How To Avoid Paying Alaska Airlines Baggage Weight Fees

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As a savvy traveler, you know how tricky it is to navigate Alaska Airlines baggage policies, especially regarding weight limits. You must know the Alaska Airlines Check-In Baggage Weight before traveling in it.

As per the baggage weight policy, you can not carry any baggage of more than 115 inches and 50 pounds. If you want to carry more, you have to pay certain fees. The article below will give you more details about Alaska Airlines’ check-in baggage weight restrictions. You will also learn about the fees you must pay for overweight baggage.

So, are you ready for a hassle-free travel experience? Come, let’s explore all about the check-in baggage weight requirements of Alaska Airlines.

Alaska Baggage Policy Structure

Baggage for Carry-on

Alaska Airlines offers passengers carry-on bags and one personal item with them. But to provide customers more room in the overhead compartments, the airline revised its carry-on luggage rules in June 2018 and reduced the size of the bags.

The maximum size mentioned under the Alaska airline baggage weight policy is 22-inch length, 14-inch weight, and 9-inch height. The bag’s total height cannot be greater than 45 inches. If your carry-on suitcase has soft sides like a duffel bag or is extendable, Alaska advises measuring it after packing.baggage

A child’s car seat or stroller is free to transport as checked baggage, and items would be checked at the gate area or with other luggage.

Alaska Check Bag Fee

The sum of the checked bag’s length, width, and height cannot be more significant than 62 inches. Additionally, during the busiest travel times, Alaska Airlines imposes severe seasonal luggage limits to and from specific cities. There are majorly two different categories.

Domestic Flights

  1. Economy class: For the first bag, the airline charges $30, the second bag charges $40, and for three and more bags, they charge $100 per baggage.
  2. First Class: The bag charges for the first and second bags are free, and the third bag costs $100.

Within the state Boundary

  1. First Bag: Free
  2. Second Bag: Free
  3. Third Bag: Free
  4. Four and more bag costs: $100 per bag

Alaska Airlines Baggage Weight

Alaska check bag fee 

The bag’s total weight of 50 pounds would consist of the default category of airline pricing of the airline. Further access weight and size baggage pricing are followed as follows:

  1. Baggage weighing between 50 to 100 pounds will charge $100 per baggage
  2. Baggage weighing between 63 to 115 inches will charge $100 per baggage.alaska flight

No Baggage above 50 pounds and 115 inches will be allowed under the Alaska Airlines baggage weight policy. 

Alaska Airlines will allow you to check different sports equipment for free, from bicycles to badminton rackets. As long as they match the standards, many other things, including skis, snowboards, hang gliding gear, parachutes, and more, can be considered checked bags.

5 ways to Avoid Paying Baggage Fees

There are five most straightforward ways to avoid paying those irritating extra costs when you book your upcoming ticket.

Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Card

This contains the Visa Signature Card issued by Alaska Airlines. Additionally, you can still receive that benefit without using the card to pay for your signature card

The card Issuing annual fee is $75, which is not fully utilized in the first year. During the first three months of spending $2000 with the card, you also receive 40,000 Alaska Mileage Plan miles and a companion fare, which allows you to fly with a friend for just $99 plus an additional $22 in fees.

Alaska Airline First Class Booking

Alaska Airlines’ free checked bag policy includes two complimentary bags for first-class travelers. Additionally, they have access to their fantastic flagship lounge in Seattle (SEA) as well as satellite lounges located all across the country.

Alaska Airlines Status Passenger

Passengers holding Alaska airline MVP Status get the benefit of checking check-in two complimentary bags. Apart from that, a user with Sapphire and Oneworld Ruby, as well as MVP Gold level Mileage subscription members, are each entitled to two complimentary checked bags. alaska airline passenger statusThe same rules apply to all companions of MVP or Oneworld status holders. Members of the Oneworld Emerald program and the MVP Gold 75K Mileage Plan are each entitled to three complimentary checked bags.

Americans in the military and their dependents

All qualified individuals must present a valid military ID for five complimentary checked bags. Military luggage is exempt from the usual weight and size restrictions and can weigh up to 70 pounds and measure 115 inches.americans in military

Military dependents are subject to the same limits but must also provide travel orders to get the five free baggage.

To pay fees, Use a credit card for travel

Some credit cards, like the $300 yearly travel credit offered by the Chase Sapphire Reserve, let you utilize the credit toward various travel-related expenditures. American Express offered platinum cards that could be used for check-in baggage by using yearly credits for ancillary expenses.

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What are Alaska check-in baggage benefits?

Additionally, Alaska Airlines guarantees that your checked luggage will be delivered to the baggage claim within 20 minutes of passenger arrival at the gate; otherwise, you will be given a $25 voucher for a future journey or 2,500 extra Mileage Plan miles. If this happens, you'll have two hours to claim your prize by visiting the baggage claim office representative.

What are Alaska Airlines' policies regarding changes and cancellations?

Beginning January 1, 2021, Alaska will no longer charge change fees for any fares other than 'Saver' (basic economy) rates. Passengers are only obliged to pay the excessive amount of the increased ticket price and other than nothing. You will still have to pay a $125 cancellation fee if you want to cancel a nonrefundable ticket for any rate.

Is Alaska Airlines allow pets in the cabin?

The passenger with a non-emergency row or bulkhead row and pets can travel with people 18 or older. They must remain in their box the entire time they are in the departure lounge and flying.

What is the fee for unaccompanied kids?

You will be charged an additional $50–$75 surcharge in addition to your regular ticket for your child to fly alone, depending on whether the flight is direct, nonstop, or involves connections.


Customers generally find Alaska Airlines’ baggage policy to be accommodating. Alaska does a fantastic job of simplifying its costs and offers customers several methods to avoid paying for checked luggage.

Sometimes, the cost you see while searching on a search engine isn’t the cost you pay. If you’re not attentive, fees might mount up. At last, travelers should always check how to reduce or avoid their baggage fees or find perks and benefits not mentioned in the ticket, which could benefit them in various ways.

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