The Ultimate Guide to Selling Pokemon Cards

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Many children saved animated cards, stickers, and gaming gadgets during their childhood. They used to play with those, put them on, and frame them in their house, notebooks. Young children widely use the Pokemon card collection. In this guide, we will tell you best ways to sell pokemon cards.

The platforms that we have mentioned in this article to sell pokemon cards are eBay, Troll and Toad, Card Cavern, Card Market, TCG Players, CCG Castle, Sell2BBNovelties, Dave & Adam’s, Cape Fear Games, and Facebook Marketplace. We have also mentioned the types of Pokemon cards and essential factors. 

Types of Pokemon cards and essential factors

One needs to detect the famous cards that bring the price to the pocket. Pikachu, Mewtwo, Rayquaza, Blastoise, and Charizard card types of Pokemon have carried good worth.

pokemon cards

Then validate the status of the cards. If it has broken, tears fade out in the card design. It will be pretty complex to sell those cards, and it needs to be in perfect condition for selling pokemon cards.

The standard-level pokemon cards can bring a good amount of money. 

Suppose one has kept multiple cards that are undoubtedly perfect pay for selling these pokemon cards. Ensure the Pokemon card is not spoiled. Either store a plastic container or a secure box to store those cards for the long term. 

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The platforms to sell Pokemon Cards

After technology progressed, several digital platforms facilitated advanced platforms and websites where to sell pokemon cards. 

One check on how to sell pokemon cards online and get good results.

To get all those queries, here is the listing of where to sell pokemon cards.
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eBay on of the popular e-commerce platform where for selling pokemon cards. Having an eBay account, uploading card images, and accurate product descriptions. 


After the successful add-on of the product successful, prospective clients can connect with the product. If they find it valuable, they can buy that product. 

One can add their own cost and shipping charge on eBay without hassle. After the customer orders, the product is sold, or the product owner needs to ship the product to the customer’s destination address. 

Visit: eBay 

Troll and Toad 

In the solution of where to sell pokemon cards, this is an effective platform to sell pokemon cards. Troll and Todd platform has a wide-ranging category of Pokemon cards to buy. 

troll and toad

They facilitate a store credit feature to use and buy from this platform. Their grading level for pokemon cards permits the user to identify the price of the specific cards. 

Trolls and Toad offers a worthy price in exchange for Pokemon cards. It is a vast gaming retailing marketplace so they can allow several conditions for cards from the users. 

The buyer protection feature ensures users can get their payment successfully without hassle. 

Visit: Troll and Toad 

Card Cavern 

Card Cavern is the platform for Pokemon trading games virtually, and it is another easy of use where to sell pokemon cards. 

card cavern

The process of selling pokemon cards is simple t follow here. Register on Card Cavern to sell pokemon cards online without facing any troubles or falling into a trap with the wrong platform.

After registration, add the Pokmon card details. After that, the platform will supervise all the processes.

If a customer buys the product, they will pay the amount to the owner of the pokemon card. 

Visit: Card Cavern 

Card Market

Card Market is a European online marketplace platform, and it simplifies the buying and selling of Pokemon cards. 

card market

It authorizes users to obtain multiple payment options. The escrow service feature permits the smooth process of availing of the service benefits. 

It is one of the good places to sell pokemon cards, and users can put their cost on that.

Visit: Card Market

TCG Players 

The gaming marketplace TCG Players is a good choice for selling pokemon cards. Users need to sign up with this platform first. 


Add an accurate image, card descriptions, and other relevant information to sell Pokemon cards on this platform. 

The pro service of TCG Players permits users to identify the value of their card’s cost. 

Visit: TCG Players 

CCG Castle

If one is looking for where to sell pokemon cards, CCG Castle is the option one can try their hand on this platform. The New Jersey-based marketplace provides an online store selling pokemon cards that is easier to go for. 

ccg castle

In exchange for pokemon cards, one can get cash or store bonus credit on personalized cards, a service feature of CCG Castle. 

One can sell whether it is an individual card or multiple card collections of Pokemon. 

Visit: CCG Castle


This marketplace permit users to sell personal products, cards collection of Pokemon, and store inventory. 


Sell2BBNovelties facilitates selling individual cards. Check the specific cards by searching on this website and checking the price and other detail. 

One needs to sign up with this platform. After that, check the essential guidelines of this platform and the eligibility criteria to sell the Pokemon card.  

After the placement of the product order successfully to the customer, the owner will get paid instantly. 

Visit: Sell2BBNovelties 

Dave & Adam’s

One of the largest sports and gaming card dealers, Dave & Adam’s serves as a way where to sell pokemon cards. 

dave and adams

Using this platform for selling pokemon cards, they need to register. One of the positive sides of this platform is that users get paid within 48 hours after selling the product. 

Users can avail of the bonus and gift cards and take other benefits of the gaming or sports section. 

Visit: Dave & Adam’s

Cape Fear Games

For those who are looking for where to sell pokemon cards, Cape Fear Games is a superb platform.

cape fear games

Whether it is an individual rare pokemon card, signed-based, or any other unique card, one can sell it here quickly. 

One of the positive sides of this platform is that it indicates what kinds of pokemon cards the company is interested in buying and the average amount of those cards. 

Visit: Cape Fear Games

Facebook Marketplace 

This is another good option for selling pokemon cards, and it facilitates the user to communicate and negotiate the value straight with the buyer. 

facebook marketplace

Facebook has popularity and a vast audience. Different types of selling groups are only meant for selling pokemon cards; selling pokemon cards online service is available.

One drawback of these platforms is that users must manage every single shipping process, including shipping, and pay independently.

Visit: Facebook Marketplace


Do Pokemon cards rise in price?

Yes, these card costs rise after a specific time. If one individual is stored any cards from their childhood, based on card time, it can give a good amount of money.

Is Pawn Shops an excellent place to sell Pokemon cards?

Yes, pawn shops include selling Pokemon cards. But in most cases, not every Pawn shops buy from the customers or is not interested in dealing. So one needs to inquire before selling at a Pawn shop about this.

What kind of stores deals with Pokemon card selling?

Platforms, including Walmart, eBay, and Amazon, have served and dealt with stores and gaming stores in different regions. Local service-based sellers also deal with Pokemon card selling in their service locations.


The selling of Pokemon cards is an effective and trending service. One must be careful about scams and fraudulent sites, and users must check the website’s authenticity before selling any collection cards. The platforms mentioned above are sound reputations globally where one can sell their Pokemon cards.