5 Best Places for Selling Silver Flatware 

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Who doesn’t like to get extra money? If you also want extra cash, you are at the right place. In this article, you will learn how to earn money by selling silver items untouched for years. 

Selling silver items is a good option if you have not used them for years and want money. After following every step appropriately, you can get the highest prices for your silver. 

Sounds exciting. Well, that’s not all you are getting from here; there are many more things. In this guide, you will learn about places to sell silver and how to sell silver. 

Top 5 Places For Selling Silver Flatware


It is the top place for selling silver flatware, offering you the maximum price with many other benefits. It is the first choice for silver for sale for many reasons. 

To sell your silver items here, first, you must sign up and register with CashforSilverUSA and provide your contact details. Then, you will get a shipping label and can parcel your silver to them. 

After getting your parcel, they will check and appraise your silver items and present a deal. If you like the CashforSilverUSA deal, you will get the payment in the next 24 hours. 

However, if you don’t like the deal, you can reject it, and CashforSilverUSA will return your items. What’s more, you will get everything done at home without hassle. 

They provide free shipping with a bonus if you send your items within seven days of registration. 

Online Auctions

Another way of selling silver flatware is through online auctions. These websites will auction your silver items and sell them to buyers. 

There is a whole process of selling silver through online auction websites. For instance, if your silver is pure or is from a well-known brand, you can use these websites. 

online auctions

They will put your items on auction, and whenever they get a buyer, they will pay you accordingly. 

All the online auction websites cut a portion of your silver selling price. And in some cases, you will not find a buyer at all. But online auction websites are perfect if you have branded or antique silver. 


This option for selling silver flatware is for those with new silver sets. Whether it’s large or small, it doesn’t matter because you will get all sorts of buyers on this website. 

As you can guess from the name itself, this website is for buyers who want to replace their silver cutlery. It can be a designer fork or even a complete set. 


Replacements.com is very popular among buyers, so you will get good exposure to sell your silver. Also, if there is anything else, like holiday ornaments, dinnerware, or any other set, you can sell that too. 


With Sotheby’s, selling silver flatware has become more accessible and quicker than any other option. It is also one of the most reliable platforms to sell your silver. 

Whether you have silver cutlery or antique jewelry, you can sell anything and everything. Sotheby’s unique from others is its live and online auction, making the entire sale process transparent.


In addition to this, you will get an online estimation for your silver. So that even before the auction, you will know the general price of your silver. After you find it appropriate, only you can proceed further.  

Antique Silver 

One more place for selling silver flatware is Antique Silver, where you can sell all your antique silver pieces. With this site, you can sell your silver in a better way. It is a multipurpose site where you will also find blogs. 

However, unlike other websites, there is no fixed rule for determining silver prices here. The age, quality, and condition of the silver items decide them. 

The older your silver item is, the more costly it will get. That is why it is one of the best sites to sell silver flatware for money. 

Essential Tips For Selling Silver Flatware

Till now, we have explored some options where you can sell your silver items. However, with that, there are many more things that you need to do. 

Dos and Don’ts for selling silver flatware

Firstly, research a lot, try to find out what silver types are, what silver marking is, and other things. You can use this knowledge when you know one or two things about silver items while selling silver flatware. 

dos and donts

Now that you know the types of silver generally used, try to find out what silver items you own. Are they sterling silver, pure silver, Venetian silver, or what other silver do you have? 

You must also check the hallmark or any other stamp on your silver items. Silver items with hallmarks or logos generally get more expensive than those pieces that don’t have them. 

If you need clarification on your silver quality and hallmark, visit any antique or jewelry store. There, you will get to know what your silver item price is. 

Another way to find the accurate price of your silver is to visit an online calculator or auction website. 

You need to fill up the details they want, or in some cases, images of your silver. After these details, they will calculate the worth of your silver. 

When selling your silver to someone else, try to find out why. If you sell your silver items through a website, then it is a mediator between you and the buyer. 

However, if you sell directly to an individual, you can find the reasons. Like if he wants to buy a complete set or just a piece for replacement. Or does he want to sell that silver again as scrap and earn money? 

When you know these things, you can bargain well for better prices. 

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How to sell an old silver tea set?

There are many online websites and offline stores where you can sell your silver tea set. You can sell your old silver items and get money in exchange for them through these options. 


Therefore, selling silver flatware is not difficult if you have appropriate resources. You will undoubtedly get good results when you know where to sell silver flatware and what precautions to take. 

Silver and gold items are not easy to sell and buy because they are costly. 

Moreover, there are many more reasons why buying and selling silver items differs from other objects. 

So, when you want to sell them, first understand your needs. 

Like hallmarks on items or any clearance or purity certificate, these things will guarantee the purity of your silver objects, and you will get high prices for them. 

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