10 Best Short-term Certification Courses in Finance in 2022

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Financial management delves towards understanding and handling the finances of a company you’re working with to make it successful and cooperative concerning the specified regulations available. The lucrative image of procuring an occupation in finance has attracted several people. It has also motivated people to apply for several online certification courses in finance. There have been several short-term certification courses where you can study finance online in the comfort of your home. Along with this, you gain recognized certificates that can help kick-start your career. 

Financial management pinpoints a variety of functions. These include maximizing a company’s profits, tracking the cash flow that can help it meet its obligations, and ensuring compliance by cooperating with regulations focused on the state and industry in which the company works. It also keeps track of the business market, formulating more than one outcome for a scenario and managing effective relationships between the company’s investors and board of directors.

Short-term courses are present to build a person’s knowledge of a specific subject quickly. These courses hold an equal value to degrees that require long and full-time classes. This article is about the different short-term certification courses in finance that anyone interested can access on the internet.

Top 10 Short-term Certification Courses in Finance

Financial Modelling

Financial modeling is a certification for many people who have an interest in joining the finance field. It represents the process of creating a summary of all the expenses a company incurs in a spreadsheet. The spreadsheets are used to figure out the impact of a future event or decision. Such workers analyze the performance of the business and build data based on it to provide future predictions. 

financial modelling

People taking up this certification have a reasonable chance of finding employment in new companies and businesses based in financial services, health coverage, and startup markets. This short-term certification course in finance can also explore fields like investment banking, financial analysis, project finance, and credit ratings. This certification does not have specific eligibility requirements. Therefore, students and other working professionals can apply to study financial modeling directly.

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Certified Financial Planner

Certified Financial Planner is one of the well-recognized short-term certification courses in finance. This course is based on creating and maintaining a sufficient financial plan for a company. The focus is on understanding the company’s financial goals and determining its current financial situation. CFPs work in providing advice on retirement planning, choosing investments, tackling debts, and saving. Their view is primarily fixed for future related financial planning.

certified financial planner: short-term certification courses in finance

Holding a certificate in financial planning helps people hold a competitive edge in being trusted workers in the eyes of their employers and clients. It is one of the best finance courses available. The essential eligibility requirement to apply for CFP is for students to have a high school degree. However, even people with education in Chartered Accountancy, Chartered Financial Analyst, Ph.D. in Finance, etc., can register for this certification.

International Financial Reporting Standards

International Financial Reporting Standards precisely consist of a group of accounting standards that have been created for the financial transactions of several companies and businesses. They work on regulating how one should report these transactions in financial statements in a relevant manner, have clarity, are understood to be reliable, and are comparable worldwide. The International Accounting Standards Board is responsible for issuing the International Financial Reporting Standards certification.

international financial reporting standards : short-term certification courses in finance

This short-term certification course in finance is taken up by more than 100 countries and focuses on the importance of allowing companies to become transparent. This business finance online course can enable investors and related people to make informed economic resolutions. The course requires an essential eligibility requirement of having a bachelor’s degree in finance or related fields. It also requires applicants to have a professional experience of 3 years in the field of accounting.

Chartered Wealth Management

This is a short-term certification course in finance with the skills and knowledge to implement primary financial functions successfully. The focus is on developing the management of relationships and core financial skills. It is a globally recognized profession by investors and employers and helps open various employment opportunities. 

chartered wealth management

This certification is a benchmark of competency in finance and is a leading accreditation in wealth management and private banking. It involves several other topics like investment strategy, behavioral finance, intergenerational wealth transfer, life cycle management, relationship management, and global taxation. This business finance online course requires at least three years of experience in wealth management and a recognized master’s degree in a specific field of finance.

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Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst

Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst is a short-term certification course in finance that advises and supervises alternative investments like hedge funds, venture capital, private equity, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, and real estate investments. The certification also covers topics like ethics, tangible assets, asset allocation, risk management, and structured products. The certification is known to be a benchmark in alternative investment worldwide.

chartered alternative investment analyst : short-term certification courses in finance

People who take up this finance course online take at least one year to complete it. Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst is not a versatile course in finance like the Master of Business Administration certificate, and therefore the scope is less in other fields. The certification requires eligibility in the form of a bachelor’s degree in finance or related fields and at least four years of professional experience in the same.

Chartered Financial Analyst

Chartered Financial Analyst is a short-term certification course in finance that finance professionals highly demand. CFA professionals work in areas involved in risk management, investment management, asset management, etc. It mainly consists of working in portfolio management, investment analysis, financial reporting and analysis, equity, alternative investments, wealth planning, fixed income, ethical standards, etc.

chartered financial analyst

This course has international recognition and is a very challenging financial certification course that is available. It is primarily theoretical, with an excessive concentration given to portfolio management. This online certification course in finance has a meager pass rate and, therefore, is a challenging goal to accomplish. The eligibility requirements of this business finance online course include needing a background in finance, accounting, or economics and a professional experience of at least 4 years.

Financial Risk Manager

Financial Risk Manager is one of the best short-term certification courses in finance for people has a keen interest in working as risk officers, risk analysts, and other positions in risk management. It is a cost-effective and time-efficient finance course online. Such professionals have expertise in estimating business risks and are likelier to work in major banking establishments, insurance companies, accounting firms, asset management firms, and regulatory agencies.

financial risk manager : short-term certification courses in finance

Financial Risk Managers determine the risk factor by scrutinizing the present financial markets to predict possible changes in the future. They also have to develop strategies to impede the effects of these possible risks. This online finance course requires a minimum professional experience of at least two years. People can complete this certification in less than a year. It is known to be a specialized certification that is recognized in over 90 countries.

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Certified Investment Management Analyst

Certified Investment Management Analyst is a short-term certification course in finance that the Investments and Wealth Institute set up. People with this certification find employment in areas involving investment consultation. They also work in financial consulting firms and extensively interconnect with high-net-worth clients and large business organizations.

certified investment management analyst

CIMAs are not just skilled in finance but also in business strategy involving evaluation and supervision of risks. This online certification course in finance centers around asset allocation, ethics, risk measurement, investment policy, and performance measurement. The people applying for this certification need to have an experience of at least three years in the field of investment consulting.

Certified Fund Specialist

It is a short-term certification course in finance that received its certification from the Institute of Business and Finance. Individuals in this field have a certification in mutual funds and find employment as accountants, bankers, financial advisors, etc. They can advise their clients about the mutual fund that suits their needs best and manage client portfolios. Certified Fund Specialists also provide advice on when, where, and how to invest. They can understand the market movements and financial instruments and, therefore, can be relied on to make proper investment decisions.

certified fund specialist : short-term certification courses in finance

People with this certification have the added knowledge in exchange-traded funds, real estate investment trusts, closed-end funds, risk management, asset allocation, portfolio construction, advanced fund analysis, etc. This business finance online course requires aspirants to have a minimum qualification in a bachelor’s degree in finance or related fields and a professional experience in the same field. Interested aspirants can complete the CFS course in a period of fifteen weeks.

Certified Treasury Professional

Certified Treasury Professional course helps to develop the competence one needs to implement essential corporate liquidity, risk management, and capital functions. They help supervise and operate corporate treasuries and oversee the credits and liabilities that occur in a business, as well as the debits and assets incurred by the company.

certified treasury professional

There is less tax planning and working on a long-term financial strategy for a company involved. More focus is provided on managing cash holdings, assessing the value of corporate assets, collecting debts, paying outstanding debts, documenting a company’s financial position, comprehending financial forecasts, etc. This certification is one of the best short-term certification finance courses. The eligibility requirements are possession of a degree in accountancy, finance, or banking. It is also mandatory to have at least two years of professional experience in the finance field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth having a certification in courses involved in finance?

These certifications are considered highly valuable for established businesses and individuals. Companies benefit from employing people with such credentials because of their increased productivity which can positively impact the business in the long run.

Is there a certification course in finance that you can rapidly obtain?

Finance-related certification courses are not accessible and require tremendous dedication and hard work from interested aspirants.

Which certification in finance is known to be the most difficult to receive?

The Chartered Financial Analyst certification is not only a gold standard in finance and investment but is also known to be one of the most challenging certificates to acquire.

What is the expected salary of someone certified as a Certified Financial Analyst?

Based on a study conducted in 2019, CFA holders reported $126,000 as their base salaries.

How can someone become a Financial Analyst after graduating high school?

It is vital to earn a bachelor's degree in finance and gain experience with it before applying for a certification course in finance. It is important to update your proficiency, apply for internships and attend networking events to establish a presence as a financial analyst.


These short-term certificate courses in finance are accessible and are given high importance worldwide. People from anywhere in the world can study these finance courses online at their own pace. Ultimately, the personal benefits they will reap with most of these best finance course certifications will be colossal. The professional assistance they can provide to their clients can help people make better financial decisions for a long time.