7 Best Loyalty Cards in the UK

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When there is an all-time high inflation rate, who else doesn’t like getting something extra for the money spent? Loyalty cards in the UK are among the most valuable things currently. Discover the 7 best loyalty cards in the UK that can help you save money and earn rewards.

Best loyalty cards

The top 7 loyalty cards in the UK that we have mentioned in this article are Asda Rewards, Tesco Clubcard, Boots Advantage, Sainsbury’s, Co-op, Lidl, and Waitrose & Partners. Explore each of these loyalty cards in detail to learn about their benefits.

In this guide, you will learn what loyalty cards are and how to use them. With that, you will also get the most valuable cards you have. Keep reading to find the perfect loyalty card that suits your preferences.

Best Loyalty Cards in the UK: Core Concept

As you might have understood, loyalty cards are some coupons that you can use. You can earn them after hitting a targeted limit, or some newly opened stores offer coupons to attract customers. 

Earlier, they were available in paper coupons. As time evolves, most loyalty cards in the UK are available in the application form. Moreover, some store websites offer online coupons on their website.

This has made the entire process hassle-free; now, customers don’t need to look after their coupons.

There are many reasons why stores and businesses offer loyalty cards. If they are new in the market, they will do it to leverage new customers.

However, if established, they can also offer loyalty cards to sustain their customers. In addition to this, they can also take an edge over their competitors.

Unlike others, some large businesses and stores offer loyalty cards for another reason. And that is to observe customer behavior.

By this, they analyze the consumer’s spending habits and other patterns. They use this information for further improvements, like developing a product or changing their store layout.

7 Loyalty Cards you need in the UK

In the above section, we have discussed loyalty cards and how they benefit businesses. This section will focus on the best loyalty cards in the UK that help customers.

Asda Rewards

Asda is one of the leading retail stores for shopping that is popular for its products and prices. Currently, it has an Asda Rewards loyalty card for customers.

Adsa Rewards Cards

You can visit the Asda store or the official website to avail yourself of this loyalty card. After registering, you will get an in-app loyalty card that you need to scan every time you shop.

This simple step lets you get surprising money off and deals on your shopping. Also, you can save your points in the Cashpot and use them later.

Tesco Clubcard

Tesco Clubcard is the loyalty card offered by Tesco, which is one of the top shopping places. At present, it has over 17 million users with loyalty cards.

Tesco Clubcard

You can use the card to collect points on fashion, fuel, and food online and offline shopping. With this, there are many more offers that you will get.

You can avail of exclusive prices for Clubcard members that are cheaper than regular. Also, whenever you shop and pay, you will get some points you can save and later exchange for money vouchers.

Boots Advantage

This loyalty card falls under the UK’s top three most famous loyalty cards. Every time you buy boots, you will get points on your shopping, and you can save all these points and then use them later on.

Boots Advantage cards

With that, there are many more offers and deals that you can use with the card.


Sainsbury’s Nectar card allows the customer to download the application. After downloading the application, you can avail of the offer.

Sainsbury's nectar cards

Also, you will get shoppers’ points whenever you purchase any online or offline product. These offers are available for various services and products like fueling petrol stations.

You can spend the shopper’s points on numerous services and products apart from online and offline shopping. You can spend the points on trips, groceries, and petrol stations, to count a few.


Co–op membership allows customers to choose from Co–op foods. This is a weekly offer where Co–op membership loyalty card holders can avail of any food item every week.

Co-op Membership cards

All the options are personalized; you must scan the code through their digital membership. With this membership, this food store also offers many more amazing discounts and deals for the members.

Every time you shop at the center, you will get rewards and can contribute to the community. There is a policy that you will get a fixed amount in your wallet whenever you buy selected items, which will also go for the community’s welfare.


This membership is for iPhone and Android phone users. You need to download the Plus app, and then you can access the loyalty card.

Lidl card

With that, you will also get information on current and future offers. It offers a variety of deals to users, like money off and freebies.

So if you are regular at Lidl, then you will get a discount on monthly shopping. Also, you can get free bakery products and many such exciting deals.

Waitrose & Partners

This is a daily item online business that offers a loyalty card for members. If you have this membership, then you will get a loyalty card that you can use to buy whatever you need.

Waitrose cards

It allows its customers to choose from a diverse range of money–saving vouchers. What makes this special is that it updates its coupons weekly and provides customized vouchers.

Also, if you have life insurance, you can avail of lucrative cashback of up to 25%. In addition to the loyalty cards, there are many more discounts for regular customers.

How To Use Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards have benefits that every consumer must use to save money. If you have loyalty cards in the UK and wonder how to redeem them, this section is for you.

This process differs from store to store. However, most of them are now digital. So you need to visit the official website and, if any, then pay the membership or card fee.

After that, you will get a loyalty card and other deals and offers you can use for shopping. While some loyalty cards offer you cash back, some allow you to save your points and then exchange them with discount vouchers.


Does a loyalty card work?

A: Yes, loyalty cards work if you buy them through an authentic website or store. To avail of and use the loyalty cards, you need to pay a fee, and then you can take benefits.

What loyalty card has the most extensive user base in the UK?

A: In the UK, Nectar Card is a loyalty card with a massive user base and almost 18 million users.


Loyalty cards in the UK are what people are looking for. At times like this, when prices are skyrocketing, people need deals and vouchers to shop without regret.

Loyalty cards offer the same and let the users avail of the benefits. Loyalty cards work in both ways for shoppers and businesses.

If, on the one hand, they make buyers tempted to buy new things, on the other hand, they allow the businesses to retain their customers.