10 Best Places to Sell Sneakers

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Do you love to have a huge collection of limited-edition sneakers? Then you are in the right place. Selling and buying sneakers has become a new hobby for many people. This article will list all the best places to sell sneakers.

Some places are Flyp, RealReal, threadUp, POshmark, Tradesy, Graiked, eBay, buyMYheels, Mercari and GOAT. It will cover all the aspects that are important for you who want to sell the sneakers at the best value and rate.

The sneaker culture has evolved from everyday footwear to a fashion collectible that people own. People nowadays have a huge variety of sneakers of different brands or their favorite characters or personalities as limited editions.

To find the best places to sell sneakers, stay tuned till the end.

Growth of the Sneaker Resale Market

The sneaker appeal has evolved tenfold because of the increasing passion for collecting different types of rare sneakers. As the sneaker culture has captivated a broad audience, the sneaker resale market has emerged as one of the biggest marketplaces.

What once was a small subculture of passionate people has evolved into a global phenomenon. Now, there are special editions of sneakers, rare ones, and limited edition sneakers.

There are unique Marvel edition sneakers, anime-related sneakers, etc. Some celebrities collaborate with sneaker companies to launch limited edition stuff. Now, look at some of the best places to sell sneakers.

Top 10 Best Places to Sell Sneakers

Here are our top 10 picks:


In the cutthroat realm of sneaker resale, Flyp distinguishes itself as one of the best places to sell sneakers by providing a smooth and intuitive user experience. Flyp is dedicated to providing sellers a full range of services to maximize their success.


The platform’s user-friendly interface makes listing items easier and increases the visibility of sneakers. Flyp stands out for its steadfast commitment to expert seller support, ensuring users get timely help and direction throughout the selling process.

Flyp’s firm protection policy reduces transaction risks and gives sellers additional security. Flyp places a high priority on a safe and reliable marketplace, from authentication procedures to buyer-seller communication.

The RealReal

Known for being a leader in the upscale consignment market, The RealReal is a reputable resource for individuals attempting to navigate the complex world of luxury sneaker resale. This online store assembles a selection of genuine, previously owned luxury goods.

For sellers, The RealReal’s consignment procedure is a smooth journey. People send their high-end sneakers to The RealReal, where they undergo a rigorous authentication procedure.

Sneakers are professionally photographed and listed on the platform after they have been authenticated, which increases their market appeal. The RealReal’s payout structure ties the platform’s success to that of its sellers by basing it on the final selling price.

The RealReal is positioned as one of the best places to sell sneakers thanks to its transparent compensation model.


By streamlining the process, leading online consignment company thredUP makes shoe selling easier and more convenient for sellers.

People wishing to sell their unwanted shoes and earn cash for them will find the platform appealing due to its easy-to-use interface and efficient processes.


The open and inclusive acceptance standards of thredUP accept various brands and fashions. Sellers who send in gently used shoes that adhere to thredUP’s quality standards can do so with confidence.

ThredUP provides flexibility with a variety of payment options. Sellers are offered a convenient and customized approach to accommodate personal preferences, with the option to receive payouts in cash via PayPal or opt for thredUP credit to shop on the platform.


Leading the fashion resale market, Poshmark has carved out a niche by promoting a community-driven marketplace for purchasing and selling pre-owned clothing, including sneakers.

Poshmark is more than just a marketplace; it’s a social commerce center that links buyers and sellers in an exclusive, dynamic community. Poshmark’s simple listing process enables sellers to highlight their sneakers with eye-catching images and unique descriptions.

The pricing structure on Poshmark is simple: a small commission is only taken out when an item is sold. Combined with its simplicity, the platform’s vital shipping and handling system guarantees a flawless selling experience.

Payouts can be conveniently processed by checks or direct deposit, allowing sellers to select the most convenient method.


Tradesy distinguishes itself by honing in on authentic designer fashion, creating a haven for those seeking high-end, quality items, including coveted designer sneakers.

The platform’s emphasis on authenticity assurance sets it apart, attracting a discerning audience that values genuine luxury products.


Selling on Tradesy is a streamlined process. Sellers list their designer sneakers and  Tradesy facilitates a seamless transaction from listing to shipping.

Tradesy’s commitment to authenticity involves a rigorous verification process, ensuring buyers receive precisely what they expect. The payment process on Tradesy is transparent and seller-friendly.

Tradesy deducts a commission upon a successful sale, which varies based on price. Sellers can receive their earnings via PayPal, a Tradesy Cash account, or a bank transfer.


Grailed has established itself as a leading marketplace that exclusively serves the discriminating tastes of men passionate about fashion, focusing on men’s shoes and apparel.

Thanks to this emphasis, Grailed has become a popular choice for individuals looking for distinctive and well-chosen items in the men’s fashion resale market. The process of listing and selling on Grailed is simple.

For their men’s sneakers, sellers write thorough listings that include information and excellent photos to display their products correctly. Grailed offers a fair commission structure that guarantees sellers keep a substantial amount of their profits.

The platform’s commitment to fairness and transparency covers the payment procedure. After an item is sold, sellers can get paid via PayPal or another method that makes the transaction easy and safe.


As a worldwide powerhouse, eBay offers a vast marketplace that cuts across national borders. Because of its extensive reach, it’s the perfect platform for anyone wishing to sell shoes internationally.


Sellers should know eBay’s fee schedule when using the shoe sales platform. Sellers on eBay typically pay a listing fee for every item they list, and additional costs are associated with a sale.

The final value fee is determined based on the total amount paid by the buyer, including shipping charges.

Navigating eBay’s marketplace requires attention to detail in creating compelling listings, strategic pricing, and excellent customer service to stand out in a large and competitive environment.

eBay’s global reach is still a powerful asset, making it one of the best places to sell sneakers.


BuyMYheels offers a specialized platform for buyers and sellers enthusiastic about luxury footwear, focusing on the niche market of designer heels.

Because of its expertise, it’s the perfect place for people who want to sell their high-end, designer heels while emphasizing quality and exclusivity.

Sellers need to know the listing fees associated with buyMYheels before listing. While exact costs may differ, buyMYheels typically charge a small fee for each item listed.

It is recommended that sellers go over the platform’s listing guidelines and make sure they follow any special instructions about item descriptions, photos, and authenticity checks.

The targeted audience interested in high-end designer heels is one of the advantages that sellers using buyMYheels can take advantage of, making it a valuable platform for those looking to display and market their elegant and sophisticated footwear.


Mercari’s flexibility goes beyond just listing and selling different products; it offers a dynamic marketplace where users can list and sell shoes among various goods.

The platform provides sellers with a seamless experience through its user-friendly listing process, which enables them to exhibit their shoes with comprehensive descriptions and images.

With Mercari’s simple commission structure, sellers benefit from transparency as a fee is subtracted from the final selling price. Mercari provides flexibility regarding shipping options, letting sellers select the most convenient and economical.

Because of its versatility, Mercari appeals to people who want to sell shoes and other goods. Its user base is diverse, and its interface is simple, making for a successful and effective selling experience.

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GOAT has cemented its position as a leading marketplace for the resale of sneakers, emphasizing the sale of highly sought-after labels like Yeezys and Jordans.

Because of the platform’s commitment to authenticity and exclusivity, sneakerheads looking for uncommon and limited-edition releases frequently visit it.


Because of GOAT’s user-friendly listing process, sellers can exhibit their sneakers with thorough descriptions and excellent photos. Buyer trust is increased by GOAT’s rigorous authentication process, which also improves the platform’s standing.

On GOAT, commission costs are clearly stated and are subtracted as a percentage of the sale price. GOAT is positioned as one of the best places to sell sneakers because of its fee structure and the platform’s dedication to a secure and seamless transaction experience.

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What kind of protection does Flyp offer to sellers involved in the resale of sneakers?

Flyp places a high priority on seller protection thanks to its strict policies. Professional assistance is offered in the event of disagreements to guarantee equitable settlements. Because of the platform's authentication procedures, there is an additional degree of security and a reliable atmosphere for buyers and sellers.

What distinguishes GOAT in the market for used sneakers?

To set itself apart, GOAT specializes in highly sought-after sneaker brands such as Yeezys and Jordans. Customers are guaranteed to receive authentic products through its rigorous authentication process. Because of its exclusive focus and transparent commission fees, sneaker enthusiasts prefer this platform over others.

How is Mercari's resale strategy different?

Mercari stands out due to its adaptability, which enables users to sell various goods, including shoes. With its user-friendly listing process, clear commission structure, and customizable shipping options, Mercari offers a dynamic platform for effective and varied resale to many customers.

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Selecting the right platform must be done carefully because the sneaker resale market is so different. Flyp is notable for its all-encompassing assistance, whereas The RealReal is exceptional in high-end consignment.

Poshmark is successful in the fashion resale market, and thredUP streamlines the procedure. Tradesy and Grailed specialize in authentic designer fashion, whereas Heroine sells apparel exclusively for women.

Mercari provides versatility, buyMYheels focuses on designer heels, and Kixify caters to the casual and collector markets. With eBay’s unparalleled global reach, GOAT is an expert in authenticated sneaker resale.

To maximize online sales of sneakers, vendors must match their products with the appropriate platform, placing a premium on authenticity, excellence, and focused advertising.

Increased visibility can be achieved by using clear descriptions, excellent images, and community involvement. Maintaining a competitive price and keeping up with market developments is essential.

Sellers can become experts at online sneaker resale, optimizing profits, and connecting with the suitable customer base by comprehending the advantages of each platform and adjusting their tactics accordingly.

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