Get Paid to Test Products: Become A Product Tester for FREE

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Ever thought that you will actually get paid to test products by just putting forth your genuine opinions about it. Awesome isn’t it?

At times the companies can go to the extent of giving you the products for free for you to enjoy and use if they get a frank opinion about their product.

It is quite similar to taking online surveys where you just to have answer a couple of questions, and you get paid to test products.

The only difference here is, you get to keep the physical product for the honest reviews that you give about the company product at the end of the testing period.

The Reason why companies encourage this is that the honest reviews from the customer can help them improve their product before they release it in the market.

There’s no point in selling tons of products in the market if they get negative feedback from us through this question answer concept.

Note that product testing is entirely different from strictly survey-taking, as, in product testing, companies typically ask you to make use of a product or service in a particular manner (as opposed to just raising queries about it).


How does the overall process of product testing go?

Firstly, you’ll have to contact a legitimate company that offers product testing opportunities and sign-ups.

Then you get a task of filling out a “screener survey” which basically gives them an idea. So, if you fit to be in the list of the next testing event for their upcoming products.

Depending on the product and also the brand, you can make between $4 and $30. In addition to that, the products will be yours to use and enjoy!

Usually, companies will send you their sample products while others will send full sized ones, which you will have to test every month.

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Then you get paid to test products and for giving them your reviews on the paid products. This strategy is just to enhance the improvement in company products.

How to get started for testing various products?

The best way to get started is to register for numerous sites that offer paid product testing gigs. Each site will likely expect you to fill out a short registration survey focussing on key demographic information. This will assist companies to match you with products to review.

get paid to test products

Once the completion is done, you will submit your thoughts in exchange for cash, gift cards, or the opportunity to keep the product for free.

Additionally, there are tons of reputable brands looking for users to test products and give their honest review.

15+ Places To Get Paid to Test Products

Listed below are some of the legit companies that give you the opportunity to genuinely express your thoughts over various company products and in return you get paid to test products:


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Take surveys, test products, participate in various focus groups, play games, and so on. Not restricted to limited countries. Anybody across the world can participate.

Valued Opinions

If you are fond of beauty products, this is just the ticket! You get to test a variety of different makeup and Beauty products.

valued opinions

And if you are an active participant in their focus groups, you get higher pay.

The Pink Panel

This is an excellent panel for all you gorgeous ladies out there!

pink panel

You get paid to test products and keep all kinds of latest beauty products. And that’s not all. You may also receive up to $60-100+ in gift cards for your future use.

Minute Rice

You can become a legit member of the Minute Rice Recipe Club® where you stand a chance to not only get free products and samples to test.

white rice

You also get paid to test products through coupons and special discounts on the company stuff.


This company invites product testers solely from the USA, Australia, and Canada. Once you land on Toluna’s website, you should hit on the tab that reads “Rewards.”


From there, you’ll have to click on the tab that reads “Test Products” in order to sign up.

You get invitations on Gmail to receive the free test products. They offer a wide range of gift cards as well as you get paid to test products.

Visit Toluna.

Marie Claire Magazine

By registering as a member of the Marie Claire Velvet Rope Club, you’ll have the chance to test and share your views on everything. Marie Claire Magazine could be from the newest accessories to your favorite shade of lipstick.

marie claire

The peek of becoming a member includes exclusive access to special offers, insider events, sweepstakes, and such similar privileges.

Visit Marie Claire Magazine.

Redbook Panel

You can be a part of this exclusive RedBook Panel to give feedback on various kinds of books, stories, and also test products.

The ones who give the best genuine reviews are rewarded with prizes such as Luxe beauty products and other exciting prizes.

Visit RedBook Panel.

L’oreal Consumer Testing

The creator of all kinds of beauty products, L’Oreal has a Consumer Participation Panel exclusively for all the makeup lovers out there where you get to test products they make.


It includes Hair Care, Cosmetics, Skincare, Suncare, and more.

Visit the Consumer Participation Panel.


You stand a chance actually to pick a product from one of their leading brands. After the selection, PINCHme will send it to you.

pinch me

You can mostly try out new samples every alternate week. You get paid to test products.

Visit PINCHme.

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You can actually have a stable flow of income with this company. Mindspay provides excellent opportunities for both online surveys and product testing. In addition to that, they pay out $50 two times each month via PayPal.

minds pay

Basically, you get paid to test products. You will have to maintain $9.03 as your minimum balance. Registration is free of cost!

Visit Mindspay.

Parenting Magazine

Be the part of this group and get paid to test products. Not just that, you also get current tips and information about moms and moms to be, along with the samples they give.

According to the company guidelines, the products you’ll be testing mainly includes the ones that are listed below:

  • Toys and games including video games.
  • Books, DVDs, and CDs.
  • Health products for babies.
  • Bath products for babies.
  • Health and beauty products for Mom for better skin.
  • Gear: carriers, furniture, strollers, items for feeding and diapering and the list goes on.

Brooks Shoes and Sportswear

If you’re an athlete, Brooks Shoes & Sportswear Running Program is made for you!

They basically send you shoes to try out for a few weeks or months during which they’ll send you a survey with questions related to the shoes that they sent you and your experience after wearing the same.

In some instances, if you’re lucky enough you get to keep the shoes else, you may have to send them back (they’ll provide you free shipping labels) so that they can test these shoes in their lab.

Visit the Running Program.

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Mills Advisory Panel

MAP is a spot where you can share your ideas about food with General Mills.


You will have the chance not only to get completely free stuff, but your reviews also influence the look, taste, and experience of General Mills and Small Planet Foods products.

Visit MAP.

Nike Product Tester

This is Nike’s Product Testing panel. So, this works quite similar to Brooks Shoes and sportswear panel. Also, Nike Product Tester is a legit website for all those Nike lovers out there!


Do check out and take the survey on their website and get money to test products.

Visit Nike’s Product Testing.

About Product Testing Asia

Now, a lot of you guys ask a query regarding the website The Pink Panel if it is legit or not.

So, we tried the website. They ask your basic information and details as to how do you know about the website. Fill the survey, and you’re all set!

They put together some fundamental questions in the survey so that they understand each of their panelists pretty well – their interests, concerns, and preferences.

Try answering these questions as thoroughly and honestly as possible because that will help them ensure that they are able to pass along opportunities that fit with your habits and interests.

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What Companies Test Products?

Product Testing Companies include companies like, Brooks, Vocal Point, PINCHme, etc.

How do you Become Someone who Tests Products?

First, you'll need to sign up with a market research firm that offers product testing at home. Once you do this, the market research firm will send you screener emails to fill out to see if you're qualified for their current product test jobs.

How Much do Amazon Product Testers Make?

As of Aug 1, 2022, the average annual pay for an Amazon Tester in the United States is $56,664 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $27.24 an hour. This is the equivalent of $1,090/week or $4,722/month.

Final Words

Please feel free to let us know if there are any fraudulent websites that we have mentioned above. And in case you know any websites that are way better than these, you may contact us, and we will add them to the list.

Your choice is our first preference! Until then, stay tuned, stay updated and get paid to test products!