8 Best Places to Sell Used Furniture Online and Locally

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If restoring furniture is your hobby, you can sell used furniture and earn money out of it?

Furniture is one of that household items which we wish to replace on a frequent basis. Most of the time, it’s primarily because of our family’s needs, or it could be due to modern decor styles.

In most cases, the furniture that you plan on replacing is still in good condition. And selling it online isn’t a bad idea at all and is an easy way to earn a small sum of cash.

You don’t have to drag your old furniture off to the dump anymore. Instead, selling it online can be really effortless. And you can earn extra income to defray the cost of your new furniture. This is one of the best online jobs from home without investment.

Best Places to Sell Used Furniture

If restoring furniture is your hobby, you can sell used furniture and earn money out of it. Listed below are some of the legit websites where you can sell used furniture online:

1. Letgo

Being a colorful app, Letgo emphasizes more on website pictures that are shown for product listings. In contrast, Craigslist(another alternative of Letgo) emphasizes more on headlines.

Letgo mainly focusses on buyer choice, therefore giving them the opportunity to see the piece first. So this will draw the attention of more buyers towards buying the used furniture.

Letgo is entirely free of cost, and you can sell used furniture online or use their app. Since Letgo highlights more on images, the app has a feature of snapping a picture from your smartphone. Then, you can upload the image in 30 seconds or so. After doing that, you have to fill in the product details and appropriate price.

With the in-app chat feature, you can contact your buyers instantly. If you really need extra privacy, Letgo is the perfect app!

Finally, Letgo allows buyers to view other items that you newly list. The buyer may not buy the item that they have clicked on, but there are chances they might buy another piece that you’re selling.

2. Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the favorite places like Letgo to sell used furniture online. This is just because it’s one of the most visited online classified sites. Listings are entirely free and take hardly a few minutes to finish.

To increase interest in various furniture pieces, do not forget to include photos. Not just that, try including a detailed description. Buyers focus more on details, especially when they plan on making a large purchase.

You can sell used furniture from your own house. Or perhaps you’re buying a rental property wanting the furniture to remodeling. In either case, you can sell on this best spot- Craigslist.

3. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is considered to be one of a fantastic app to sell used furniture locally. And the best part is that it’s free of cost, making it the top way to sell used furniture. You only have to list your furniture pieces and post them on the group page.

If you’re thinking of selling furniture as part of a yard sale, Facebook has quite a many yard sale groups. In these groups, you can enter the description of the products that you’re selling. As a tip, try to stress more on feature pieces to attract more shoppers.

Perhaps, you might have an idea of starting a furniture restoration business. If yes, then you can make of paid Facebook ads to sponsor listings. Facebook ads can be a successful way to attract local buyers too.

The ads will be displayed on the Facebook wall in between all the status updates. And you can also modify the ads to a specific geographic region. Or you can also extend a particular age group and gender.

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4. Used Furniture Stores

It’s an ideal plan to sell used furniture to a used furniture store. The store usually will have an appraiser who’ll come to your home to have a look at your furniture piece. If they like the item, they might come and pick it up themselves.

Else the store will pay you more if you deliver it yourself. Some furniture stores provide store credit where you must buy more furniture.

It can really be worth more than cash. But, if you’re planning on buying a new piece from the store, this is a perfect choice!

5. Trove Market

The Trove market allows you to sell used furniture, which is of high-quality of nearly any type. This can be a beautiful place to sell mid-century furnishings. Actually, this could be the most popular category of Trove. In addition to that, you can sell artwork on Trove too.

There are quite a lot of different selling options to choose from. If your item is a lightweight design, you can offer to ship it. Even the buyers can pick up larger items like pianos and tables.

To sell any item on Trove, you can either be a one-time seller or a business. Buyers use city or zip code to search for listings. When a buyer visits Trove Market, local listings are popularly shown first. Later, other featured listings from across the nation will be displayed.

With Trove, you can also share your post on social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram.

Trove has a legit site with high-quality pictures. So you shouldn’t have a tough time attracting buyers to your listings.

Trove takes a commission of 10% as a fee for the items that you sell. This is quite reasonable. Additionally, you will have to pay the credit card processing fee(if the buyer pays with plastic).

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6. Recycled Furniture

If you possess eco-friendly furniture, then have a look at Recycled Furniture. These furnished items may usually contain recovered materials. It could be natural materials with fast growth like bamboo.

Besides, your furniture doesn’t have to appear green to sell on Recycled Furniture. They also receive second-hand personal and business furniture.

Therefore, if you sell used furniture, it saves buyer money a lot. In a way, you preserve the environment too. Purchasing used items means fewer factory orders. And trucks that carry loads consume less fuel as you skip the warehouse.

Listing on Recycled Furniture is free of cost. Buyers can pick up items as per their Choice. It could be the most eco-friendly option.

You can ship to the buyer too. Regarding selling locally, Recycled Furniture has boards for about 20-25 cities. Most of these cuties are the largest and known U.S. cities.

7. eBay

With eBay, you have two alternatives to sell furniture. First, you can sell used furniture at auctions. Second, you can sell furnishings for a fixed price.

You have the right to choose a local pickup for bulky items, which are too costly to ship. For smaller items, you can afford to ship and get profit out of it.

And eBay makes it extremely easy for buyers to go up to the furniture shop. Buyers can click on pictures that are posted on the website to get relevant results.

Therefore you don’t have to worry about buyers who’ll have to search for the exact keyword. You can sell used furniture or a new one on eBay.

When you get a sale, eBay is expected to keep 13% of the selling price.

8. Etsy

When you come across the name Etsy, you perhaps start thinking if it’s something related to arts and crafts. It’s not just that, you can also list, sell used furniture and other home decor pieces.

In addition to that, you can sell antique and vintage furniture pieces too. And, you can also sell handmade furniture items and accessories, including pull handles. You have the choice to ship to the buyer.

This isn’t the perfect place for you to sell your contemporary furniture collection. The furniture over here sells from a few hundred dollars to over $10, 000. You can earn top dollar for antique pieces in its original condition.

Compared to other markets available online, Etsy’s seller fees are slightly lower in price. They expect you to pay 7% in selling fees.

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Final Words

No matter what the reason you’re selling, you always have a choice to sell furniture locally and online. A feasible way to earn extra income would be to sell used furniture. If you really wish, you can even do both the tasks at the same time.

It’s viable to sell it on your own. Or you can invariably try consignment when you run out of time. Any one of these options would be any day better than throwing it out on the curb. Let’s make the best use of the resources we have and not waste it!


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