How To Get Free Clothes Online in 2024

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How to get free clothes? For a surprise, Yes, there are many genuine ways to get free clothes online, and if you want to know about it, just read out further to find out how to get free clothes. Click here to know How to Get Free Stays at Hotels: 6 Ways in 2024 

Where To Get Free Clothes?

First of all, there is nothing wrong with finding free clothes, as in the end, you are saving money which we can use for different subjects rather than using it all up on clothes. In today’s time, clothes have also become a necessity for people, so getting them for free will be a boon.

There are many ways of getting things for free these days – from free goodies, free travel, free money to spend, free stickers, gift cards, free makeup samples, free baby product samples, free books to read, etc. So, in the end, getting free clothes is nothing new. Recently, finding free stuff has become easier than ever due to the internet.

Best Places to Get Free Clothes (Online + Retail)

Where can I get free clothes? Let’s see some of the best, easy ways to get free clothes and save money.

Product Testing

Many companies offer free stuff to stylists, bloggers, or athletes for testing. Common people are not availed of these offers. You must become a social media star so the company can promote its new products. Many conditions are also involved in this. Some of the examples are:


Nike sends sports products to players to test them and asks the client for remarks. You can get free shoes and clothes this way.

Shop at Nike

This helps the company improve product quality.

Visit: Nike

Carhartt Crew Community

Carhartt Crew Community is another popular free clothes website and clothing company that organizes a program for customers to give feedback.Community

The participants might get lucky and could take home free products.


Glamorise provides free samples of new products to their regular customers and asks them to give feedback about the product to the company.

Lemon Collections

If you become the ambassador of the lemon collection, you can acquire many freebies and other offers.


However, there are many conditions involved in becoming an ambassador.

Clothing Swap

It is a method of exchanging clothes to get rid of unwanted clothes in good condition to somebody unknown or maybe unknown and take clothing the other offers. It is a trade between two customers but without any cash payments.

You can also set up a platform to invite people to do a clothing swap. An example of the above is ‘Rehash.’ Rehash is an online platform for people to do cloth swapping. 

Giveaways and Contests

As for how to get free clothes, Another way to get free clothing is by taking advantage of the giveaway and other online contests.

Many fashion bloggers and brands giveaway many clothing for free to selected people. The people are selected because of their winning in some of the contests organized by the blogger or company. Some of the examples are:

Giveaway Monkey

This site lets you know about upcoming giveaways and contests for freebies.

giveaway monkey
giveaway monkey

Indian Giveaway

This online platform allows us to get free products through giveaways and contests.

indian giveaways
Indian giveaways

You need to be registered on this online platform to be availed of these facilities. 

Online Sweepstakes

It is the largest sweepstake and contesting platform.

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Referral Programs

These referral programs are for those who love to bargain over costly clothes. You need to refer the online clothing stores to your friends and ask them to sign up, which will, in return, help you get free clothes and other offers. Some of the examples of online platform referral programs are –

Rue La La

You need to join this platform to acquire many offers given by the company. The joining process is free of cost.

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ru la la
Ru la la

And for every friend you recommend purchasing something, you will get $10 credits.

Stitch Fix

 It is an online platform that provides its customers with many offers.

stitch fix how to get free clothes
Stitch fix

It is sometimes free clothes for referring their site to others.

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Cash or Credit Points

One way to get free clothes is by converting credit points into cash to buy clothes online. The only way to get these credit points is by referring the purchasing site to others and making them sign up or by getting points on shopping at offer time. Some of the examples for these websites are-


is a major online shopping platform that helps earn points easily, i.e., either by shopping, playing games, or watching videos.

swag bucks how to get free clothes
Swag bucks

Swagbucks also pays you for referring friends to sign up.


They give their members cash back for shopping, which can help in shopping for more clothing. You can also get many other offers.

Rakuten how to get free clothes

All you have to do is shop from Rakuten’s site.

Survey Junkie

Survey junkie pays you for taking surveys from people. The payment is made by giving credit points.

We can use these points to buy gift vouchers, buying things online at discounted rates.

Craigslist Or Other Similar Styles

Another way to get free clothes is by checking Craigslist or similar sites and looking into their ‘free’ section. Many people give away free clothes for free only because they are not of any use anymore.

There’s no need to worry about the quality of the clothes. If you are unhappy with the quality or design, you can sell it to someone else and buy other clothes for no cost. 

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Getting Rentable Clothes

This technique doesn’t buy us free clothes, but still, we can wear branded clothes at parties, clubs, or shows wherever we want to for some time. And I think this is a great option to wear branded clothes for some days at a low cost.

Rent clothes how to get free clothes
Rent clothes

My Rent is an app where users can refer and get $10 off their orders. You can use any app, as many similar apps are available there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get clothes for free?

There are various companies that offer free clothes and stuff to models, stylists, bloggers, and social media influencers for testing their products, like Nike, Carhartt crew community, Glamorise, and Lemon collections. Besides, many fashion blogging companies and brands give away free clothes to selected people. Websites like Giveaway monkey and Indian giveaway notify about upcoming giveaway contests.

How to get free clothes by using credit points?

Credit points can be converted into cash, and one can buy clothes online with that. One can earn credit points in two ways, first, by buying clothes on the website at times of offer, and second, by referring these websites to someone and making them sign up. Clothing websites like Swagbucks, Rakuten, and Survey junkie are some examples of these websites.

Can I get free clothes through a giveaway?

Yes, many fashion blogging companies and brands give away free clothes to selected people. They hold up online contests and reward the winners with free stuff. Websites like Giveaway monkey, Indian giveaway, and Online sweepstakes notify about upcoming giveaway contests.


These are the best ways for people who want to know how to get clothes for free and who don’t want to spend money on clothes extensively.

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This will also be helpful for those who can’t afford any clothes. Hope you guys make use of these websites and earn a whole closet of clothes for free. Hope this answers your question about how to get free clothes. If you are interested in designing clothes, click here.