How to Sell Airline Miles for Cash in 2023

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People may wonder how to sell airline mileage that turns out unsolicited and unused after forgetting. What can be done with that inventory of unspent airline miles? Well, the quick answer is – to sell them!

The topic question is well-researched and debated in cyberspace among passengers while airlines ponder the future of frequent flier programs. Read on as we answer this question and provide the low down on selling airline mileage.

What do we mean by Airline Mileage?

Airlines have implemented loyalty schemes that give points for each mile flown. Chiefly, you may exchange those points for travel or other benefits. This is the fundamental concept behind airline miles and frequent flyer programs.

airlines mileage

Being a frequent flyer can prove worthy of its cost in the long run. It may save you substantial cash and be a terrific buy.

The problem with Airline Mileage

The problem is that many people don’t utilize their allotted air miles. Some don’t even know what they get after accumulating a certain amount of air miles. More often than not, they ignore or forget about these accumulated miles altogether. Many lose track of their accumulated miles due to a lack of awareness of the perks it offers them. And they just forget to redeem them.

So, the question is, what to do with all these lost air miles? Sell your airline miles on the interwebs, then!

How to sell Airline Mileage

Rather than losing them to inactivity, why don’t you try selling them and earning money for yourself?


Think about the following strategies when selling your miles:

Try Online Sites like or

These sites are dedicated exclusively to trading your airline miles for cash. They usually have options that allow you to sell your airline miles to the outlet. All you have to do is fill in the form, provide the necessary information, and process your request. In return, you can get offers in cash for your airline miles. 


The price varies greatly, and there’s no set price for a mile. It may even vary daily, depending on the demand for airline miles.


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The problem with the sites

The sites are very secretive, too. If you notice the process to sell your airline miles, they won’t show you the rates. They want your contact details and other information. After that, you must wait for them to contact you and provide a quote. Just do your research before buying any mileage from these sites, as some shady operators are out there. But needless to say, it is a better deal than letting it go to waste!

Barter in the ‘gray’ market

Another option is to trade your frequent flyer miles on niche Facebook groups dedicated to buying and selling airline miles. A gray market exists for these transactions since there is a big community for exchanging miles. But remember that this can be risky since buyers, especially new ones, can be unreliable and difficult to deal with. Also, the chances of fraud or double-dealings are always present, so you should exercise caution when engaging in this transaction.

What about the prices?

Again, the prices will vary wildly depending on the airline company, mileage, and demand. Finding a buyer for the miles you want to exchange can also take quite some time. Once you find the right buyer, make sure you agree on the terms beforehand to avoid any misunderstanding down the road.

Trade with a friend

Is there someone you know who loves flying? You just found a potential buyer! There are several benefits to traversing the route of bartering airline mileage with someone in your circle. They need airline miles or other points programs you collect that can be trusted.

They will not take advantage of you and may give you better prices than you would receive in selling miles to a stranger online. And since you already know and trust each other, the process is much smoother and more efficient.

Quote your price and be prepared to negotiate to ensure both parties get a good deal.

So, as you can see, there is more than one way to sell your unused airline miles today.

How to Buy Airline Mileage? 

Now that you know it’s better to sell airline mileage than to keep them unused, consider buying them too!

air miles

However, there’s only one way we can recommend for you to buy airline miles.

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Stick to legal, well-traversed routes when buying airline mileage

Buying is way riskier than selling. You are giving money away to a high-risk organization. With that much money, that’s rarely a good idea. You’re better off purchasing the points directly from the company. Better yet, you can have them transferred to you as a gift or trade from a friend or family member.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it against the law to sell unused airline miles?

Because there are often no regulations that specifically forbid this conduct, selling airline miles is not unlawful. Selling airline points always goes against the rules of reward programs, which you accept when you sign up for them. Some airlines could and totally would cancel your frequent flyers program if they find out.

What airlines do not permit the selling of airline miles?

The most notorious airline in this regard is American Airlines. AA does not allow you to trade their points in any way. Except where expressly permitted or supported by United, earning, swapping, or purchasing United miles or rewards is also forbidden.

What is the value of airline miles?

You might be shocked to learn that the value of your airline miles might change depending on the provider. American Airlines has threatened to take severe legal action if anyone gives away their miles, let alone swaps or sells them. They also made threats against the locations that supported it. People would, therefore, seldom purchase American Airlines miles from you. Even if they did, the market value of those mileage points would have decreased.


In the long term, a frequent traveler status may truly pay off. It could save a lot of your money and be a great purchase. Because they are unaware of the benefits, many consumers lose track of their accrued airline miles. Giving away unused airline points is preferable to selling them.

You may go to websites like or that will purchase your airline miles. A mile has no predetermined cost, and pricing may change daily based on demand.

Another choice is to exchange your frequent flier miles in specialized Facebook groups to exchange airline miles. Going the bartering way with your friends has several advantages, too. Your friends may require airline miles or other points from programs you may be trusted to acquire; don’t forget to reach out to them.