10 Ways To Get Free College Books (Free Textbooks Online)

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As school life under the shade of parents end, it marks the inception of a more autonomous and invigorating phase, but with that comes the burden of shoulder-hunching books with price tags that gives one the feels of Sephora. According to statistics, several students flunk out or drop out of college because of the abundance it requires. It is a need to get free textbooks online.

Some students come from humble backgrounds and cannot presumably afford extravagance. There is also a section for those who are the first to go to a university for higher studies. These children cannot sustain the lavish surroundings of college necessities without some embrace of support.

There are ample colleges where the students outnumber the library books. Hence, it leads to a dire situation where education is overlooked.

To loosen the buckles and let those young lungs feel the air, innumerable platforms provide university books for free. It saves money and helps students survive the heat of college life. Alternatively, you can also sell your old textbooks to earn some money or even get paid to read!

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Where To Get Free Textbooks Online

Here are ways to get free textbooks online for college:


It is an online publishing company for e-books. The World Stop university professors write all of the textbooks featured on this website. It orbits around supplying student literature for:

  • Engineering
  • Informative Technology
  • Business
  • Natural Science
  • Economics
  • Short and Practical business

The procedure for procuring their free ebooks is quite plain. Students need to fill out a form to download any of the textbooks. It has been successfully working since 2005. A feasible option to get free textbooks online.

Visit: Bookboon


It is a renowned non-profit platform through which even Bill Gates has donated books. They provide high-quality, peer-reviewed, openly licensed college textbooks to read for free online or print for a low cost. Rice University founded it, and it provides books on a variety of subjects like:

  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Sociology
  • Pre-calculus
  • History 

The great part of this initiative is that they allocate books in multiple formats. OpenStax uses its textbooks in 48% of colleges and universities in the United States and more than 100 countries. Bill Gates’s free textbooks are also donated.

Visit: OpenStax


Where academia and industry create content with global impact. It is one of the largest publishers of free textbooks all around the globe. Scientists designed it, and it volunteers cooperation among the peer- reviewers treasonably. Their community comprises Nobel Laureates, the world’s top-cited authors, and upcoming scientists. They specialize in publishing journals and books in the field of:

  • Science 
  • Technology 
  • Medicine

It has provided over 60 million downloads to users. They subscribe to the Budapest Initiative and are members of many Open Acess publishing organizations.

They take pride in their journey of democratizing knowledge. The Open Acess model allows it where their content is free on all electronic devices, whether downloaded or read online. 

Visit: IntechOpen

PDF Drive 

It is a free search engine for PDF files. There are no ads obstructing or any bars set on the downloading area. It stays updated and keeps growing out new branches, fruiting accessible PDF files. 

pdf drive
Pdf drive

It has provided the following features:

  • Swift and advanced – It downloads files in the blink of an eye. It allows the filtering of PDF files by their popularity, size, page number, etc.
  • Intelligent – It also offers recommendations based on the user’s recent searches and interests.
  • Precise – It is pretty handy for downloading specific titles. 
  • Previews – It provides an option of preview, which saves time by showing cover photos of all files.

Visit: PDF Drive 


India’s first non-profit online foundation makes education free of cost to every nook and corner of the country. It receives assured used books from donors and supplies them to people in need.


It is a web portal that works for a noble cause. It is a philanthropic organization that works to break all barriers to lack of educational facilities. The platform has access to over five thousand pin codes across the country.

Visit: MyPustak

Project Gutenburg

It is an effort to digitalize cultural works and is the oldest digital library, founded in 1971. It initiates providing free ebooks of different kinds and breaking the shackles of ignorance and illiteracy.

Project gutenberg free textbooks online
Project gutenberg

There are more than 57,000 ebooks, including textbooks, available. It can use to download books or read online. They are available in different digital formats. A great way to get free textbooks online.

Visit: Project Gutenburg

Open Textbook Library 

Open Textbook Library is based in Minnesota. The US caters to all major subjects. This platform even has a self–help section designed especially for the students and provides free college books.

It’s a life savior for the students who want books for free. Regardless of whatever the reason is. This platform is a wide and growing catalog of free, peer-reviewed, open-sourced textbooks that might help you. They also have a handy rating system that helps you shortlist the best textbook.

Visit: Open Textbook Library 

Textbook Revolution 

Textbook Revolution has different kinds of free textbooks. Like they have some books in PDF, some are only online, that is, e-books, and some are only websites containing multimedia content or course.

textbook revolution free textbooks online
Textbook revolution

It is a student-run site and is increasing its free textbook resources to teachers and students. They want to get these in classrooms. The Textbook Revolution platform will find reviews and links to textbooks and other educational material.

Visit: Textbook Revolution 


Wikibooks is just like its sister site Wikipedia. It is a platform where you can edit anything right now by just clicking on the edit link that is available at the top of each Wikibooks page. Wikibooks are surely good to start with your concepts, and if you want a deep understanding of any topic, you must refer to your college library.

wikibooks free textbooks online

Their language learning resources are extremely helpful. If you want to discuss any project, you must join Wikibooks reading rooms. It has educational material of different subjects like – Computing, Science, Languages, engineering, humanities, mathematics, social sciences, science, and miscellaneous.

Visit: Wikibooks

Saylor Academy 

It is a non-profit initiative that started in 2008. This platform offers free and open online courses to everyone who has the zeal to learn and get free college textbooks. Saylor Academy also offers around 100 full–length full–length courses available right now for the college and professional levels in your comfort zone.

Saylor academy free textbooks online
Saylor academy

It’s free of cost, and you can schedule according to your time. You can also start a degree program at a low cost. If you are someone who is looking for casual learning, career advancement, professional development, or degree completion, then you are at the right place. Here you can also earn digital certificates of completion and earn tuition-free college credit through the network of Saylor Academy. 

Visit: Saylor Academy 

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Are books available for higher studies or university level?

Yes, all the books available are free ebooks are high-quality, peer-reviewed, publicly licensed college textbooks that may be read online for free or printed for a minimal cost.

Compared to books, are free online textbook better?

The majority of these websites offer free PDFs, however the paper editions are still expensive. However, free web textbooks are preferable to expensive storefront textbooks. You won't have to break the money to learn.

What is the cost of downloading PDF of college books?

The download, editing, and distribution of these PDF books are all free. These books are mostly intended for college students.

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In conclusion, at this moment, concluding with the best ways to get free access to college textbooks without wasting a penny. Now, what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity and start learning from today. Hope this was helpful in getting free textbooks online. All the best for your future. 

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