10+ Sneaky Ways to Get Paid to Watch Movies (& TV Series)

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Lights, Camera, Money!! Are you a movie buff? If yes, then you have landed up at the right spot! All you need to do is sit back, watch movies and get paid!

Although it sounds far-fetched, it’s possible to earn extra money by just watching movie previews and TV series. There are numerous companies out there that will pay you to watch videos and TV.

Visit these sites, watch videos and start earning money in your spare time. Listed below are some of the legitimate plans that let you earn extra income by watching movies and TV series. Get paid to watch movies!

Ways to Get Paid to Watch Movies


One of the simplest ways to make money online is using Swagbucks. You will get paid for watching a variety of videos ranging from world news, sports highlights, and other themed videos. You also get paid to watch movies and videos that are sponsored.

In addition to getting paid to watch videos, you can make loads of money surfing the web, taking online surveys, and even through online shopping.

When you are all set to be paid, you can redeem your bucks for gift cards or cash using PayPal. It’s totally your choice.


InboxDollars also lets you earn money by watching a variety of short videos on a frequent basis. As one of the superior Swagbucks substitute, you will also make money completing surveys, playing games online, performing web searches, and signing up for promotional offers.

You can also earn extra income each day to open sponsored emails sent from Inbox Dollars. Also, you might love this Swagbucks alternative because you get paid to watch movies and other tasks like survey fill up.

You can earn up to $5-$7 just for signing up. So far, Inbox Dollars members have earned over $60 million in rewards and cash prizes.

Watch Movie Trailers and Commercials

Watching movie trailers and videos through survey sites is one of the common ways in which you can get paid.

These types of research market sites are assisting the movie companies in a great way to decide which trailers are of interest to people, how good or bad these trailers seem to be, and they also estimate how far the movie can run in theatres!

These types of companies not only deal with movies, but they also do studies on foods and other products that people use in their day to day life.

Apart from movies, you get opportunities to participate in other studies that are sent to your email, or you can log on to the site and look for studies of your interest in which you can qualify to earn more money.

Getting paid to take surveys is something in which you can participate in as it doesn’t require any specific knowledge. All you need to do is answer some basic questions, could be related to your daily routine.

Listed below are a few paid research market companies that hire people and get paid to watch movies!

1. Opinion Outpost
2. Global Test Market
3. MySurvey
4. MyView

Movie Counting in Theatres

Your role is usually called a “movie counter.”

In reality, the person is not watching the movie itself, but keeping a close watch on those who buy the tickets and attend the movie. Yet, these people do get the benefit of getting paid to sit in the movie theatre.

This is perhaps the most usual way in which people get paid to watch movies.

This role was basically started when it was found that many theatres were owning the money from tickets that were purchased, instead of sending the money to the production company of the movie.

When the production companies got to know about this, they started to hire people whose task was just to count the number of watchers who went into the auditorium.

Those who take up this job are often assigned a particular movie theatre for a couple of days per week.

These people usually show up to the theatre 15 to 20 minutes or so before the movie starts, and simply count the number of people who walk into the theatre for watching a movie.

You are responsible for the count, so you submit the wrong count to the production company, and you need to ensure that this is your first most priority. Nevertheless, you still get a chance to watch the movie.

Those who are willing to take up this job will have to go through a contracting agency, as producers often hire from these companies rather than hiring the individual.

get paid to watch movies

Get Paid to Watch Netflix

Watching movies at home is also an amazing path in which someone can look into to make tons of money. Netflix offers a golden opportunity for a movie buff like me to sit at home and watch movies while making money.

There are quite many people that Netflix pays, whom they call “taggers,” whose primary job is just to watch new movies that’s recently added and tag these suitably.

watching movies on netflix

These taggers will watch approximately 6 to 13 movies in a week, and then they have to figure out which category these movies belong to. Taggers usually get paid to watch movies, on an average of $400 per week for performing this task. Cool, isn’t it?

However, it is not a piece of cake to become a tagger for Netflix, as the company barely ever advertises for these job roles and they do not hire on a frequent basis.

You have to completely rely on luck for you to get one of these job roles, and it helps to know someone who already works for Netflix.


A perk is a great option if you want to make money watching short videos. You get paid to watch movies, videos and short movie trailers.

Some of the methods through which you can earn Perk Points are:

  • Watching movie trailers.
  • Watching popular videos on the website.
  • Answering pop quizzes can fetch you points.
  • Using perk as your search engine
  • Online shopping
  • Downloading and trying out new apps on the perk.
  • Redeem Perk Points for money, gift cards, goods
  • You can also donate to charity.

Furthermore, you can also earn Perk Tokens that can be redeemed later to enter sweepstakes.

Some of the potential prizes that you might likely get include cash rewards, gift cards, and electronic merchandise like video game consoles.

Watch YouTube videos

This is just another video service that lets you watch a video on any topic is YouTube. Paid2YouTube will pay you to watch videos. You get paid to watch movies and videos on YouTube.

Basically, You get income for watching YouTube videos that are posted on their website. To increase your earning potential, you can do various things.

Make use of the time to rate videos, leave genuine comments related to videos, subscribe to YouTube channels, and refer friends to be a part of this. After earning about $10, Paid2YouTube will pay you through PayPal.


If you really have the relish to use interactive ads on your smartphone, give Slidejoy a try.

Slidejoy functions by displaying an ad when you unlock your phone on the passcode screen. Swiping your thumb right will dismiss the ad while sliding left will engage the ad. It will then redirect you to the advertiser’s website to interact with the ad.

These ads require you to watch videos, browse the advertiser’s website, activate a digital coupon or earn Google Play credits. To be fair, you get the same amount if you interact or dismiss the ad.

You can earn additional points for referring friends and linking your Facebook account. It’s easy to get paid to watch movies.

Currently, Slidejoy is only available on Apple and Android smartphones. The plan is to make Slidejoy tablet-compatible.

Success Bux

Success Bux is a comparatively new rewards site that was created in 2012 but has already paid over $21,000 as rewards to more than 134,000 members who have done the registration.

There are quite many “offer walls” to watch advertisements. Not just that, you also get paid to watch movies and listen to the radio.

Together with earning money by watching videos and listening to music, you will also get extra income by filling out surveys, surfing, try out product, and refer friends to this website.

Compared to the other “jack of all trades, master of none” make money online websites like Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars, Success Bux has a very low-priced payment threshold. Once your account balance reaches $1.10, you can appeal for PayPal payment.

You can possibly get paid to watch movies and other videos on a weekly basis because of their liberal payment policy.

Final words

For those who love watching movies and TV, it is an extremely easy task to get paid to watch movies and also a fun way of earning some extra cash.

Saying that the tedious job is to find sites and companies that are willing to pay you for watching movies. And few are lucky enough to grab such opportunities, that exactly proves why you rarely hear about folks who take up this job role!



Can you make a lot of money watching movies online?

It depends on the position your're working at. A full time analyst may earn 10x much as someone watching TV and advertisements through a third party website.

How to watch free movies online?

There are several platforms, such as Crackle, Vudu, etc. This money can be saved and put into investments or funds.

Are survey sites legal?

Most of them available these days are legit and the others are scams. Sites like Swagbucks and InboxDollar are legit but however one should be aware of suspicious sites as they can scam us.