Is Pocket7Games Legit? The Unbiased Review

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Pocket7Games is a gaming platform. However, knowing that one can make real cash by playing simple games, people think that it is not a legitimate application. So in this article, we will answer your question, “Is Pocket7Games legit?”

Yes, Pocket7Games is a legitimate online gaming platform that offers a variety of games and the opportunity to win real cash prizes. Pocket7Games ensures fair gameplay and timely payouts with a secure and user-friendly interface.

Discover the pros and cons of the app and tips for using it safely and responsibly. In this article, you will get reliable information to answer all your queries about the app. Keep reading for a thorough analysis that will help you decide to join this platform.

What is Pocket7Games?

Pocket7Games is a gaming platform that allows gamers to play games of different categories and earn real cash. In this platform, you compete with other real players like you, which means that the games you play are the actual gameplay, not the algorithm gameplay.


All the games you play are quick and easy, and the average gameplay time of each game is around 3-5 minutes only.

You can play Pocket7Games in any of the two ways:-

  • First, visit Pocket7Games’ official website and play online games.
  • The second option is to download its application. You can download its application for any device, iOS or Android.

The platform offers different games for different platforms. Here’s a list of the games that Pocket7Games allows you to play:-

Games Available On WebsiteGames Available On Application
21 GoldZumani
Tile BlitzBingo Tour
BlockolotBingo Clash
Bubble Shot8 Ball Strike
ExplodocubeBubble Buzz
Solitaire ClashMatch ‘n’ Flip
Wordcash SearchBubble Venture

The game is an original development of Avia Games. Avia Games is a private game development company founded in 2017 by Vickie Yanjuan Chen and Ping Wang.

It is a prominent company and has an impressive proven track record. There are five investors in the company, and to date, the company has raised around $48 million.

The company’s central vision is to develop a world-class gaming platform for gamers to engage with skillful, fun, and engaging games.

Visit: Pocket7Games

Is Pocket7Games Legit?

Pocket7Games is a reliable and trustworthy platform that facilitates users to play games and win real cash. It pays cash prizes to the gamers via its tournaments.


Gamers can earn unlimited by playing games and withdrawing their earnings directly to their PayPal account. The developer of Pocket7Games and the platform itself have excellent ratings and reviews.

Pocket7Games has a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars on Apple and Galaxy stores and 4.7 stars out of 5 stars on Facebook. 

Various platforms offer games similar to Pocket7Games but could be more enjoyable. Also, a few of them claim that they pay real cash, but when you start earning, they do not pay you.

However, Pocket7Games does not do so. It offers you various skillful and engaging games under one application with which you would love to engage, and it also transfers your earnings to your account once you start earning.

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Pros and Cons of Using Pocket7Games

After looking at its legitimacy, i.e., is Pocket7Games legit, let’s know its pros and cons. Following are several benefits as well as risks of using Pocket7Games:-

Pros of Pocket7Games

Here are a few benefits that Pocket7Games offers to its gamers: –


  • Potential for earning money: Pocket7Games provides you the potential to earn real cash by playing quick and easy games. There is no limitation on earning, meaning you can play and earn unlimited as much as you want.
  • Wide range of games available: The platform offers you a variety of easy and quick games under a single application. By simply downloading the Pocket7Games application, you can access different games. The platform delivers 10+ games to you from which you can play any of your choices.
  • Ads-free experience: Unlike other gameplays, Pocket7Games does not have ads in between the gameplay. With this, the users get a smooth gaming experience with Pocket7Games.

Cons of Pocket7Games

Along with the benefits, Pocket7Games has some disadvantages also. Several cons of Pocket7Games are: –


  • Risk of addiction: One of the major cons of using Pocket7games is that the risk of addiction this is higher. Once you start playing games and earning from them, you will quickly get addicted to them and would like to play more and make more.
  • Potential for financial losses: There are also the chances of financial losses on the platform. So, you must play carefully and stay safe from any financial loss that might happen.
  • Costly entry fees: Some of the tournaments at Pocket7Games are costly and can charge you more than $6, and the amount for a few is much higher than for other cash-offering games and tournaments. However, you can minimize these risks and convert them into additional benefits of using Pocket7Games. It would help if you did not use it limitlessly; otherwise, you will be addicted to it.Use it in your free time but with a limit. Also, try to participate in tournaments with lower entry fees, or else there may be chances of financial losses for you. So it would help if you played safely and fairly.

Tips for Using Pocket7Games Safely and Responsibly

Here are some tips that might help you to use Pocket7Games safely and responsibly. The recommendations are:-

  • Choose a safe username, and always try to withdraw your earnings timely.
  • If you add money to your Pocket7Games account, add it safely and securely, or else you may face financial losses.
  • Take breaks between playing often to stay safe from physical or mental risks.
  • Make a healthy balance between your gaming activity and other activities. It will lead you to maintain a lively lifestyle.
  • Stay safe from cyberbullying, and if you feel like you are getting bullied, step away from the platform.


Is Pocket7Games Legit to play?

It is a genuine and trustworthy app where you can play games and earn real money. You can make easy cash and withdraw it anytime to your PayPal account.

Who owns Pocket7Games?

The owner of Pocket7Games is Avia Games. Ping Wang and Vickie Yanjuan Chen founded the Avia Games in 2017.

How much can you make on Pocket7Games?

There is no such limit to making money on the platform. You can earn as much cash as you want by playing games and participating in tournaments. In some cases, you can earn an enormous amount by investing a little amount in participation.


Pocket7Games is a reliable platform with excellent ratings and reviews. It is the best platform for individuals earning money by playing games. 53 legit sites to get paid to play games online

However, some people have the question in their mind Is Pocket7Games legit? You surely have got the answer to this question by reading the complete article.

It is a reliable platform where you can easily register yourself without any fuss. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to earn and rock with the fantastic and legitimate platform Pocket7Games.

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