15 Work From Home Jobs with Equipment Provided

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The employment market has had a substantial impact due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has directly influenced the rise of remote work. Consequently, many choose work-from-home jobs as a more convenient and flexible alternative. To help with this transition, we have compiled a list of 15 available work-from-home jobs with provided equipment equipped with all the necessary tools.

Remote work from home with all the necessary equipment provided is a convenience that everyone seeks. Discover 15 unique job options that offer equipment provision for an effortless home setup.

Are you specifically interested in work-from-home jobs with equipment provided? Look no further. This article has the information you require to locate the ideal work-from-home position that matches your expertise and passions, including options that provide the necessary equipment to succeed in your new role.

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15 Work-From-Home-Jobs with Equipment Provided

The article below provides job descriptions for 15 positions that offer individuals equipment for work from home. The perks of such a lifestyle are outlined, and advice on triumphing in telecommuting is provided. Additionally, significant emphasis is placed on researching a company before applying to work from home.

Customer Service Representative

A customer service representative is responsible for interactive communication by answering customer inquiries through phone, email, or chat.


Companies frequently equip their representatives with computers, headsets, and internet connections to support customer inquiries, and this role necessitates commendable communication and skills is a good work-from-home job.

Technical Support

Regarding products and services, technical support representatives assist customers by resolving technical issues.


To excel at the job, it’s essential to possess an adequate amount of software and hardware product knowledge and outstanding communication skills, which is good for work from home job. Technical support representatives usually receive a computer, headset, and internet connection from their company.

Virtual Recruiter 

For businesses seeking candidates for their vacancies, virtual recruiters offer assistance in finding suitable matches. The role demands strong communication skills, the capability to handle multiple responsibilities well, and the aptitude to operate independently. Many companies offer equipment, internet service, along with admission to job search sites.

Medical Transcriptionist

Converting spoken words into written reports is the task of a medical transcriptionist. Excelling in the realm of medical terminology and typing skills is necessary. Medical transcription workers are sometimes provided with a computer, a foot pedal, and specific software to aid in this process.

Online Tutor 

Subject matter expertise, independent work abilities, and exceptional communication skills are all prerequisites for an online tutor, one of the trending work-from-home jobs.


These professionals provide educational guidance to students via digital platforms, and employers typically furnish the necessary equipment, such as computers, internet access, and tutoring portals.

Social Media Manager

Another work-from-home job with equipment provided includes the role of a social media manager. Managing a company’s social media presence requires excellent communication skills, knowledge of social media platforms, and marketing skills.


Typically, companies provide the necessary equipment, such as a computer, internet connection, and access to social media management tools to facilitate the social media manager’s work.

Content Writer

Content writers produce written material for digital media outlets, such as blog posts, website content, and more. This role demands sharp writing abilities and an understanding of SEO optimization for success. Employers may provide access to content management systems and a computer . Best work-from-home jobs for starters with less experience.

Graphic Designer

Creating visually appealing content for social media, websites, and other digital platforms is the primary duty of a graphic designer. The profession mandates knowledge of design software and extraordinary artistic abilities.


Often, companies grant graphic designers access to design resources and provide a computer loaded with the requisite software.

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Web Developer

Excellent problem-solving skills and knowledge of programming languages are necessary for web developers who create and maintain websites for individuals and businesses.


Companies often provide resources for web development and access to web development software and computers .This job requires mostly online presence which fits with work from home jobs.

Data Entry 

Excellent typing skills and attention to detail are required in data entry, which involves entering data into a computer system. Data entry software and a computer are often provided to these clerks by companies.


Excellent communication skills are essential in the job of a translator, and they must be bilingual and fluent in translating written material between languages. The provision provided by the companies to their translators is expected to utilize computer and translation software, which can be done from home.

Freelance Writer 

On a project basis, freelance writers craft content for various clients. To excel in this line of work, one must be a skilled wordsmith who can work alone. Many businesses supply a computer and access to content management systems.

Online Marketer 

Utilizing digital media, these promoters advertise various goods and services. To excel at this profession, an individual should possess communication talents and knowledge of marketing strategies.


Companies can supply the tools required, like a computer, internet access, and promotional resources.

Virtual Assistant 

Virtual assistants offer administrative support to individuals and companies in a remote setting. This position demands strong organizational and communication abilities. A computer, internet connection, and access to productivity software are offered to employers.

Online Researcher

Excellent research skills and the ability to analyze and organize data are absolute must-haves for online researchers. They primarily use the internet to research a variety of topics. Additionally, companies usually furnish the requisite tools to carry out the task, such as a computer, internet connection, and access to research databases.


These work-from-home positions are part-time or full-time?

These jobs are home range in nature. Some jobs might be full-time, while others might be temporary or project-based. The unique position and business eventually determine this.

Do I need to fulfill any requirements to apply for these remote jobs?

These tasks that may be done from home demand a variety of requirements. While some may need appropriate experience and skills, others may require a formal degree or certification. Analyze the job description and criteria in detail before applying.

What tools are generally provided for these jobs that can be done at home?

Work-from-home jobs with equipment provided can be an excellent option for those who want to work remotely. Depending on the job and firm, different equipment may change for specific jobs for work from home. A computer, internet connection, headset, and software are examples of standard equipment that businesses offer. This can include specialized equipment such as video conferencing tools, specific software for the job, and even office furniture like chairs and desks.

Are these remote employment opportunities available internationally or just in particular nations?

Depending on the business and area, these occupations that can be done from home may only sometimes be available. These positions may be offered globally by some businesses or regionally by others. Before applying, it is essential to analyze the job description and prerequisites carefully.


In conclusion, people have various opportunities for work-from-home jobs with equipment provided. These positions give workers flexibility, the chance to work from home, and occasionally to follow their passions. It is crucial to remember that not all work-from-home posts are legitimate.

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Hence, people must conduct due diligence to ensure that a respectable business offers the position they keep an interest in. People may successfully navigate the work-from-home job market and prosper in their new remote working environment with the proper training and tools.

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