Best Places to Play Fantasy Football for Money: Review 2024

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Many websites allow you to play fantasy football for money prizes. Numerous money leagues include huge grand prizes and hundreds of participants. Other leagues employ a conventional, single-league format and allocate some of the entrance money to the best clubs.

But the best place to play fantasy football for money might be one of the following:

  • Underdog: The greatest prize payment for 2024 is provided by Fantasy.
  • FFPC: Every type of money league conceivable is available at FFPC.
  • Apex Fantasy Leagues: Play Apex Fantasy Leagues’ 2-Game weeks.

However, fantasy sports betting is illegal in some states, so check local laws before playing for money. And always remember to play for fun and in a controlled manner. These fantasy football websites differentiate themselves through lower buy-ins, higher payout percentages, innovative game frameworks, and enormous jackpots. Read on to know more.

What is Fantasy Football?

Before we discuss the best places to play fantasy football for money, let us understand what fantasy football exactly is. Fantasy Football is where you draft players from the current NFL league to make your team.

You are your football team’s owner, manager, and coach, and you compete with your friends or other people on fantasy league platforms.

The game is simple, you draft players for your team, and these players are assigned points according to their performance at the end of the week. For example, when some player in your fantasy team scores a touchdown in a match, your team scores points.

Similarly, all the players are assigned points according to their on-field performance, and the team with the higher score wins.

The point-scoring system is one of the most important aspects of any fantasy money league. Following is the standard variation most fantasy leagues follow, with few changes or bonus points to differentiate themselves from others.

  • 25 passing yards: 1 point
  • Passing touchdown: 4 points
  • Ten rushing or receiving yards: 1 point
  • Rushing or receiving touchdown: 6 points
  • Interception or lost fumble: -2 points
  • Extra point: 1 point
  • 0-39-yard field goal: 3 points
  • 40-49-yard field goal: 4 points
  • 50-plus-yard field goal: 5 points

The Best Places for Playing Fantasy Football for Money

The best places to play fantasy football for money in 2024 are as follows. It would be best if you noted that each of these fantasy leagues has a way of making itself unique, and it is essential to understand what they offer and which club is more beneficial for you before signing up.

  1. Underdog Fantasy

Underdog Fantasy is a relatively new player in the fantasy sports biz. Still, they have set themselves apart with the help of their outstanding low-entry fees and high payout prizes across multiple fantasy leagues.

This year, their Best Ball Mania 3 fantasy league offered the industry’s biggest championship prize: Two Million Dollars.

underdog fantasy

What’s unique is the $25 entry fee to participate in the league. Also, the prize amount for the second-place and third-place winners is an unbelievable One Million Dollars and Five Hundred Thousand Dollars, respectively.

Please remember that playing fantasy football on Underdog Fantasy is illegal in Nevada, Louisiana, Connecticut, Hawaii, Delaware, Idaho, Montana, Washington, and Iowa.

Visit: Underdog Fantasy

2. Fantasy Football Player’s Championship

Fantasy Football Player’s Championship, also known as FFPC, organizes and hosts various fantasy football leagues, majorly catering to the players interested in high-stakes fantasy football matches.

FFPC also hosts two online fantasy football tournaments, one considered fantasy football’s world championship. The championship prize for last year was Five Hundred Thousand Dollars.

fantasy football player's championship

This year, the grand prize has doubled to an unbelievable One Million Dollars, and the championship will give a staggering Six Million Dollars in total rewards. The winner of the FFPC Main Event also receives a magnificent trophy along with the grand prize.

Remember that you can’t play fantasy football in Connecticut, Delaware, Iowa, Vermont, Louisiana, Montana, Washington, Indiana, and Michigan.

Visit: Fantasy Football Player’s Championship

3. Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues

Apex Fantasy Football Money League claims to have the highest percentage payout of the league buy-ins. The Apex is unique because it awards grand prizes to the winner, runner-up, and third-place winner.

It organizes the Amateur League Contest, Rookie League Contest, and Veteran League Contest. They also host the Superstar League Contest, MVP League Contest, and Hall of Fame League Contest.

apex fantasy football money leagues

The entry fee ranges from $72.95 to $1002.95, and the cash prize for the winner ranges from $465 to $7,550.

Another unique thing about Apex is its fantasy football framework. They implemented a brilliant and innovative solution to mitigate the luck factor in fantasy football, ensuring that the player wins due to their skills and not sheer dumb luck.

It also ensures that the leagues they organize are full to ensure fair and entertaining competition.

If the club is not up to capacity, they enhance the payout for the winner to attract more people, with absolutely no cost to the participating players.

It will help if you remember that playing fantasy football on Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues is illegal in Vermont, Virginia, and Connecticut. You also cannot play in the states of Delaware, Mississippi, Washington, Missouri, Montana, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, and Tennessee.

Visit: Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues

4. DataForce

DataForce is a computer software company that started organizing and hosting fantasy football leagues in 2015. One of the best aspects of DataForce is that they provide quality fantasy football money leagues with minimal buy-in.

They cater to people with very low risk-taking appetites or who want to enjoy playing fantasy football with their friends and colleagues.


DataForce also has the most significant payout percentage in the industry. Despite their meager buy-ins of $20 for the low-stakes money leagues, they provide an 80% payout of the total money pool.

Due to legal and licensing reasons, you can’t enter or play in the DataForce fantasy football money league if you are in the states of Missouri, Montana, and Ontario.

You cannot play in Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, Quebec, Virginia, Washington, Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Tennessee, and Vermont.

Visit: DataForce 


In this review, we have explained how fantasy football works and the best places to play fantasy football for money.

But before choosing a fantasy football money league, you should thoroughly educate yourself about how these leagues operate and do they align with your ability, risk-taking appetite, and payout goals.

If you don’t select a fantasy money league that suits you and your goals, you can drain your finances and get trapped in a huge debt. Hence, it would help if you familiarized yourself with the league rules and point-scoring system.

This article helps you search for a Fantasy Football Money League that suits your skills and payout goals. Have a Great Season!!

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