Top 15 Under The Table Jobs To Pay You Cash Directly

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Working under the table simply refers to using a cash basis in order to reduce or eliminate taxes. Due to the fact that you do not pay taxes when you are paid, you are virtually “off the radar” of the authorities. Discover the top 15 under the table job ideas that can help you earn money wisely and on your own terms.

The top 15 under the table jobs are:

  1. Babysitting
  2. Thrift Marketing
  3. Makeup Artist
  4. Freelance Writing
  5. Graphic Designing
  6. Photography
  7. Personal Trainer
  8. Delivery Jobs
  9. Transcription Jobs
  10. Tutor Jobs

Whether you’re looking for a side hustle or a full-time job, this article will guide you towards gainful under the table job possibilities. By exploring these under the table job ideas, you can find opportunities to earn cash directly while enjoying flexibility and independence.

Best 15 Under the table jobs


The majority of babysitting jobs are part-time, hourly jobs that are either scheduled frequently. A babysitter is typically someone who is employed by the parents or legal guardians of the children to look after them temporarily. Therefore, it gives you a fantastic experience that you may list on your resume to demonstrate to potential employers that you’re a trustworthy, dependable and responsible individual.

baby sitting
Baby Sitting

In general, babysitting is a fairly lucrative job. It also offers a variety of other advantages. It can, for instance, work around your schedule for classes or any other jobs you may have. The usual hourly rate for a babysitter is roughly $16.28. Babysitting rates, however, range from city to city and depend on a variety of other circumstances.

Because babysitting businesses are not dependent on a particular time of year or even the state of the economy, you may earn money whenever you want without having to worry.

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Thrift Marketing: highest-paying under the table jobs

There has never been a better moment to launch a full-fledged business or simply sell a few of your used products, thanks to the burgeoning e-commerce industry. Reselling is a job that may be done entirely on the side, but the more time you invest, the more money you might be able to make. Although it takes a while for this work to generate good revenue, it is possible to earn a large sum of money.

Thrift Marketing

You can buy items through garage sales, thrift shops, and Facebook Marketplace, then resell them to others. Both in-person and online sales of the goods are options. Overall, it’s one of the highest-paying under the table jobs.

Makeup Artist

Regardless of gender, anyone can pursue a job as a makeup artist. One can choose this career whether male, female or of another gender. A makeup artist may combine cosmetic hues and raise anyone’s level of beauty. You can start as a freelancer or open your own independent salon or makeup studio.

makeup artist
Makeup Artist

This position is easily accessible, and the best thing is that individuals can arrange appointments, allowing you to plan your day effectively. Additionally, the price range for a makeup artist normally ranges from $9 to $12 per hour, with the average wage being $11.

Freelance Writing

It’s really satisfying to freelance. People choose to freelance because they may choose their own hours and fees and have the freedom to follow their passions. The best thing about writing is that it is accessible to everyone, and you get as much out of it as you put into it.

freelance writting
Freelance Writting

A full-time career in writing for one or two highly lucrative clients is another option. Therefore, you can browse and apply for employment on numerous Internet job websites and accept as many clients as you think you can handle.

Graphic Designing

Working in graphic design can be ideal if you like being creative while working from home. Most people also work as graphic designers full-time. It’s a terrific way to get your feet wet if you’re starting.

graphic designing
Graphic Designing

You can also make cash as a graphic designer by creating graphics and logos for companies and bloggers.


You can find jobs that pay cash under the table if you have a good camera and editing abilities. Don’t undervalue your potential; many websites will buy images from practically anyone.


Therefore, if you want to increase your passive income from photography, you’ll need to invest more resources into it. Becoming a pro, though, calls for a unique mix of talents and expertise. Online video courses could help you sharpen your abilities thanks to the internet.

Personal Trainer

You can generate some extra cash in the near term by working as a personal trainer under the table. Additionally, you may create your own website and social media accounts. Therefore, if you enjoy fitness training and maintaining your own physical fitness, this could be a terrific method to earn extra cash.

fitness trainer
Fitness Trainer

Additionally, a career as a personal trainer can have several advantages, including flexible scheduling and a flexible salary. Due to the ease of finding clients and the reasonable hourly rate of $50, this can be a lucrative off-book endeavor.

Delivery Jobs: Wonderful Under The Table Jobs

Deliveries are needed everywhere. Therefore this satisfies the need for “under the table work near me.” In reality, most online food purchasers would leave a few dollars as a tip, provided the delivery person is cordial and on time.

delivery jobs
Delivery Jobs

If you have a vehicle, it might not be the highest-paying employment, but it might be a wonderful side hustle.

Transcription Jobs

Consider working as a transcriptionist if you want a profession that pays well, enables you to work from home, and frequently requires little to no expertise. The field of transcription offers a variety of prospects and good income.

transcription jobs
Transcription Jobs

This is an excellent side job because it usually involves listening to audio and typing it up. Furthermore, an entry-level transcriptionist typically makes $15 per hour, whereas an accomplished transcriptionist makes $25 to $30 per hour.

Tutor Jobs: Highest Paying Under The Table Jobs

Those serious about their high school and college academics should consider tutoring instead of those in the middle or lower levels. With the potential to earn $650 a month for just one hour a day, this cash-paying profession might be worth considering.

Tutor Jobs

Regarding mathematics, reading, writing, and language subjects, people constantly seek assistance, especially for their children. Therefore, for individuals who have trouble keeping to a schedule, this may be one occupation that pays when you have the time and under the table.

Additionally, tutoring is a wonderful method to earn extra cash if you enjoy teaching people and have a strong area of expertise. Regardless, this is one of the highest-paying under-the-table jobs that doesn’t include manual labor.

Cleaning Jobs 

This is yet another job that may pay on a daily basis and would also pay in cash under the table. Asking people you already know can be a simple method to try and get work done with house cleaning. Such opportunities may also be spread by word of mouth in your community.

Cleaning Jobs

If the client requests that you bring your own cleaning products, vacuums, and other equipment, they’ll probably pay you more. However, a reasonable way to build a consistent income for yourself is to agree on a weekly or biweekly timetable with your clients.

Watch Online Videos: One of the Easiest Under The Table Jobs

There are ways to make the next time you watch TV or browse on your phone into a side business that pays well. Some businesses pay you to watch video commercials, movie trailers, and app trailers. Even if you regularly see advertisements, you could earn $100 or more per month.

watching videos
Watching videos online

You can register with websites that pay you to view particular videos, such as Swagbucks and Survey Junkie. Nevertheless, depending on your chosen websites, the hourly rate may be as low as $5.

Painting: One of the Creative Under The Table Jobs

This is the ideal under-the-table job for anyone who loves art and wants to turn that love of art into a side business.



You might create a home studio or sell your paintings online. Although you can make it a full-time business, painting on the sideline is recommended to avoid paying taxes.


Farm work is challenging but lucrative under-the-table employment. You don’t always have to sell fruits or veggies; you can also offer homemade goods like sauces or crafts. Additionally, this could be a consistent source of income if you enjoy gardening or have a creative side.


Farming is a way of life where you may cooperate with nature and receive benefits rather than just a job. 

Dance Instructor

These days, dancing enthusiasts who are eager to master the art may be found anywhere. Whether you teach dance courses in your house or online, becoming a dance instructor can bring in a sizable salary.

dance instructor
Dance Instructor

It is a profession that is highly flexible and dependent on your schedule. Above all, it is a passion you can pursue and earn a respectable income rather than a job.


What is it called when someone pays under the table?

An employee is compensated off the books if they are paid under the table. Instead of giving them a formal paycheck for their time, you pay them in cash. In other words, even if you make a single transaction under the table, it is still unlawful and secret. When this occurs, both the employee and the company can avoid paying taxes on their respective incomes by choosing not to disclose the employee's income.

Is paying Under the Table legal?

Paying employee salary in cash is allowed if you abide by employment regulations, unlike paying cash under the table. Therefore, people who rely on social security or disability benefits, which are really not enough to support a family, may take up odd jobs and work for cash 'under the table' to make ends meet.

How are Under the Table Jobs helpful?

You can list these jobs in your resume in addition to earning high money from them. Whether they were part-time or full-time positions, you may definitely record all of your previous employment. On the application, you are not required to disclose your salary. You only need to mention that you worked only part-time wherever you could. You can list it as long as you actually completed the required job, which demonstrates your aptitude for the task.

How to find Under the Table Jobs?

Online, there are a plethora of opportunities to find shady jobs that pay. One of the finest places to look online for local undercover employment is Facebook. People are constantly looking for help with tasks like cleaning or running errands. Similar to this, numerous other websites are also eager to accept underhanded payments. You can also get these jobs through personal recommendations. A friend or acquaintance can usually assist you with this.

Can someone get in trouble for working 'under the table'?

If by 'under the table' you mean receiving money without disclosing it to the IRS, you can consider saying it is tax evasion and is against the law. However, 'under the table' does not apply if your pay is less than the tax threshold. The crucial factor is your meager income. The IRS may prosecute you if you start making enough money from it to support your lifestyle.

Conclusion: Which Among the Following is the Best Under The Table Jobs For You?

Working under the table is thus merely a way of life in the present era when you can supplement your primary source of income with a respectable sum of money. You simply need to locate the ideal position for you. It is advantageous if you choose something you adore and it ceases to be your work.

The best under-the-table jobs for 2024 are all those listed above, and you are welcome to apply for any of them according to your preferences. These jobs may be available in your neighborhood, or you may be able to find them online. You can find the right information about them on several websites. Such websites allow students to place bets and profit from their side businesses.