Legal Ways to Get Free Internet Without Paying

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The Internet has become a necessity in today’s day and age for everyone across ages and occupations. It is one of the most integral parts of the facilitation of one’s life, without which our entire world appears stalled. Everyone and everyone has the one sole dream Get Free Internet Without Paying, especially when Wi-Fi bills can be as exorbitant as $70 to $1000 a month.

10 Ways to Get Free Internet Without Paying

Let us look at some of the legal ways where one can Get Free Internet Without Paying at home that too with complete legality and no hassle of paying. 

1. FreedomPop

Begun in 2012, FreedomPop had the motto of not letting anyone remain of the grid of global connectivity. It is often known as the first mobile network provider that is 100% free, in the entire world. FreedomPop is a company that proposes a 100% free and unrestricted access to the World Wide Web and other cellular device based internet services for Android and iOS services.


These services come along with unlimited messaging and calling facilities and also international calling access. The catch, however, is that these services are only viable if both beneficiaries are FreedomPop users. 

How to Sign Up for Free Internet via FreedomPop?

  • Once you register for FreedomPop, you will receive a wireless network access point from the end of the company.
  • You will need to turn on this access point device and connect it to your gadget whenever you wish to go online.
  • Voila! You can now browse the web as you would generally do. 

This free internet and Wi-Fi services can be used on any device, be it a desktop, a laptop, a mobile phone, an iPad, and so on. The device is viable to be connected to a maximum of 10 devices to the internet for high simultaneous usage. FreedomPop does, however, ask for a minimum deposit, which has a range of $49 to $189. This is variable upon the kind of device you wish to use.

This deposit is only asked for as a duty against the device so that the latter is returned with no damage. In case of any damage, some money may be deducted off of your deposit itself. The device needs to be returned within a period of 1 year if you want your deposit back. If there is a delay, even a slight delay, in returning the device back, the entire amount of the deposit is withheld. 

2. All Free ISP

Finding cheap and sustainable plans may not be an easy task at all times. But there is nothing to worry about, folks! All Free ISP is an internet search engine which is there for you to provide you to Get Free Internet Without Paying or at least cheap internet plans. Follow the below-given steps to understand how this search engine works. 

  • Log onto the website of All Free ISP, https//
  • Choose the state territory where you want the internet service to connect. You can also use an alternate that is entering your area pin code. 
  • The site uses the information you have entered to look for the most suitable list of data providers in your vicinity. It displays a large list of internet service providers, amongst which you can choose from. 
  • You can click on any of these many available service providers to choose one that suits you the best. You can further register for that particular internet service provider to be a member of multiple schemes they have to offer and also of the inexpensive and sometimes, free, internet services for a wholesome Wi-Fi experience with no worries of a long and heart burning bill. 

All Free ISP will give its users a long list of the services it provides by the name of the city, state, and pin code. Using this information, we can derive and zero down to one specific contact who is responsible for helping the user with setting up the free internet service. 

3. Net Zero

One of the original and the pioneers of internet service providers was none other than Net-Zero. Although the popularity of this service provider has not been the best yet, it is still used by people considerably. The negative part about Net Zero is that it provides a mere 10 hours of free internet utility, a month which is very low for users who might be living their lives off social media and the web.

As far as equipment is concerned, there is nothing needed for Net Zero except for a plain and simple mobile phone jack. Even the presence of a mobile router is not involved in this process, which makes it even simpler. 

There are two options that you have when you use Net-Zero. These options are as follows:

  • An installation CD can be ordered to install the service 
  • Their software can also be downloaded online for utility 

It only takes a few minutes to set up and complete the entire process. One good thing about Net Zero is that its users have no commitment at all to purchase the premium plans which the service provider has to offer. If one wants to purchase a cheaper plan, there are numerous other affordable options that one may opt for in lieu of a more expensive one. 

4. Juno

Juno is also more or less like Net Zero since it also provides its users with the internet for 10 hours in an entire month. One more common feature is that the user is not bound by contract to buy any of the more expensive or even the paid services after their trial period. However, a worth mentioning fact is that Juno has extremely inexpensive and very affordable internet plans.

Juno has internet plans which have services that can be used by their users to have direct access to the internet for free on the user’s device at home, be it a computer, cellular phone device, or any other Wi-Fi operated device for that matter. A user who wishes to register for Juno will need to use his/her email ID for purposes of signing up and also to subsequently receive free internet admission.

The good part of an email ID login and sign up system is that one can use as many email IDs as you want to garner multiple hours of free internet and multiply the fun! This can be a good option to Get Free Internet Without Paying.

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5. Wi-Fi Free Spot

, local coffee stands are not the sole places that help you Get Free Internet Without Paying. There are so many other businesses and other locations that are around you with free Wi-Fi too. It is sometimes only a little too difficult to locate these spots and to find where the free Wi-Fi is available at. Wi-Fi Free Spot is a way to find spots that provide free Wi-Fi, that too, on the go. Let us look at the chronology of how a user may be able to achieve this. 

  • Log on to on your search engine 
  • You will get a long list of cities and states. You need to select one according to what you prefer to be your registered region 
  • Once you enter the city, state, or even the pin code to your preferred area of connectivity, you will get a list of all the places that have free Wi-Fi to offer, near the place where you live.

Wi-Fi Free Spot also will provide you with the array of phone numbers and addresses of the businesses and companies that offer free and unprotected Wi-Fi. In addition to all of this, some companies require that you buy something from them in return for the free Wi-Fi.

Although this might not go down well with a lot of people, you must remember that there are multiple businesses like Starbucks, for one example, that do not have this one rule. Some business does not make this a mandatory rule while some do. So when you look at something like free Wi-Fi, remember to have a weighing down of pros and cons to figure out the best deal for yourself.

This application also may help you find several Wi-Fi connections around your house or close enough in your vicinity, which will not result in a user going too far from his house to attain free Wi-Fi. 

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6. Wi-Fi Map

Wi-Fi Map is exactly what it sounds like. This application provides the user to Get Free Internet Without Paying with a map that has all registered yet unprotected Wi-Fi connections. You can download Wi-Fi Map, and this Map gives you direct access to thousands of free Wi-Fi spots. There are many users who register their unprotected Wi-Fi connections so that they can be used by other people who need an internet connection and are in that same area.

They basically upload their connections on the app so that it uses to the people around them. This is also a way to increase what it is usually called, crowdsourcing economy that grows more and more as people start sharing it with their contacts too. 

Over 100 million free Wi-Fi connections are available on Wi-Fi Map. Surprisingly, there are is not only a list of free and unprotected Wi-Fi systems but also those that are secured and protected with a parallel list of Wi-Fi passwords with them, so that they can connect with absolute ease.

All that is required to be done from the user’s side is that the app is downloaded and the user needs to enter the city, state or pin code so that the area can be recognized and corresponding Wi-Fi connections can be brought out as varied options you may have to connect your device with.

The app gives you a list of the Wi-Fi connections closest to you in terms of the vicinity, and you have the options to choose which one you prefer the most. This also means that if you connect to a Wi-Fi connection and it doesn’t work out that great, you are not bound by that one only and can switch to another one at any given point of time. 

Just in case the user has any iota of doubt on the legibility and the credibility of this particular app, they can find references and multiple positive reviews on The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Lifehacker, and Forbes – to name a few. 

7. InstaBridge

An application that helps you to Get Free Internet Without Paying and also provides you with nearby connections and their respective passwords is what InstaBridge does. Initially, it was used as an app to share your domestic Wi-Fi with your Facebook friends, but now it has become so much more than that.


When you register for InstaBridge, the app will show you all the nearby locations which have free Wi-Fi. The app is smart enough to know the ones that work and, thus, only connects them to your device, leaving aside the ones that do not give you at par quality.

Another feature of this app is that you can list your domestic Wi-Fi on the app, and your family and friends can directly connect their devices to your Wi-Fi from that, instead of you having to dig out the password or try to remember it each time. 

8. Cheap Internet

Cheap Internet is an app that, unfortunately, does not provide free Wi-Fi connections but does provide its users with a list of broadband plans that are way more inexpensive and affordable than the average rate of $67 a month.

This app saves the cheapest deals of Wi-Fi connections available to you and updates the information on a daily basis so that you never miss a great deal! You can browse your area by entering your city, state, and pin code just like the other free Wi-Fi apps to find something which is closest to you and suits you best. 

9. Coffee Shops and Malls

There are multiple outlets that have the service that will help you to Get Free Internet Without Paying. Let us consider Starbucks for one. They provide free and unlimited usage of Wi-Fi in the four walls of their coffee shops. No wonder that Starbucks has become one of the most favored hubs for a cup of your favorite latte and your laptop so that now you can work and relish on your steaming beverage. 

10. Libraries

Libraries also are places that often provide free Wi-Fi. This is for the ease of utility and usage of people. There are many libraries that have made free Wi-Fi a feature only to increase convenience. They use it for issuing books, so that manual staff does not have to be involved in this work. This is the last option that we have discussed to Get Free Internet Without Paying.


Does dial-up still exist?

Yes, dial-up internet is still available, but it's not particularly useful for using the internet nowadays. It's still accessible via companies like NetZero and Juno, both of which provide free versions

How does NetZero free Internet work?

10 hours per month of NetZero dial-up internet access are free. In order to ensure that you can connect anywhere in the US, it also provides hundreds of various access numbers. Additionally, NetZero provides a free mobile internet service with 200 MB of data per month.

What is free spot?

The hosting of unrestricted, open wireless Internet access is made possible by the service called FREESPOT. It provides faster than mobile communications protocols Internet access over a fixed high-speed wireless LAN router and a broadband connection.

Final Words

So, here are different kinds of legal ways to Get Free Internet Without Paying. You can choose your favorite hack and dive into the web without any stress of paying a hefty bill later. Happy browsing!