The Best Southwest Companion Pass Trick In 2024

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Looking for cheap ways to fly with Southwest flights? Then you have got the right place where you will get to know about the southwest companion pass trick.

Southwest Airlines is one of the most popular airlines in America, so thousands of people use it daily. In this article, we will cover the following topics:

  • What is the southwest companion pass
  • Why is the southwest companion pass trick important
  • How can you get the southwest companion pass

In addition, we will explore how you can save on your Southwest flight tickets using various tricks in this article.

Southwest Companion Pass Trick: Why Get It? 

First, let’s share a few words about the Southwest companion pass in case you have not heard that earlier. So Southwest companion pass is a special deal offered by Southwest Airlines that reduces your companion’s ticket amount.

As you may know, Southwest is America’s top secure and safe airline. It offers flights for domestic and international traveling to almost ten countries.


And that is why millions of people use Southwest Airlines for their traveling regularly. Whether it’s their vacations, meeting with clients, or going for a family visit.

Even season time or peak time can hike the prices. So to ease their users, Southwest provides various deals and discounts.

One is the Southwest referral program which can make you book tickets cheaply. Another is a companion pass that grants cheap flight tickets to your partner. However, you have to do some Southwest companion pass trick.

If you complete the norms described by southwest airlines or use some tricks, your partner can travel for free. And if not free, like in some cases, then your partner ticket will be very cheap; that feels free.

So using the Southwest companion pass, you can save a lot on your traveling if you plan to go with your companion.

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Why Southwest Companion Pass Trick Important

Earlier, we discussed the Southwest companion pass and learned about other discounts. To wrap it in short, these deals are a kind of Southwest travel funds loophole.

However, what is important here to discuss first is why you need a Southwest companion pass hack in the first place.

southwest companion pass

  • The first and foremost reason is that you can save a lot on traveling if you are going with your partner. According to the conditions, if you travel alone and reach certain thresholds, you are eligible for a companion pass.
  • Now your traveling can be for business purposes too. And when you have registered for the companion pass, you can make your partner travel for free.
  • So you can plan a vacation where you don’t need to pay for your spouse’s ticket price. And if you and your partner have companion passes, your parents or kids can travel for free.
  • Thus, having a companion pass can save you money, and you can plan your trips accordingly.

That is why the Southwest companion pass trick is worth it when you compare it to other deals and discounts.

How You Can Get Southwest Companion Pass

This section will explore the southwest companion pass trick you can use to get two–to–one free traveling.

Before jumping to the tricks and hacks, it will be helpful for us to know some basics. For instance, you must earn 135,000 Southwest rapid rewards points to claim a companion pass.

reward points

You need to earn these points in a calendar year, and if you have a Southwest credit card, you will get 10,000 points automatically. But this is just a starting point, and you need more points.

Once you have the reward points limit, you can register for your companion pass. You will get that in the next ten business days and use it for the rest of the year and the following year. Seems easy, right, well it can be easier if you follow the below tricks,

Southwest Credit Card

Opening new Southwest credit cards is the most simple and easy way to get your companion pass. Chase issues Southwest credit cards, and there are five types of credit cards, three personal and two business cards.

You can apply for any of them if you have a good credit score and win bonus points when you sign up. In some cases, even just a signup bonus will give you half points of what you need. And you just need to get half more.

southwest credit cards

And in some cases, it will give you some reward points, and the rest you need to collect. However, that is not a challenging task, and you can easily collect that many Southwest reward points.


One more thing that will come to your aid is the timing. You can earn your reward points in a calendar year. Then you will get the remaining year and next year for your companion pass.

So if you earn 135,000 points at the beginning of the year, you can enjoy this pass for almost two years.

In addition, various combo cards are also good options to earn Southwest reward points.  


Are Southwest flights expensive?

Well, it depends on your departure point, arrival point, and what class you chose. However, generally Southwest flight tickets are not that expensive that you can't afford.

Are southwest airlines reliable and safe?

While traveling with southwest airlines, you can rest assured of one thing: your security. It is one of the top-ranking airlines in America regarding serious accidents and other respects. So you can travel with Southwest without worrying about you and your family's safety.


Therefore, now you can travel with tickets with your companion using the Southwest companion pass trick with heavy discounts on your tickets.

As we already know, Southwest Airlines is one of the safest airlines. And that is why millions of people use this airline to travel domestically and internationally regularly. However, sometimes the ticket price is high, or you may have more people to travel with.

Also, you will have expensive flight tickets if you are going on a vacation with your family or kids. Because flight tickets get expensive in peak time or season time, making it difficult to travel with others.

That is why to keep some burden off its client’s shoulders, Southwest Airlines keeps offering deals and discounts on tickets.

One among them is the Southwest companion pass you can use if you want to travel on cheap tickets. But you have to do some tricks and take care of some points. And when you can do that, you can save a lot on your flight tickets.

Thus, try to know more about Southwest deals and discounts and how you can avail of them, as they need some steps to be taken.