How to Finance a Business Purchase? The Ultimate Guide 

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 Have a knack for starting a business but don’t know how to finance a business purchase? Then you have hit the right website. Here you will get to know different ways in which you invest your business and become an entrepreneur.

How to finance a business purchase

There are numerous ways in which you can finance your business. This article will discuss common and convenient ways to finance a business. They are debt financing, equity financing, mezzanine financing, and bank loans.

In addition, the last section has a power tip for your business financing.

How To Finance A Business Purchase?

Before you get back to square one, I’d like to give you a brief overview of how to finance a business purchase.

Even if you are naïve and don’t know things about business, you must also know the four key elements. Before even starting a business, you need four essential items for your business. They are capital, land, labor, and machinery.

However, placing any of them as the most important is a long debate.

Whether you need an office or warehouse to hire employees and machinery, you need finance. For tiny businesses, family funds or borrowing from friends can be sufficient.

But even for some small businesses, these funds need to be more adequate, and eventually, you will have to look for finance. For small and medium-sized companies, funds are necessary for expansion and improvements.

How to finance a business purchase

On the other hand, large businesses do need finance to meet their short–term obligations. So we can say that every business needs funds at a particular time. However, for small businesses, choosing any one way of financing is tricky.

Because small businesses need more experience, and as they are small and in dire need of funds, they have few options. One wrong move can make them suffer for years or hinder their growth.

They can end up being in debt or losing their shares to the wrong hands, and the worst, they can’t grow. That is why small businesses or new ventures must first consider all their business financing options.

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Debt Financing

One of the most common and genuine answers to ways to finance a business purchase is this. You must know the process if you have applied for and received a home or car loan.

They both are examples of debt financing and in the same way, you need to apply for finance for your business. In debt financing, you need to apply for a loan for your business to some banks or lending institutions.

How to finance a business purchase

They will examine your application, and if your business is booming, they will verify your credit. However, if your business is established, they will read other documents.

So before applying for bank loans for your business, you need to organize your documents. When they find everything pleasing, then they will grant you a loan.

Debt financing is very beneficial for businesses as lenders and borrowers have just a relationship about the contract. As soon as you pay back the loan amount with interest, your relationship with the bank will end. Also, banks or credit unions will not have a say in your business affairs.

Equity Financing

We often hear that equity financing is a term, and if you are following corporate news, you must know its meaning. Well, if not, know that you must dilute your shares to raise some finance in equity financing.

For instance, you went to a large business or investors and presented your business in front of them. Now you will give them some shares of your company and raise some funds through it.

How to finance a business purchase

Although the percentage of shares is negotiable and if interested, investors may ask for more shares. This has the edge over debt financing because you don’t need to repay the amount to investors.

Mezzanine Financing

Another answer to how to finance the purchase of a business is this, which is a perfect combination of equity and debt financing. When you research thoroughly, you will find that both mentioned business financing methods have some limitations.

How to finance a business purchase

And to resolve them, mezzanine financing emerged. Your lenders can convert the borrowed amount into share funds if you cannot repay it.

But, you will apply and get a loan for your business in mezzanine financing. However, if you cannot pay back your loan with its interest, then the lender will acquire the agreed shares of your company. 

Bank Loans

Although they can be burdensome, small businesses have an option for bank loans. Many new or small businesses at first react hesitantly to bank loans.

Because banks and credit unions require a lot of paperwork, asset information, and other things, their interest rates differ and, in some cases, are very high, which a small business can find overwhelming.

How to finance a business purchase

However, with time banks are realizing their drawbacks and offering solutions to attract more customers. Thus, now banks are providing business loans with minimal paperwork and without any hassle.

Also, they have different interest rate categories for other businesses. And for small cottage industries, they are offering loans at very low-interest rates.

So you can consider taking a bank loan for your business. However, there are specific points you need to work on before taking any loan.

For instance, first research about different interest rates offered by other banks. Also, could you know their loan approval process and the time required? With that, in case you have partners discuss with them and then make a decision.

Also, you can apply governmental subsidies for businesses that can reduce your expenses. After being coupled up, bank loans and subsidies are more than enough for your business. 


Can I pool money with partners to start a business?

Yes, you can certainly do that even though that is one most common way to finance a business. If you have a friend circle where all members have agreed on being partners in a joint business then you can pool your money. In legal terms, all the members that have contributed money can be stakeholders in the business, if they want to.

What are ways to finance a business purchase?

There are many ways in which you can finance your business purchase. They include seller financing, buyer financing or financing through SBA. In addition to this you can try more ways to finance a business purchase available to you.

What is acquisition financing?

In acquisition financing companies that are already established acquire other small businesses or companies. Through this they either want to grab more market share and expand or to limit the competition. However, alike other business financing, even larger business needs funds to acquire small businesses.


Starting a new business venture is good if it’s where the heart belongs. Before choosing any option for your career or livelihood, you should follow your passion. That is why, today, most people are shifting their attention toward starting a new business. Whether they are just kids or housewives, with increasing options for business financing, they are thinking again about starting new businesses.

Here this guide on how to finance a business purchase plays a pivotal role and informs you about some options for business financing. However, all of them are not feasible for you, and some can even be dangerous.

That is why learning about your needs and what your business requires is essential. Then wisely select preferably one or, with time, more than one way to finance your business.

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