How Much Money Does an Egg Donor Make?

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Agencies pay egg donors as a way to express gratitude for their donations and to cover a variety of expenditures. This article will discuss “How much money does an egg donor make?”.

First-time egg donors receive $10,000 in compensation, while recurrent egg donors receive $12,000. Egg donors can give a maximum of six times and are compensated for each donation. Location, nationality, and the number of prior egg donors are all factors that determine compensation.

egg donation process

Learn more about how much money an egg donor makes by reading on.

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How Much Money Does an Egg Donor Make?

Women typically receive up to $5,500 in compensation for their donations. Each donor’s sum will rely on several things, such as age, mental and physical wellness history, cultural background, location, required travel distance, and the number of donation cycles.

How much money does an egg donor make

Some people believe that a woman who donates her eggs in exchange for money might earn $100,000 or more. Even in regions with higher beginning pay, egg donors’ compensation seldom reaches $10,000.

False notions include that women with more education would earn more money. Every egg donor receives the same payment; a woman’s educational background does not affect her payment.

When is Payment made to an Egg Donor?

Let’s learn when an egg donor receives payment after discussing “how much to donate eggs gets us money.” Compensation doesn’t come in one lump sum. There are often two payments.

When the procedure begins, which is often when a person starts taking medicine for preparing their ovaries for egg extraction, they will receive the first payment, for instance, if their total compensation price is $10,000 and they are a first-time egg donor.

Usually, this first payment ranges from $2,000 to $4,000. The egg donor will receive the remainder of the amount following their contract following the egg retrieval.

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How Much Money Does an Egg Donor make throughout their Life?

Now you know what an egg donor typically receives based on whether they are a first-time, repeat, or specialty donor. Repeat donors have the potential to make a sizable quantity of money because they can give eggs multiple times.

If you do the arithmetic, the overall payment for six egg donations might be as high as $70,000.

How much money does an egg donor make throughout their life

Donating an egg to the intending parent(s) is priceless, yet donors demand payment for this beautiful present. The Fertility Agency works to offer fair pay and other incentives to egg donors.

How much money does an egg donor make, which varies from state to state?

Location does influence payment to some extent. The rivalry between egg donation organizations increases the more there are in a given area. The Northeast and California are two coastal locations where this is most prevalent. In these regions, initial pay for egg donors can reach $6,000–$7,000.

Factors for the Egg Donation Program

After discussing “how much can you make donating eggs,” let’s know its factors.

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Education plays a significant role in calculating how much money an egg donor makes. If an egg donor is a recent college or university graduate student, they are eligible for higher compensation.

university graduate

This is because the market for egg donations has a strong need for knowledgeable donors. This request originates from intended parents who wish to select a familiar donor since it may occasionally signify the donor’s drive, ambition, and intelligence.

Your pay may increase dramatically, for example, if you attended or have graduated from an Ivy League institution. Your payment will be less if you have a high school diploma, yet it will still be considerable. Avoid letting a lesser education worry you; intending parents evaluate other characteristics and deem them vital.

Physical Traits

The prospective parents typically choose features or attributes they hope to pass on to the embryo and child. The need for egg donors from various socioeconomic origins persists despite the lack of a universal notion of beauty. The appealing aspect of egg donation is that each donor will have something to offer multiple couples attempting to have a child.

For example, if you match the lady attempting to conceive a child, a couple could pick you as an egg donor. Or maybe you’re the same height as the two homosexual men trying to get pregnant. Although there are many other criteria, one of the most crucial ones is physical traits.

physical traits

Factors affecting donor compensation include eye color, height, a healthy BMI, and overall health. Moreover, many intending parents place value on a healthy BMI. Parents are willing to pay extra for donors who are physically strong and healthy because they want the same for their kids. Additionally, if your family has a high gene pool for height, you could earn more.

Remember that physical qualities are significant when questioning “How much do egg donors make?” because they might indicate a person’s health and desires for the intended parent.

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Your age, which significantly impacts your fertility levels and may influence the procedure’s outcome, also affects how much you are paid as a donor. Since younger eggs, when healthy, are considered more excellent quality, younger donors are often eligible to receive more significant payment amounts.

Due to the biological clocks in our bodies, a highly accurate age range exists for women who can donate their eggs.


What is egg donation?

The egg donation procedure entails a woman giving her eggs to another woman to aid in childbearing. A secure and generally recognized method of assisting in reproduction is egg donation. Donating eggs in combination with in-vitro fertilization can help women unable to conceive due to medical issues have a family.

How much is it to donate eggs process take?

The average egg donation procedure takes three to five months.

How often are our eggs eligible for donation?

Up to six people may get your eggs. An IVF specialist will analyze your medical history and records before deciding if you may return to the program to complete additional egg donation rounds.

Can we still donate our eggs despite having an STD or STI?

Yes. Twelve months before a match, you must have a fresh Pap test and monitoring lab tests that demonstrate you do not now have any STDs or STIs. We recommend that all egg donors practice safe sexual conduct and use condoms to avoid the spread of infections and diseases transmitted through sexual contact.


We hope this post about “how much money does an egg donor make” is helpful. Donating eggs involves a screening process. It is not always possible to choose an egg donor. Not all chosen egg donors get the payment or reimbursement that was promised.

Donating human eggs may include dangers, just like any medical operation. An egg donor must be given exact details about the hazards of egg donation before she consents to start the procedure and signs a legally enforceable contract.

You should see your doctor before signing a donation contract. Alternatively, use the “How much are my eggs worth calculator.” This helpful tool enables you to determine the ultimate worth of your eggs depending on several factors.