8 Best Things to Sell on The Facebook Marketplace

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This article briefly discusses some of the best things you can sell on the Facebook Marketplace. We look at the steps, techniques, and other vital elements to get the process going.

The best things to sell on the Facebook marketplace are:

  • Fashion Apparel
  • Furniture & Home Décor
  • Mobile & Accessories
  • Baby Care Products
  • Sports Supplies & Fitness Equipment
  • Health & Wellness Products
  • Seasonal Goods, Electronics

People can find many different items of their requirement in nearby places and check the possibility of delivery at their place.

6 Steps to Sell the Best Things on the Facebook Marketplace

We have these six simple steps that you can follow to sell your things faster on the Facebook marketplace –

Step 1: Research how to present the product

Look around the Facebook Marketplace before you list your stuff to discover what locals are selling and how much they’re asking.

fb marketplace

Do what you can to set yourself and your product apart from the competitors after analyzing the market and the demand.

Step 2: Set the Right Price

Pay close attention to comparable products’ pricing and set your rates competitively. However, you must strike the appropriate balance.photo

If you price products too cheap, you could receive too many messages, which indicates you could have increased the price of your item by $10 to $20 and still received interest.

Conversely, you won’t attract as much interest if your pricing is too high.

Step 3: Avoid Attachment

Don’t get offended if someone asks for a discount; it always happens.


Remember that selling the item is your primary goal. Sales may increase if you focus on making any profit that you can rather than making the greatest profit possible.

Step 4: Improve the way your work appears in photos

You spent time, effort, and perhaps some money on your art, but it doesn’t matter if that’s not apparent in your listing images.

Product tags

Step 5: Get the word out

Instagram is a good place for you to market your items. In addition, people will see your listings if you advertise your side business elsewhere outside Facebook, which might bring in additional customers.


Step 6: Be Prepared to Bargain

Avoid being overly devoted to your items. People will want to bargain, and demonstrating your willingness to be flexible on pricing will make the negotiation process easier for you and the customer.


That is advantageous, especially if you desire to repeat customers.

Some of the best things to sell on the Facebook marketplace:

Per our experience, here are the things on Facebook Marketplace that sell like hotcakes.

Fashion Apparel

Branded fashion clothing is among the most popular categories on the Facebook Marketplace. People often use Facebook for recreational purposes and are always looking to improve their appearance.


One method is to purchase name-brand clothing in quantity at a discount to attract clients and then sell it on the Facebook marketplace at a markdown.

Furniture & Home Décor

One of the sales channels you must attempt if you own a furniture or home décor business is the Facebook marketplace.


For several reasons, home furnishings and décor are among the best-selling product categories in the Facebook marketplace.

People prefer to buy items that improve the value of their homes, especially if they can afford them. People would rather spend less money on old furniture than on new furniture.

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Mobile & Accessories

The market for mobile phones worldwide is expanding more quickly. The demand for mobile phones and accessories is rising as more people worldwide utilize mobile devices.


On the Facebook marketplace, another best-selling product category is mobile phones and accessories.

As they go through Facebook, the tech-savvy generation is constantly willing to try out new devices and keep up with the most recent innovations.

Sports Supplies & Fitness Equipment

After the worldwide epidemic, everyone had to reconsider physical fitness and its significance in this fast-paced environment.


Participating in physical activity is one of the most excellent methods to maintain good physical health and fitness.

The Facebook marketplace is one of the finest places to shop online for sports equipment and fitness gear. Therefore, some of the best-selling things on the Facebook marketplace include sporting goods and exercise equipment.

Health & Wellness Products

During the critical Covid-19 pandemic, people realized the value of maintaining excellent health and wellness.


The primary driver of the health & wellness industry is the generation’s increased spending on items that promote health and wellness.

The finest health and wellness goods on Facebook Marketplace are yoga mats, immune boosters, and health pills.

Baby Care Products

With the world’s population growing quicker, the market for baby items is always in demand. Also evident is the love that every parent has for their child.


Along with rapid online shopping adoption and rapid urbanization, new parents purchase online rather than offline for the most excellent infant comfort items.

Baby toys, clothing, diapers, and other equipment like walkers and sitters are some of the best-selling baby care goods in the Facebook marketplace.

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Seasonal Goods

Selling seasonal items following demand may be profitable as consumer demand fluctuates seasonally.

Selling facebook marketplace

Some of the best-selling things on the Facebook marketplace include seasonal goods. Choose a product that meets consumer desire, whether you’re selling beachwear or Halloween and Christmas decorations.

Selling the correct products at the right time is key to the success of selling seasonal goods on the Facebook marketplace.


You are losing a lot of potential clients if you are in the electronics sector and not selling on the Facebook marketplace.


Electronics are among the top-selling items in the Facebook marketplace for several reasons.

The market is the best place to buy and sell discounted used electronic devices, including kitchen appliances, smart wearables, and headphones.


What will sell on Facebook Marketplace?

This may apply to anything, such as outdated furniture, outdated technology, video games, kitchen equipment, literature, etc. Look around the Marketplace to find out what people are selling nearby. Pay attention to the product details and images provided by competing merchants.

What is the best offer on Facebook Marketplace?

If you are prepared to accept lower bids, you might write ‘OBO’ which stands for ‘Or Best Offer’. If you are unwilling to bargain, state the price is firm to discourage interested purchasers from doing so.

Is selling on Facebook Marketplace secure?

On Facebook Marketplace, many real people are offering real products for sale. Unfortunately, a large number of scam artists pose as customers and business owners.

Is there a price for using Facebook Marketplace?

If you put things for sale on Facebook Marketplace, Facebook won't charge you a listing fee. However, there are related selling fees. For shipments of $8 or less, there is a fixed cost of $0.40 in addition to the selling fee per shipment of 5%.


Facebook marketplace is one of the simplest and quickest ways to connect with various Facebook users. Understanding “what to start with” for a successful online business might help you grasp the top-selling things on the Facebook marketplace.