Is Truebill Safe to Use? Things To Know

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Truebill is a service that claims to help users save money on monthly bills and subscriptions. But many wonders – is Truebill safe and secure?

Yes, Truebill is a safe and legal service. Statistics also show Truebill has primarily positive reviews and ratings, indicating it does take security seriously. While Truebill uses security measures like encryption and follows data security guidelines, users should still be cautious with their data.

Now that you have the answer, there are still more things you should know about Truebill. Please read our article and discover what exactly makes Truebill secure.

Actual Bill – What Is It?

Among the various recently started consumer monetary services, Truebill has gained much popularity among users. True Bill assists users in saving amounts on monthly bills, subscriptions, fees, and various other payments. truebill platform

It shows hidden or undeclared charges that might go unnoticed or concealed under complex bank statements. It is even helpful for monitoring transactions and ensuring the non-futility and utility of a credit card.

Truebill: Is It Safe To Use?

The response to your question, “Is Truebill safe? Is yes. Truebill offers security. The user info is stored with bank-level 256-bit encryption, and the Truebill website has a verified and active SSL certificate.

As the finance app devised and disclosed by Truebill uses personal and monetary data and history, it is pretty evident that users find it doubtful. While you might think that when an application tries to access your files and financial data, it is a tocsin, you don’t need to worry about your data safety while using Truebill.  

The Truebill company is aware of users’ questions regarding their data privacy and the service’s trustworthiness. There is a “Security” section in the header of the official webpage of Truebill.

As you do some research, the security concerns and doubts become less cloudy and you get a clear idea of the company’s policies and can get an idea of whether it is genuine.

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  • Truebill associates with various financial organizations via the Plaid system.
  • Truebill uses 256-bit encryption technology to keep users’ info safe and secure.
  • The company affirms that it does not trade its consumers‘ private information for giant bids.companies acquire truebill
  • The company even states that it stores users’ info on Amazon Web Services (where the US Department of Defense stores the sensitive info)
  • Because of the Plaid service, Truebill does not require bank details from you or other consumers.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating

The Better Business Bureau (BBU) has accredited Truebill with a B rating and even though on a scale of 5, the 3.25-star rating can be pretty low, the company has received positive feedback from the Better Business Bureau.

Apple App Store Reviews 

The Apple App Store gave Truebill a rating of 4.4/5 stars, and nearly 43 thousand customers reviewed the company.

Google Play Ratings

Truebill has been one of the most searched applications on the Google Play Store. Is Truebill safe Truebill has achieved an impressive rating of 4.3 in the table of 5 on the Google Play Store, and it has around 32,000 reviews so far.

Analysis Report

Now let’s move to the final question – is Truebill safe?

Considering the above statistics, compared to the number of reviews, the ratings received by Truebill are pretty impressive.  truebill on phone

The above data reports advocate the secureness, safety, and validity of Truebill. Finally, we will state that Truebill is a safe and secure service.

Actual Bill: Points To Know

  • Truebill is a legal company that adheres to the most recent security and storage regulations.
  • Founded in 2015, the company increased its revenue by $84 million
  • In 2021, the public limited company Rocket Companies procured Truebill, further legalizing it. trubill logo
  • They use bank-level 256-bit encryption to keep your data safe.
  • Truebill even provides servers through AWS (Amazon Web Services), among the top famous and safest forms of cloud hosting.
  • They even include Plaid, the most secure and common way of connecting to your bank.


Is Truebill free?

Downloading the application and any of its features are free of cost. However, to enjoy premium features, you must have a membership subscription. The subscription costs nearly a minimum of $3/month

What does Truebill have to do with my bank details?

Truebill scans your transactions to get a picture of your expenditures. Truebill connects to your bank account so that it can detect and warn you about any fraudulent services or subscriptions you have registered for.

What is Truebill: Smart Savings?

Truebill smart savings is a simple and efficient way to save money on your monthly expenditure. The thoughtful savings account is an FDIC-insured United States account.

Does Truebill offer any free trial?

Yes, Truebill offers a 7-day free premium trial. Then you can try all the premium membership features for 7 days. But if you wish to continue your premium membership, you can buy a premium subscription starting from $3 per month.

Does Truebill provide any facilities other than money saving?

Yes, Truebill offers a variety of features like - It helps users devise a budget that is best for them. Users can get an entire idea of their savings and expenses in a single application. This genuine bill helps its customers increase their net worth and accomplish their financial objectives. The Truebill app analyses your bills and if possible tries to reduce them through negotiations.


In recent years, there have been various debates on if the True Bill is safe. Truebill can be a fantastic option to save on your monthly bills and monitor your bank statements efficiently. It has assisted millions of consumers in keeping track of their expenditures and saving on their daily expenses. Truebill is a secure platform, so you should probably try it once. 

In the end, it is solely up to you whether you must trust Truebill with your personal and financial info or not, and if you don’t trust Truebill or are unsure about it, you can easily cancel it. Hopefully, this answers your query – is Truebill safe?