15 Legal Ways to Get Free Cable TV Online

Need Easy Extra $350+/Month For Free?

In the world of Netflix and Amazon Prime, Cable TV is going away. There are still people who get cable TV. The standard bill for cable TV is around $100 a month; this includes internet searches too. Here, we will let you know how to get free cable. Maybe possible!

Nothing in this world is for free, except for air we breathe. But we still found a few ways, knowing many people are out there who still loves cable TV. But the dropping numbers, leaving the cable.

US cable industry recently lost around 410,000 subscribers, in the first quarter of 2017, and in 2019, it might have crossed the 500K mark. It is possible people are trying to save money over cable. Also Check Out honey chrome extension review.

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How to Watch Free Cable TV without a Bill?

When you read the heading, you all must have wondered, is it even legal?

It is legal; you can enjoy free cable tv, and not pay for it and, still call yourself a respectable citizen.

free cable tv without bill

All the TV Cable companies will always persuade you to take their cable and make you pay for it. Why pay when you can enjoy free cable TV. They will make you watch TV even if you don’t want to.

We found the loopholes in this system and are here to provide you with free cable tv.

Install an HDTV Antenna

Antennas are must for you to receive signals for your TV, and without it, you can neither enjoy paid nor free cable tv. The antenna is coming back in business. These aren’t those antennas that were used to get a simple reception, antennas have come a long way since the old days.

hdtv antenna

Nowadays the antennas are stable and mature superior quality signals. The today’s HDTV antenna can receive around 109 channels, who watches this much channels. How to get free premium channels, get them through HDTV Antenna. This way free way to get cable tv legally.

Types of Antennas – Directional and Omni-directional

The antennas simply of two kinds, directional and omnidirectional.

types of antenna

If you want to choose which antenna to buy, keep in mind about the features of your home setup.

Directional Antenna

As the name suggests, a directional antenna is designed to be pointed in one direction. This type of antenna works fine when there is a clear sight between antenna and cell tower.

If the cell tower is very far from the antenna, directional antenna gives the reception. Under these circumstances, the directional antenna works the best. It will charge you around $50 for a decent HD directional antenna on Amazon.

Fringe Directional Antenna
Fringe Directional Antenna

Omni-Directional Antenna

Omni-directional, designed to intercept signals equally and from all horizontal directions. These are much more preferable when you don’t know where the signals are coming from.

These antennas catch two-dimensional geometric planes, and they are able of maintaining satellite connectivity. They even connect when the signals are bouncing off the building.

These are a little bit expensive than directional antennas, but higher value for paying cable for.

Another choice whether to choose from indoor or outdoor tv antennas.

Indoor TV Antennas

Seen those old movies or cartoons with an antenna on top of the TV. That is the indoor antenna. Indoor antennas are most suitable if you are in the 10-mile radius of the TV broadcast towers.

indoor tv antenna

It is also easy to get, if you live somewhere, an outdoor antenna is not n option. Indoor Tv antennas are very affordable, even the high-quality one. The indoor TV is very easy to install.

Connect the antenna through a plug, connect to Tv through “Ant In” receiver on it. And put the receiver somewhere the signal is good.

Outdoor Antenna

These are ideal for houses in suburban or rural areas. They receive much better Tv signals. These are mostly mounted on the rooftops. They also are more likely to experience signs obstructions by roofing materials or building walls and trees.

outdoor antenna

People typically think that TV antennas are pretty expensive, you can get a simple 80-mile radius for around, $40.

Get a free Video Streaming Service

The internet is the wealth of videos and tv streaming. This doesn’t go deep in your pocket and doesn’t hurt you. It is quite like free cable tv

If there are any issues, or you don’t require a cable tv, feel free to go wild on the internet and enjoy video streaming. There are so many TV Box, TV.com, and Series Cravings, so many out there. In many of them, you don’t even have to sign up.

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Crackle TV

Love binge-watching movies and TV shows, maybe it’s time to go free. Crackle Tv is like free cable tv online. It was initially called ‘Grouper’ before Sony Entertainment purchased it in 2006 and renamed it Crackle TV.

Crackle TV is a free service. Still, it has a very user-friendly interface. Crackle Tv is quite a monthly basis. Even, you will have no problem in finding your favorite Tv shows; they got it all. You will be entertained.

Spoiler Alert, this streaming service runs advertisements. It gives you s full feel of TV.
Crackle TV is Netflix, with free but with ads.

Amazon Prime Video

For all the prime members on Amazon, Amazon is the TV cable; they get every show, not the Netflix exclusive. If you aren’t Amazon Prime member and don’t even want to be, you can still enjoy Prime Video. Prime Video costs less than $10.


prime video

Prime video has all the tv shows and movies, literally thousands to choose from. It also provides two-day shipping free all over the country.

It is a sweet deal under ten bucks. If you get a FireStick with Prime video, you will have access to a lot on your regular TV.

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Yes, it is true that Netflix has replaced Cable Tv. Even if the government gives away free cable to the whole country, people will still prefer Netflix. It has its magic into the minds of people.

You ask anyone today, “Where should I get cable TV?’, they will merely say, ”why cable when the universe offered you with Netflix.” There are in total more than 75 million subscribers on Netflix, turning it into a billion dollar streaming service.

It technically isn’t free, but it is not expensive. With all the high-quality videos, they have a lot to offer. Sometimes you will be, “I have so much to choose from!”.


With the famous TV series such as DareDevil, House of Cards, they also offer Netflix exclusive. Recently they also added the all-time favorite series, to their streaming tv series.

You get a 30 day free trial from Netflix; you can test and try this streaming site. The sweetest part about the free trial is that you can cancel your subscription any time if it doesn’t suit you.

A secret talk, many people use different accounts to enjoy the free subscription for months.

Netflix offers 3 tier plan

  • Basic$9.00, unlimited streaming of movies and tv shows for a month in standard definition.
  • Standard$13.00 stream unlimited content in high definition and option to use two screens at a time.
  • Premium$16.00 stream unlimited content in ultra high definition and the option to use four screens at a time.

The price of the excellent Netflix package is only a small part of what you pay for your cable TV. Also, it seems if you go for this, it will be like you enjoy free cable tv with your choice of shows and movies. Apart from these streaming subscriptions, you can also try to get free stuff online.

Go for free Cable TV online

Nowadays the TVs are getting smart. Accessing the internet on TV, people do watch movies on the internet. Then you can enjoy everything on the web, all your favorite Tv shows, and videos.

Why pay, when you can enjoy it. This is one of the best tricks to get free cable tv. You can save a lot over your free subscription by streaming into the internet and not spending on cable Tv.

watch free cable tv online

Try TV.com

Yes, you heard it. This is one place where you can enjoy tv, on the internet. TV.com focus on television programs. This is one portal where you can also enjoy the news.

This place where oldies can watch the news daily as you do on the standard Tv. This is the right place, where you might be able to watch ‘The Good Place.’


Also, TV.com is some social site too, apart from watching tv, you can talk about your favorite TV shows with the members. This is one website created by the television geeks, to provide.

Enjoy through Network Websites

All the big channels have their respective websites. These websites have telecast their hows on their sites. FOX, ABC, NBC, all of them allow you to watch their show on the same day.

Sad thing, you cannot watch it live, but you can watch it later. Why wouldn’t anyone like it, even when they are watching it then, you can save lots of money? Another simple way of getting free cable tv.

Enjoy Classic Television Online

To relive the television classics, without paying anything. Visit Classic Television Online, and have enjoyed the variety of old and vintage tv shows.

You will find all the prime time shows giving you that nostalgia. The collection is nostalgic, and something that will addict you till your brain says no.

Get a Roku Device

Roku is a streaming device, for a lot of years with lots of satisfied customers. For many great reasons.

Also, the smart features and user-friendly interface and some great capabilities make Roku revolutionizing. Now, you can have fun in the comfort of your house on your TV.

buy a roku device


Just connect Roku to your tv, you will have fun with old and new episodes of various series, from different cable networks, free of cost.

There you have your free cable tv; this is one way to get free premium channels for free.
As the technology advanced, Roku also goes the service s of 4K and HDR. It is still the leader in the streaming device market. It is still going toe to toe with FireTV, and ChromeCast. You can also get some free gift cards to avail more discounts.

Enjoy YouTube TV

YouTube the king of videos, has now turned to cable and streaming services. They recently launched their YouTube TV. Yes, now you can enjoy cable with YouTube. It came out in 2017 but is keeping to the pace of the streaming. Yes, the price is quite more than the others.

YouTube TV

You have to pay $40 a month for YouTube TV streaming shrives. Also, YouTube TV provides a cloud DVR with no storage limits. They allow six accounts per household and everything you want to watch. Also, they have all the premium channels. This is how you get premium channels for a low price.

Currently, the high price keeps it behind all the competitors.

  • There are more ways you to get free cable and enjoy.
  • The first thing is that you can negotiate with your bill if it is possible!
  • The best thing to cut some slacks of money is to share a video streaming account.

Almost half of the subscribers of Netflix share their accounts with people. Think about it, if four of your friends get a premium account on Netflix, and create four users, each user can be used at four screens at once.

It means in total 16 people can use Netflix premium account. It is $16 for the premium account. This means $1 one each person has to pay. That is way cheap for any streaming services.

However, we do not promote such things as content deserves its place. Also, Netflix is aware of this fact and they have implemented some AI changes to track this. Moreover, you can also try to learn some new ways to get free money online.

Even YouTube TV enables six users at once, and it $40 a month, that adds up to $6.66 per user. That is way cheap for anyone.

What Tools Are Necessary for Free Cable?

The majority of free cable options demand internet access and a compatible device. You’re ready to go if your smartphone has a contemporary browser or supports explicitly one of the apps we’ll be discussing next.

The Ideal Home Theater

For free cable services, many devices are already prepared, such as smart TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Android or iOS smartphone, tablet, and many more. Of course, not all choices necessitate an online connection.

Alternatives for Getting Free Cable

There are numerous alternatives to receive cable for free. You simply need to adhere to a few tips for that. For free cable alternatives, look into the choices listed below:

Sharing a streaming video account

It’s common practice to exchange streaming passwords with friends and relatives. One-fifth of young individuals disclosed their streaming logins, according to Reuters research conducted last year. Is sharing passwords deemed “piracy” then? Sadly, there isn’t a simple response. The technique is controversial even among streaming businesses.

Sharing login information for streaming accounts is “par for the course” for Netflix, according to CEO Reed Hastings in 2016.

On the other hand, Amazon Family enables you to enjoy Amazon perks with other adults, teenagers, and kids in your household, according to information on the company’s website. The key term there is “in your household,” which is important because it is ambiguous.

Use your discretion if you need help figuring out what you want to do. But if you’ve chosen to do so and feel bad about it, don’t tell your pal your password.

Purchase a Tivo Roamio DVR recording system

The Tivo Roamio DVR Recording Device is a great option if you want a gadget that smoothly combines streaming, recording, and OTA (over-the-air) viewing. The expensive one-time expense gradually pays for itself if you can get rid of your cable service.

You can use your preferred streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, and others, without constantly switching inputs.

Make your cable bill a bargain

It’s still worthwhile to try, especially if you use a service like Trim, even though lowering your cable bill won’t get you free TV.

Trim is a free program that analyses your spending patterns, reveals services you should cancel, and even bargains for a lower cable bill. Give Trim a try if you detest having to call your cable company each year to haggle over your payment.

Omni-directional antennas versus directional antennas

It is simple to comprehend the two different types of antennas. When directional antennas work best,

  • The antenna and the tower are in a direct line of sight.
  • An effective multidirectional antenna cannot be used because of the tower’s distance.
  • The direction of each building is consistent.
  • Signals from all directions are intended to be intercepted by omnidirectional antennas. They Work best when you need clarification about the source of the TV signal.
  • The majority of over-the-air antennas, irrespective of their kind, are reasonably priced.

What is the top free TV app?

The finest overall streaming service for free TV is Pluto. Access to over 100 networks, from news to lifestyle, is available through the app.

Crackle is a nice option if you enjoy watching movies for free, but Pluto comes the closest to offering a cable experience without spending a penny.


This was all of it, we were here to teach you how to get cable TV for free, but nothing in this world for free, so rather than getting everything for free you can pay for just a fraction of its cable TV’s amount. That’s all folks. I hope this was useful.



Are all of these ways legal?

Yes, all the ways mentioned above are legal to use and have been thoroughly researched and tried.

Which is the best option here?

All of these options are good in their way, but they all come with their limitations, and you'll have to decide on what you want based on the option. Experiment and try which one is best suited for you.

Are these methods completly free?

Yes, most of these methods are free except a few, which charge a minimal amount compared to cable tv.