10 Apps like Field Agent to Earn Cash in 2024

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Welcome back, folks. Today, we will look at some apps similar to Field Agent. The apps will be compared based on tasks, rewards, availability, and payment methods, and we will also examine their pros and cons.

This list constitutes apps like Observa, Mobee, ShopKick, and many more. Ultimately, you’ll get a few tips and tricks to get the most out of these applications and platforms.

Now, let’s dive deeply into these apps and earn quick cash while doing fun and enjoyable tasks.

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 Top 10 Apps Like Field Agent

Here are the platforms closest to Field Agent regarding features and rewards.

1. Observa

Observa is an app that pays you for doing tasks in your local stores. The functions that Observa pays for are taking pics of products at your local stores, checking prices, and checking the availability of products. Also, there is a referral bonus available. 


The platform claims to pay up to 20$ per task and payment in 24 hours. It supports payment by PayPal and Bitcoin. Observa tops the list of Apps like Field Agent and even beats it in some aspects.


  • Fast payment process and high payout, so no more waiting for bank transfers :).
  • Its interface is simple, elegant, and clean, making it very easy to navigate the app.
  • The gamified system makes doing the tasks very enjoyable.


  • Limited tasks and locations are available so that you might get only a few tasks.
  • High rejection ratio.

Let’s move on to our next Contender.

Visit: Observa

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2. Gigwalk

Gigwalk has a huge user base, which gives it extra credibility. It connects you with organizations that need your help in data collection, information verification, and other tasks.


The gigs can take 5 minutes up to a few hours, and payment can be between $ 3$ and $ 100$. Gigwalk supports payment by PayPal. If you want to work for Google and earn, here is a Field Agent platform from Google.


  • Diverse and wide range of companies and gigs.
  • Simple and user-friendly user interface.
  • Flexible work hours allow you to work as much or as little as you want.


  • High competition between users for the gigs.
  • Certain skills or equipment may be required for some tasks (usually high-paying).

Let’s move to our third Contender of this list.

Visit: Gigwalk 

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3. Mobee

If you love window shopping, then Mobee is an app for you. It pays you to complete missions in your local businesses by answering questions, taking photos, or providing feedback.


You earn points for completing missions and referrals, which you can exchange for gift cards, cash, or donations.


  • You get to explore new places in your locality and get paid for it.
  • Can interact with other users, too.
  • We know the difficulty of each mission.


  • It gives low rewards, and there is a huge number of points you need to acquire before redeeming.
  • Missions have little variety.
  • You get many costly missions.

The next app is for people who love to answer questions and give their opinions.

Visit: Mobee

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4. Surveys

Surveys is an app like Field Agent that pays you to answer surveys on various topics such as products, services, brands, etc.


You can earn up to 5$ per survey, which can be redeemed via Bitcoin, PayPal, or Amazon gift cards. A referral bonus is also available.


  • High payout rate and low payment threshold so you can earn and withdraw regularly.
  • A wide range of topics is available to suit your interests.
  • Reliable and secure payment system, so no worries of losing your hard-earned money.


  • A limited number of surveys and an invitation-based model so that you may get few surveys.
  • Long and tedious screening process with a high chance of disqualification.
  • Surveys may share your personal information with third parties.

 Maybe Surveys should have cut for you; check out this next one.

Visit: Surveys

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5. QuickThoughts

Here is an app that allows you to share your thoughts on various topics ranging from products to services, trends, and experiences. Two types of tasks are offered: one is surveys, and the other is local tasks.


It gives out reward points for every task, which can be redeemed for gift cards. Bonus points are also given for streaks and achieving milestones. Check out some of the other high-paying apps like Field Agent.


  • Diverse and ample amount of tasks to choose from as per your taste.
  • Good and smooth user interface.
  • They pay rewards regularly, and tasks are available continually.


  • Users have reported account termination without specifying the reason.
  • It is available in some locations.
  • You must accumulate considerable rewards with a low payout rate and high payment threshold.

 The next one on our list of apps like Field Agent, is the dream for our shoppers.

Visit: QuickThoughts

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6. Shopkick

Another app for shoppers in our list of other apps like Field Agent, is Shopkick. ShopKick pays you to shop online or in-store and do various tasks like watching videos, scanning barcodes, and even walking into a store.


Rewards are Kicks(points), which can be redeemed for gift cards.


  • Fun and easy way to get some extra cash due to simple tasks.
  • A large number of partners, so there are a variety of functions to choose from.
  • It is more social and interactive than other apps in our list of 10 apps, like Field Agent.


  • Shopkick has a low conversion rate and a high redemption threshold, so you may need to collect a lot of kicks to get a decent reward.
  • Low availability of tasks.
  • ShopKick may use your personal data and location information.

If you don’t want to share your data but still earn, check out Instacart and more apps. This next app in our list of apps, like Field Agent, pays consistently well. Winwalk is also an option that pays you by walking several steps throughout the day. 

Visit: Shopkick

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7. EasyShifts

EasyShifts pays you to visit local stores and do various Shift (tasks) like taking photos and verifying promotions and prices.


It pays up to 22$ per Shift and can be withdrawn in 48 hours via PayPal.


  • A quick payment process with a high payout rate gets you consistent earnings.
  • Great user interface, so navigation in the application is smooth.
  • Flexible and convenient schedule so you can work anytime and anywhere you want.


  • Tasks and locations are minimal.
  • EasyShifts has a strict quality control process, so the rejection rate is high.

Let’s move to our next Contender on the list.

Visit: EasyShifts

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8. Secret Shopper

Get paid to be a mystery shopper and do tasks like visiting a store or giving feedback on customer service.


It delivers up to $100 per task, and withdrawal via PayPal is supported.


  • High payout ratio and fast withdrawal.
  • Good user interface and customer support.


  • Having to submit a report can be tedious work.
  • Strict quality control leads to high rejections.
  • Reports need a few weeks or days to get approved.

It’s time for you to become the eyes and quality control of the companies while also making cash in our next app in this list of apps like Field Agent.

Visit: Secret Shopper

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9. BeMyEye

BeMyEye collects data for various organizations. You do multiple tasks like surveys, checking product availability, and taking photos of the display.


It pays $5 to $25 per task and supports withdrawal through PayPal in 48 hours.


  • Fast and reliable payment
  • Good user interface and customer support.
  • Huge variety of tasks.


  • Test or training required for doing tasks.
  • Strict guidelines and high rejection ratio.

Let’s save some money you earned by using apps like Field Agent. 

Visit: BeMyEye

Let’s save some money you earned by using apps like Field Agent. Let’s move to the next app, the all-in-one for gigs and surveys.

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10. GigSpot

GigSpot is like all the above platforms combined into one. It is an aggregator that connects multiple platforms.


You have a variety of tasks and rewards on GigSpot, which you can check out. You will earn a lot of money, so check out these credit builder apps.


  • More tasks and rewards than other applications.
  • High payment ratios and payment options to choose from.


  • There are too many rules due to multiple providers.
  • There is no single customer support so that earnings may be affected.

Visit: GigSpot

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How You Can Maximize Your Earnings?

Here are some tips to maximize your earnings: 

increase your income

  • Keep track of the platforms regularly and grab new tasks as they come.
  • Follow the task’s instructions to the word for a good acceptance rate.
  • Complete multiple tasks in one outdoor trip to increase your efficiency.
  • Use the referral option to earn more money.
  • Also, provide the correct Bitcoin wallet address when withdrawing, or you may lose your earnings.
  • Do not engage in any malpractices, and be honest in the surveys.
  • Ensure your reputation increases by getting access to invite-only tasks, which pay superbly.

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Is there another app like Field Agent?

Yes, there are many apps like Field Agent that you can use to earn money, like Gigwalk, BeMyEye, Observa, Surveys, and many more.

Is the Field Agent app safe?

Yes, the Field Agent app is a safe and genuine app to earn money in your free time by doing tasks.

What kind of app is Field Agent?

Field Agent app is an app that pays you to complete various tasks in your locality and also for completing surveys.

Does the Field Agent app pay?

Yes, the Field agent app does pay you, and you can withdraw the earnings via PayPal after meeting the payment threshold.


If you are looking for apps like Field Agent, the above apps are your best suggestions. Follow the tips to maximize your earnings, and we hope you make great bucks from the above platforms.

Also, be careful of the other unverified sites and apps as they might be Adware, which does not pay any money but wastes your time and is also a risk to your personal information. 

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