Is Tap Champs Legit? Genuine or Another Scam – Full Review!

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If you enjoy gaming and want to make some extra cash, gaming apps that pay you for playing games should be your top choice. Tap Champs is an app that claims that users may win rewards by playing games. However, while it may appear to be a fun choice, it is always advisable to investigate the validity of such programs. As a result, this article will answer the question, “Is Tap Champs legit.” 

The Tap Champs reviews contain various negative comments, which raise questions about the app’s credibility. Overall, this app is not recommended if you want to generate a side hustle through it. Thus, there are doubts regarding its legitimacy.

This article will outline the root causes of why this app is not considered legit. It also aims to equip readers with an elaborative understanding of this app’s features and earning scheme. Lastly, it will provide readers with some of this app’s recommended and legitimate alternatives. 

Is Tap Champs Legit? The Scam Unveiled

As mentioned earlier, the Tap Champs review section contains nasty remarks. It has a meagre rating of 1.9 on websites like Trustpilot, which raises people’s suspicions about its trustworthiness. According to reports, this app’s customer service could be more active, indicating customer care needs.

This software also needs to specify if it is available internationally. The only way to find out is to search for the Tap Champs app on Google Play actively. Therefore, if you want to download Tap Champs, you can directly search for it on Google Play without wasting your time finding out whether it is available in your country.tapchamps

The time-to-money ratio is relatively low. To earn a reasonable living, you’ll need to devote a significant quantity of time. According to some, the longer you play a game, the more difficult it is to win prizes. People have also complained about being barred from the game because they were falsely accused of using a VPN when not using it. 

Overall, this app is not at all recommended for users. It is not at all a legit app and lacks trustworthiness. Avoiding this app if you want to earn some extra bucks by gaming is best advised. Just like TapChamps, if you like to know whether Pocket7 is legit, here is an unbiased review on whether Pocket7 is legit.

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Making Money on Tap Champs

According to the app’s features, you earn diamonds while playing the games. You can exchange diamonds with various rewards when you have a decent amount of diamonds. The available reward options are primarily determined by the nation you reside in; however, specific alternatives are universally applicable. Tap Champ’s payouts are mostly through PayPal. You must first make at least $5 to exchange your diamonds for PayPal cash. If you are more interested in games that directly pay you through Paypal, here is a list of 15 games that instantly pay you through PayPal.

making moneyHere’s the problem, though. Depending on your nation, a $5 PayPal incentive may require a minimum of 1,700 or 2,000 diamonds to be redeemed. If you compare it with other paid gaming apps, the money you can generate playing games here is meager. The ratio of time to cash is low. You’ll have to invest a lot of time to make a respectable income. Furthermore, as previously said, the longer you play a game, the more difficult it is to obtain rewards; therefore, if you want to optimize your earnings, you should expand beyond just one game.

This proves that the earning potential of this app needs to be more profound. As far as Tap Champs is concerned, there are two primary methods to earn: through gaming and an additional reward scheme.

Playing Games

Playing the highlighted games on TapChamps is the primary method of earning prizes. All you need to do is open the app and log in to view all the games available for play right now. Select the game of your choice and hit the button. You will then be asked to download the game for a download. After installation, follow the instructions to begin playing. Currently, applications that compensate you for playing often pay you for each minute spent on the game.playing games of tapchamps

However, TapChamps only rewards you after you accomplish a certain level in the game. When you go to the highlighted specifics page of the game, you will see the benchmarks you need to meet. However, these specifics may not appear occasionally, leaving you unaware of the exact hours you might get incentives.

Reward Scheme

You may also get prizes using TC’s referral program to bring people to the app. The concept is that you will become a referrer when the individuals you invite install the app and register after you send them your invite link.reward scheme of tapchamps

After that, you’ll receive a prize equal to the number of diamonds you’ve earned (500). You’ll see why it shouldn’t be recommended to even your close friends, even though it’s a respectable way to get more gems.

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Legit Alternatives for Tap Champs

There are various legit alternatives to Tap Champs for apps that pay you to play video games. Therefore, if you want to know more about certain get-paid-to-play games like the above, here is a list of 53 legit sites that pay you to play games online.

Those are as follows.

Rewarded Play

This is software that helps you to earn money by simply playing video games. Players collect points while playing, which they may trade for coins after the game. You can cash out these points for gift cards using the Rewarded Play app. rewarded play app Users must invest time in each game and hit predetermined level milestones to maximize the points. This device only suits Android phones and does not support iOS devices. 

Blitz Win Cash

This application is like a dream for gamers. This app lets you earn money by playing classic games like Bubble Shooter, Blackjack, etc.blitz win cash It is a very beginner-friendly app that Android and iOS users can use. It has an excellent 4.6 rating on Apple and a solid 3.3 rating on Google Play.


By downloading and employing the free AppStation software, you can play games on your phone and earn genuine prizes.appstation Appstation is a great app for both Android and the App Store, with an excellent rating.

Overall, if you want to create a side hustle through gaming, here is a list of the best seven games to earn money.


How long does TapChamps take to pay?

According to the app's features, you should contact customer service if you have yet to receive your payment within 72 hours.

How do you make money on TapChamps?

You can earn money in TapChamps in two ways: one is by playing games, and the second is through reward schemes.

What is Tap Champs?

Tap Champs is an app that pays users to play games

Why did TapChamps ban my account?

In most cases, your account can get banned in TapChamps for using a VPN while on this app.


Overall, this app needs to be more legitimate, making it unsuitable. It doesn’t, however, provide anything noteworthy to merit your attention. You’re better off looking for alternative sources of income if you want to make money quickly because it will take a while to get a respectable amount from it. You can earn money by selling video games.

Here is a list of the ten best places to sell video games to make some extra money. The earning potential of this app could be much higher, making it a wrong choice for people who want to generate a side hustle through gaming. Explore about Google WM Max LLC Charge. 

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