11 Best Places To Sell Your Domains in 2023

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You often wonder about easy, fast, and profitable ways to sell your domain. However, finding the right place to sell the domain name for a good deal can be arduous and tricky.

Are you confused about where and how to sell your domains to get the best bang for your buck?

Join us as we lay all such doubts you may have to rest.

different sites for selling domains
Different sites for selling domains

Let us look at some of the best places to sell domains and how they work.

GoDaddy Auction

This is one of the largest domain sellers on the internet today. Their reach and influence grow multifold every day. This is one of the first domain sellers people use to find quality expired and used domains.

It is also famous for brandable, premium, and expired domains. GoDaddy offers a vast selection that attracts a lot of domain buyers. Annual membership at Godaddy auctions costs $4.95 and gives early and exclusive access to every publicly listed auction.

Although the glaring shortcoming is that it is relatively overpriced, with 20% of domains selling for $5000 or less with a $15 minimum.

Still, it is one of the best places to sell your domain.

Namecheap Marketplace

This one focuses specifically on domains, with the “buy it now” listing being where Namecheap allows domain name owners to list them for sale at a fixed price.

This makes the place an auction where the domain owner presets the price. It is free to list a domain here, but a 10% haircut will be done on the transaction fee of the sale price. Hence, domain sellers frequent this place due to its flexible pricing options.


This is one of the largest unvetted domain marketplaces in the world. This includes domain names in addition to online businesses and already made websites.

Many sellers come here to see the demand for a specific domain name. If you use tools like Wayback machine and Ahrefs backlink checker, some great deals can be found here after you check the history of the domain name well.


Like anything that needs to be sold, eBay is a viable option for domain sellers. They are a trusted place to sell digital products, domains, and similar products. There is an entire section devoted to domain sales.

The eBay domain name services have tens of thousands of domain lists.


This is a domain name auction place that emphasizes domains that show high demand. They have a community that organizes a vote for domain name auctions and bids.

This is a relatively more minor marketplace with only a handful of domains up for sale at any given time. You can still find an absolute gem of a domain name listed with less competition bidding on it than most other markets.


Sedo was once the largest market for used domain sales. Although many places are more critical markets than them, they are still one of the best places to sell a domain today.

It offers a massive variety of options for listing fix-prices costs for buying a domain with an auction-based model. Both sellers and buyers can choose what they prefer, and this versatility is commendable.


This is all about domains and thus is no surprise as it comes as one of the largest forums to sell parts.

There are a lot of active threads for selling domains and websites with sweet deals to get domain names on the site.

Other lines include reviews of marketplaces, sales from different places, and domain name value estimates/audits from experienced forum members.

These can be precious sources of information for domain sellers and investors of all levels.

Web Hosting Talk

This site offers a lot of threads on various topics alongside hosting, including some very active lines on domain names.

That thread is an excellent place to get a pulse on what forum members are searching and check if the domain names you are looking to sell would be a good match for the present local demands.

Digital Point

This is a trendy forum with around fifty thousand messages under the domain names that show plenty of potential action when it comes to selling domain names.

Although the main focus is not on domain name sales, it is a heavily trafficked forum full of intelligent online marketers and investors, making it a particular spot to feel potential interest in your domain names.


This is one of the most popular domain registrars. It is a very user-friendly search tool that enables users to find available addresses for sale. There are many competitively priced TLDs and discount domains, and premium domain searching is relatively effortless. You can find an option solely dedicated to premium domains from the’ Domains’ dropdown menu.

Once you find a premium domain fit for you, Domain.com will provide the pricing options with the TLD. If it is out of your price range, the site will give you suggestions for other relevant domain names.

Another aspect of this site is its simple domain management section. Here you can direct a domain to your hosting provider. It has features to help you begin the website building process.


This is not a well-known domain marketplace, but it still is a solid place to look for a premium domain name for sale. However, it’s not the standard registrar service you may be looking for.

This forum where users within the online community focused on buying and selling domains and sharing and discussing information and news. It offers some sections for selling and buying parts, requests, appraisals, and more.

For example, it’s a beneficial place to look if you are looking for a premium domain anime for sale and investment purposes or if you need ideas for your domain name.

The domain acquiring process depends on which type of listing you are considering with options for auctions, buy now, bargains and make an offer.

You can also filter domains to buy with numeric, date, and brandable categories.

It is a bit clustered and not as modern and user-friendly as the other sites on this list. Although, it is worth checking out if you have a specific domain name in mind

What is the average you can make by selling your domain name?

The price that your domain fetches is based on a lot of factors. Some investors want a concise, effortless brand environment. And some focus on building niche websites to have a backlink history called aged domains.


Multiple factors go into what a buyer would be willing to grab a domain name for most domains sold for a few hundred or thousand dollars.

There are less common cases that sell for five, six, or even the rare seven figures or more.

Understanding what factors might affect domain value helps them keep more realistic expectations of what might be viable.

Hence the factors affecting the value of a domain are,

Is the environment a .com or have a premium TLD or an extension?

Is the domain name brandable, short, and easy to use and remember?

Does the domain have a history like backlinks etc.?

Also, factors like the budget of a VS-backed startup looking for a new company name can massively influence the potential domain name that was not valuable previously.

Every domain name has a set of cons and pros. Mastering these factors affecting price and demand thus becomes impertinent to focus on investing in domains that are most probable candidates to sell for a profit.

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FAQs about domain selling online

This section answers the most general doubts of sellers.

Is it profitable to do domain flipping?

Domain flipping can be a very profitable practice, although mastering it takes time, experience, and study. There are still a lot of opportunities out there to search for a good domain name at a reasonable rate and flip it for profit.

Where can you sell domain names for free?

A private sale is your best option to sell a domain name for free, which a lot of platforms require either a listing fee or a percentage of the sales; or both.

How can I see my domain fast?

If the domain is in good demand, listing it on a central marketplace with high traffic numbers is the most effective way to increase your chances of a fast sale.


An essential thing when selling a domain is to figure out the best places to sell these for the most lucrative price.

So, if you follow the tips we have discussed here well, and with diligence, your domain sales will get the best possible price on the market.