10 Jobs That Don’t Suck: Jobs To Enjoy

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Are you looking for a job switch? Or are you looking to start your career? Are you looking for a job you would enjoy? Then, this article will help you find jobs that don’t suck and jobs you would love according to your preference. 

Jobs like that of a grocery shopper, food taster, pet sitter, proofreader, Pinterest expert, travel agent, trip planner, trip guide, bookkeeper, photographer, cinematographer, event planner, and movie or book reviewer are some jobs that don’t suck and would make you love your job.

This list has a set of jobs that might be the perfect fit for you. So, let us get into job hunting and help you find your dream job.

Top 10 Jobs That Don’t Suck

Grocery shopper

If you enjoy grocery shopping, here’s a job that will pay you to shop for others. All you’ll need is good management skills and communication skills. 

A typical day would include taking orders from clients, picking up groceries from the store, purchasing groceries, delivering them to the clients, etc. And you’ll be paid to shop for them.

You can earn an average salary of $25,000 to $40,000 annually.

Food taster

If you love going out to eat, here’s a position for you, foodie! The work of the food taster is one of the jobs that don’t suck. A food taster determines the quality and taste of a food/beverage. So, you will need to evaluate food based on its aroma, taste, flavor, and quality of ingredients.


This job requires you to go to various places, try out the food and review the site. So, if you have considerable knowledge of ingredients and cuisines and can describe your food as accurately as possible, you are sure to ace this job.

Additionally, the average salary of a food taster ranges from $21,140 to $62,150 per year.

Pet sitter

If you love your furry friends more than your real ones, here’s the perfect job. This job is my favorite on the list of jobs that don’t suck. The position of a pet sitter is to take care of pets when the pet owners are away at work.


A day in your life would involve feeding, playing, grooming, walking the pets, etc. Your office will be a daycare for pets.

Further, the average annual salary of a pet sitter is $31,814 a year.


If your friends call you the grammar Nazi, then this job is the one for you. In a proofreading assignment, you must check for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and simple, complex sentences in a text. On our list of jobs that don’t suck, let’s see how this can be a good fit for you.

Before a text gets published, it reaches a proofreader. As a proofreader, you must correct and make all the mistakes readable. You have to ensure that when a reader reads the text, he doesn’t get bored or confused due to complex sentences.

Further, you must pay special attention to removing all grammatical and spelling mistakes. This job will also be a good fit for you if you like to read in general.

Further, you can make up to $19.39 per hour as a proofreader.

Pinterest expert

If you find yourself scrolling through Pinterest, making pins, and saving ideas, stop doing it for free. 

Get paid to scroll through Pinterest and make idea boards and pins. On Pinterest, people search for ideas and pins related to a topic. When you click on a pin, it mostly leads to an external website.

pinterest (1)

Websites are paying good money to make mood boards, segregate pins, and improve SEO on Pinterest. Thus, if you have a good knowledge of SEO and love creating boards, you can apply for the position of Pinterest expert. 

Ideally, a Pinterest expert or product specialist earns approximately $109,808 annually.

Travel Agent/ Trip Planner/ Trip Guide

If you love traveling and know your way around certain places, you can get paid to travel, which is also one of the jobs that don’t suck. Nowadays, everyone travels worldwide, and you can help people plan their trips.

The job of a travel agent involves booking tickets and hotels and helping people plan a trip. Further, as a trip planner, you have to plan out the entire trip’s itinerary and places to visit for eating and staying for the travelers. Also, as a trip guide, you accompany travelers and show them around an area.

Also, as a trip guide, you earn while traveling; in others, you reach for planning out trips for others.

Further, your salary can range from $49,608 to a six-figure number as a travel agent per year.


Bookkeeping is also one of the jobs that don’t suck. If you’re a bookworm, this is a good fit for you. Even if you’re not, you can consider this job as this pays well.


All you need to do is maintain a record of books, financial receipts, and bills and earn up to $80 per hour.

Photographer/ Cinematographer

If you have a good hand at photography, consider it a career option.

Take professional courses that prepare you to become a photographer or a cinematographer. You can choose to become a wedding photographer, which is very high paying. Also, you can opt for travel photography which will let you travel. 


Also, you can opt for cinematography and choose to work for ad films, shows, movies, etc.

Further, you can make an average of $24,540 to $77,760 per year as a photographer and up to $60,336 annually.

Event Planner

If you love planning and managing events, this is a very high-paying job option for you. Event planners and managers are in great demand these days.

event planner

As an event planner, you can plan weddings, corporate meetings and events, birthdays, etc. All you will need is good management skills and contacts. As an event planner, you should have connections with decorators, caterers, etc.

Also, you can earn an average of $46,000 to $70,000 annually.


Do you like posting reviews about movies that you’ve watched or books that you’ve read? Did you know that you can earn money from writing reviews?

Various websites pay you to review a movie or book, write a short synopsis, and rate them out of 5 stars. Additionally, this is also a very high-paying job.

You can earn up to $101,894 per year as a reviewer. 


How do I find a job I won't hate?

Make a list of your skills and the things you like doing. Based on this, look for various job options. Try your hand at these jobs. See what you enjoy doing. Choose one job. Get better at it and ace it.

What is the most challenging job to fill?

Medical professionals, army men, certain tech workers, and product managers are the most challenging jobs.

What job works the least?

The jobs of a nutritionist, personal trainer, photographer, artist, writer, etc., only require you to work a little but pay well.

What jobs should introverts avoid?

Introverts should avoid jobs like a trainer, coaches, singers, event planners, insurance brokers, managers, politicians, etc.


Thus, these are the ten jobs that don’t suck. These jobs will make you love your job while paying you well.

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