7 Best Apps to Design Clothes Online

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In this article, you’ll learn about the best apps to design clothes. You can use these apps to design clothes and show your creativity. 

If you are considering stepping into the fashion design industry, here is one thing you need to know. What are the tools for your assistance? If you miss that, you are moving forward in your struggle. But don’t worry because you have us having your back.

However, that’s not all you will get in this article. With cloth designing apps, you will also get information on your tools that will support other stages of cloth designing.

Top 7 Best Apps to Design Clothes

Given below are some of the best apps to design clothes you can use for your everyday work:


WGSN is the best app to design clothes that you can ever get. Well, the reasons for this epitome are many.

The first reason is its prediction of new trends that have yet to come. One of the major headaches for fashion designers is to predict what can be the following winter, summer, and so on new season trends.


But with this professional app, they can feel at ease because this tool will analyze the consumer’s feelings and behaviors. Then, it uses the data and makes predictions for upcoming trends.

Therefore, this must be the first application for your personal cloth design pack.

Adobe Illustrator

As you can guess from the name itself, the best app to design clothes is for illustrations. In the fashion and design industry, you must show your designs and illustrations in the most natural form.

Adobe Illustrator

It is for that only and helps you create realistic sketches with various other resources in the tool. Also, let your colleagues follow your designs to improve work speed and efficiency.

Therefore, you can’t afford to miss this fantastic tool out of your pack.


One of the best apps to design clothes is this one that can take your worry to make specifications sheets.

With this tool, you can create as many tech pack sheets as possible. You can also integrate other tools on this platform, let others join this, and move, copy, or reuse the sheets.


This application offers many more features to fashion designers to help them make tech pack sheets quickly.


After designing your new clothes, you must also get them manufactured. After that only you can sell your clothes. It would help to have high-quality cloth manufacturers that can produce good quality clothes.

Because just designing creative clothes is not sufficient. It would help if you had them of good quality, too, so your customers could appreciate your creativity.


However, being a fashion designer doesn’t mean you should know good clothing manufacturers, too.

It works as a connecting point between fashion designers like you and good clothing manufacturers. This app lets you get manufacturers and suppliers according to your product designs.

Pret – A – Template

If you use an iPod or iPhone, then this can be your perfect digital sketchbook. This best app for designing clothes will assist you in your design sketching.

Pret - A - Template

It has a whopping collection of more than 500 templates that have different body details.

So you can make designs on built-in templates with different hair and show designs.


One essential app for you is this is the best marketplace for your clothes. As you already know, today, all people search for whatever they need online first and then anywhere else.

The same goes for clothes; in most cases, they have only got the idea through online platforms. There, they tend to see numerous new designs of trendy clothes and want to follow them.


That is why you must tap this opportunity and present your fashionable clothes online. In this way, your designs will get broad exposure and public attention.

For this task, Shopify is the best e-commerce website where you can sell your clothes. With that, it lets you customize your online e-commerce website.

You can customize your website and payment modes and track your orders to ensure efficient working.


One of the most tedious tasks in designing clothes is to start designing all over again; even for the same clothes, you must draw technical sketches all over again.

However, with this best app for designing clothes, you can save time and energy. In this tool, you will get built-in technical sketches for all clothes.


Whether you want to design a crop top or a short dress, it has templates for all clothes. All you need is to make a few changes as you want, such as modifying sleeves and necklines or adding new elements to the clothes.

With this, you can download or share your designs with your people.

It makes sharing your designs very simple in the SVG format through a public link. So enjoy designing whatever you want to and let the world see your creativity.


Is designing clothes hard for beginners?

Undoubtedly, the initial days in the design and fashion industry will be challenging, and there will be a completely new designing world in front of you. However, with the right tools, you can soon master this field.

Is marketing relevant for fashion design?

In today's world, marketing is critical and relevant to almost all industries. The same applies to the fashion industry, where you must demonstrate your design in front of people. Therefore with marketing, you can show your fashion designing skills to others efficiently.


Thus, beginning your journey in the fashion industry is not very difficult. However, finding the perfect tool for your design job takes time and effort.

And you have so much on your hands when you are in the fashion industry. Moreover, everything from designing clothes to marketing is equally important.