9 Best Finance Documentaries On Netflix

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When you watch a movie on Netflix that you like, it’s easy to become sucked into the recommendations that keep coming your way for hours. Recently, the vast selection of documentaries on Netflix has become my addiction. Although they may be hit or miss, many materials regarding economics, personal finance, and money are available. I thought I’d share a few recently loved things that you might find interesting. 

Top 9 Best Finance Documentaries on Netflix

Watch these documentaries and grow your knowledge in the field of finance.

Boom Bust Boom

This documentary discusses why there are always booms and busts in capitalist economies and, more significantly, seeks to explain why we can’t seem to prevent the busts. It also includes a cast of bizarre puppets and a variety of economics experts.

boom bust boom best finance documentaries on netflix

You’ll find it helpful to know this when the subsequent burst occurs because there will be more, as the movie explains.


This film is based on a well-known book that I loved reading and that you may as well, called Superfreakonomics. The film emphasizes that even when advisors believe they are operating in your best interest, the advice they provide you may not be the best. Although the option to buy or not buy a property is the scenario being discussed in this instance, you can still find this line of reasoning to help ensure that you carefully consider your choices and do your due diligence before investing any money.


There have been some concerns about the numbers’ correctness in this book/movie, but that’s the thing about statistics: there’s always room for error! Instead of concentrating to Get Free Cable TV.

Money For Nothing: Inside The Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve is what? What actions do they take that affect the economy? Why ought you to care? This enlightening documentary provides answers to all of these queries. Although I wish they had chronicled a more extended history, the main emphasis is on Alan Greenspan’s choices and policies leading up to the 2007 catastrophe.

money for nothing: best finance documentaries on netflix

Nevertheless, knowing the Federal Reserve from this perspective is quite helpful.


We’ve all heard tales of lottery winners, wealthy relatives, and other wealthy and renowned people who became broke after their fortunes evaporated. Why are people unable to save money?

broke best finance documentaries on netflix

Although the experiences of athletes are the main emphasis of Broke, the advice on wise financial practices applies to a wide range of situations. (And it looks like ESPN is playing a lower-quality version on Youtube if you don’t have Netflix.)

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Start-Up (Korean)

The TV show centers on ambitious millennial Seo Dal-mi, played by K-pop singer Bae Suzy, who aspires to lead a great start-up.

start up

It takes place in Sandbox, a utopian setup incubator in Seoul. The 17-episode Korean drama series offers you a peek into tech start-up life, including the late-night hustle and charismatic pitches to investors, if you enjoy following Silicon Valley success tales.

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Money, Explained

A lighthearted and brisk documentary series about money and the possible minefields we may encounter: each episode of this series, narrated by celebrities Tiffany Haddish, Bobby Cannavale, Edie Falco, Jane Lynch, and Marcia Gay Harden, addresses a different financial issue with witty narration, animations, and interviews with financial experts.


Each quick 20-minute episode contains something new, even for personal finance experts. Ever questioned why individuals gamble, fall for scams, build up credit card debt, cause a student loan problem, or otherwise behave in such a way? Time to research the matter.

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The Big Short 

If you want to know everything about the exciting life of a dealer and hedge fund manager, you must see this Oscar-winning movie.

the big short

Christian Bale plays a hedge fund manager in the film. The film centers on the collapse of the global financial system in 2008. His persona discovered some astounding information regarding the composition of numerous mortgage bonds and decided to wager against it.

Dirty Money

This Netflix documentary TV series highlights numerous corporate wrongdoings and corruptions and has just begun its second season. Season 1’s Hard NOx reveals well-known companies like Volkswagen to have been involved in a massive fraud. Seas1’s Cartel Bank res the alarming connections between the world’s largest bank, HSBC, and Mexico’s drug cartels.

dirty money

Season 2 keeps shedding light on fraud and money laundering in various contexts, including finance, politics, and the environment. This documentary series finishes each case in one episode, unlike a TV show with a plot to follow. So that you may skip the “less fascinating” episodes without missing anything, check out the best short-term finance courses.

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Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates: Limited Series

In this three-part Netflix documentary, Bill Gates’ biography is explored in detail, from his early years to his management of Microsoft, his marriage to Melinda, and the charitable foundation they co-manage.

inside bill's brain best finance documentaries on netflix

Thanks to the Netflix documentary, we get a better understanding of Bill Gates as a person, his accomplishments, and what makes him one of the wealthiest people in the world.

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Does Netflix have documentaries on finance?

Yes, Netflix has various excellent finance documentaries which you can binge-watch if you are a lover of both documentaries and finance. Such documentaries provide gainful insight into the world of finance.

What are some good finance documentaries on Netflix?

Some good finance documentaries on Netflix for you to watch are The Big Short, Freakonomics, Dirty Money, Inside Bill's Brain, Start-Up, Boom Bust Boom, etc.


So these are the nine best finance documentaries on Netflix. Finance documentaries are a terrific method to learn more about the subject, whether you work in the business or are interested in it. The majority of these documentaries are excellently produced and make excellent teaching resources. Enabling you to learn about a specific subject without choosing a book. Another big bonus is that most of them are free to use.

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