple typing as you have to convert every captcha images to texts.

There are many people currently who earn money online by typing pages. Now let’s take a brief overview of some of the best data entry jobs across the Internet. Without any ado, I welcome you to the captcha club.

Best Captcha Entry Jobs – 20+ Legit Websites & Apps

Go ecstatic with E Typers

So, talking about some of the best data entry jobs and leaving E types will not be a fair one. E Typers is a popular site online which provides captcha entry works unlike others and pays you real-time.

The tasks are easier, and the demos are explained precisely before the start. All you need to do is to sign in with E Typers and then start earning money online by typing pages.


  • Free registrations
  • Secured Payment
  • Free and clear demos.

work from home

Online Typing Jobs

Captcha entry work requires a minimum amount of skills. Typing accuracy is substantial. And Online typing jobs serves you the best data entry jobs along with reasonable payday. You are required to solve the captcha on the given software. You will be earning approximately up to $40 for thousand captchas. Moreover, it is free registration.

Captcha Entry

Most of the websites allow the users to register on a free note for captcha entry jobs. Such an important website is Captcha Entry that provides the best data entry jobs. The registered users are more with this site, and it carries the highest payout of any others, speculated to be around 50rs for each captcha. Stop worrying and join the clan of captcha solvers.


  • A reputed website
  • High remuneration
  • Precise guidelines


Welcome to the most trusted site that caters to the lowest of the users by giving the best data entry jobs. 2Captcha has garnered the reputation time and again. People are required to do the captcha entry works after the short and sufficient training, once they are registered in.

Also, the payout is pretty considerate. It is also one of the scam-free sites.


  • Automated system
  • Highly acclaimed website
  • A large number of users
  • Time convenience.

Captcha Club

As the name implies, you are welcomed to the biggest club of the captchas. Captcha Club provides you with the best data entry jobs of all. Apart from the Captcha entry works, this site also provides various jobs.

It offers a premium package to the users, where you can enhance the money-making opportunities. The guidelines are more precise, as well. Above all, the intriguing part is the package, which is around $100 per month.


  • An automated system
  • Multiple plans and packages
  • Payment without delay

Fill captchas with Freelancer.

There are other freelance and trustable sites which hold more Captcha entry works. Freelancer is a site where you can find many types of job opportunities along with the best data entry jobs.

You will find a list of sites and hirers for captcha entry works as a freelancer. Like the other sites, Freelancer secures your details and payment well. Freelancer indeed offers amazing work from home jobs to a lot of different age groups and people.


The title seems quirky, not the site. Griyaas is specially built for the captcha entry works. It boasts various features, such as automated systems, high speed, and secure payment. And it pays on the requested time of users.

There are multiple plans available for the convenience of users. The scope of getting high remuneration is large with this site. Now it is time for you to choose your plan wisely.


  • Work at your desired environment
  • Payments through secured accounts
  • An account of longer scope, perks for reference.


Cjinc is a freelance site offering jobs of the various field that includes best data entry jobs. The hirers seek the people registered with this site based on their interests.

The captcha entry works are abundant in this site, and the payment is also ensured righteously. Become a member of Cjinc and show your skills.


The chances of getting paid as a freelancer are high with this site. It is a top priority website, enlists freelancers of various fields. Along with Freelancer, up work is the most overlooked site, which provides the best data entry jobs.

On your side, the only thing to create is a suitable profile, and the rest will be taken care of by up work. The payout is a considerable and secured one.


Hiresine is another famous site for the captcha entry works, along with several other jobs. You just have to sign in, which is completely free and start earning. The best data entry jobs are ensured here, along with great payment. So sign in to shine with hiresine.


  • Various data entry jobs
  • Reasonable payment
  • Simple process with good customer support.

Talent Desire

Talent Desire offers the best data entry jobs and other similar jobs online. The requisites are just a computer and the Internet, and you have to register with this site and create a promising bio, thereby hirers can validate your skills.

Once you are shown approval, the clients give their desired tasks, and you can start earning money. It is a far-reaching one and also with the safe and trusted payments. Yes, talent and desire are crucial here.


Are you looking for a job that pays you reasonably online? Then this site has got you covered by giving the best data entry jobs. The hardest thing one could always regret is insufficient payout. You can rectify it with this website. It can also be good for college students looking for jobs.

Everything here is home-based and scam free. The process is simple, and you can start earning even without a single. The payment is also made safe to your desired accounts. The captcha entry works are rated with much pay. Enjoy the 360-degree success with Elance360.

Online Data Entry

It provides the best and simple way of making money online by typing jobs. This site boasts the best data entry jobs across the Internet, which can be done in your spare time. The registration process is simple, and you can do it without any investment.

There wouldn’t be any workload, and the instructions will be given to you before the start. You will get the desired, and secured payout for every Captcha entry works. For every assignment, they will fare around $1.5 and a maximum of $4000 a month.

Real Data Jobs.

This site is for the most real and best data entry jobs. There are no restrictions for joining this one, and you can find tons in it, which pays you a considerable amount. These jobs can be carried at your precious time and space.

With great customer support, this site offers you useful instructions before the start of the work. They make a safer way of payment through your trusted account, and the average you make $200 per day.

People per Hour

It is an interesting website that works differently, unlike the others. PeoplePerHour seeks freelancers who are available to undertake their projects and in a specific amount of time.

You can register here for free and, once you are online, you will see all the tasks, bid by the client, and then you have to send your proposals to the concerned ones. If you think you’re the righteous one, you will get the maximum amount of success as well as the money. Be a man in the hour of some other’s need.


Have you ever imagined of having everything under the same roof? Then, the Fiverr platform gives you a chance. It is one of the quality sites that provide the best data entry jobs along with many others by freelancing.

Well, you have to choose the domain as the data entry jobs in the given set of fields. Normally, it ranges from digital marketing, writing, music, and programming. If you believe you can succeed on this website, then the remuneration will be as high as you have expected.

Snag a Job

There are no more snags for you with this one around. Snag a Job is a popular job site with more scope for data entry and captcha entry works. Once you are on board with a snag, it will notify you regularly with the jobs around your vicinity.

The works can be done even in remote places at your convenience. The payment is also quick and instant in this one. You have to sign in and pick data entry jobs as your field. Then the employers will reciprocate as quickly as they can—a great source for online jobs for teenagers.

Easy Works Online

In fact, Easy Works Online is the easiest way to earn money as much you could, doing captcha entry works online. It also offers various jobs, and you can do it anywhere with just a computer by your side. The chances of getting around $500 are highly possible. Besides, it offers the best data entry jobs with high payments. So ease it with Easy works.

Gtech HTML

Are you looking for the best data entry jobs that offer you good pay and perfect training? Then look no further than this. There will be proper guidance prior to work. You will find more captcha entry works on this site. The process is simple, you have to submit your details, and you will further proceed to the training, and then you can start earning highly.


It is the largest workspace available currently for all sorts of jobs. Often called the best job search sites, Indeed offers plenty of opportunities for data entry jobs. Most of the clients and hirers will look through Indeed to recruit the employers.

From freelancing to in-office jobs, There is a huge number of jobs available in Indeed. You have to register with Indeed and create a compelling profile to get hired. This site is trustworthy, and all the recruiters are authentic as you can rely on this for a prospective captcha entry works or even some others. It is also a great opportunity for work-at-home moms.


Are you still sorting out the best job sites? CyberExpo is, in fact, the top job providers online. It is a highly reputable one with its number of users growing every single day. They provide you with the best data entry jobs, and captcha entry works with an earnest payment.

The demo and instructions are given to the users before starting their task. Much to its credibility, it is a Government authorized one, thereby reducing the infringements. Now start exposing your skills with the Cyber Expo.

The Smart Crowd – Lionbridge

It is difficult to leave such a site behind when you are scrutinizing the job sites. It is the priority. Formerly known as the Virtual Bee, Smart Crowd provides the best jobs across the Internet, including captcha entry works.

They hire freelancers who are supposed to do their tasks even in their comfort zones and earn plenty in return. You need to register with this site first. Smart crowd appeals to the wide number of users as they are getting increased habitually. It’s time for you to make a smart move now.

Qlink Group

Qlinkgroup is another famous website, offers the best data entry jobs. It is inclined particularly to the captcha service providing, and also highly regarded as the exponent in that.

It enables the user to create an account and then work at their desired places, which are then rewarded highly. The user gets their payment securely through their certified accounts.


Can we get paid for completing Captchas?

Anyone can make between Rs. 8,000 and Rs. 16,000 per month by using websites that solve CAPTCHAs. The majority of websites either pay you weekly or for clearing 1,000 CAPTCHAs. Additionally, every website seeks users to complete particular CAPTCHA types.

Which Captcha entry position is genuine?

One of the leading companies offering Captcha entry jobs globally is Kolotibablo. For each 1000 correctly entered Captcha images, they pay between $0.35 and $1. According to the most recent payout statistics, the top 100 earn between $100 and $200 every month.

I need to enter Captchas in order to apply for a job,right?

To take part in captcha solution tasks, you must register with the companies that offer captcha entry work. You must log into your admin panel after creating your account in order to enter the proper Captcha images.

Is using a captcha online secure?

The majority of these job sites are scams that simply offer no payment. They will be completely gone after you pay the registration cost in advance, which is needed. When looking for Captcha typing jobs online, you must be extremely cautious.

Final Words

There are many more websites that provide captcha entry works. Even though it is cited as monotonous, it is still a convenient way of earning money, where you will put your efforts less and reap a lot in return. It is for the ones who are in dire need of money, for the ones who want to invest a little of their efforts.


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