How to Make Money in Little Alchemy? Best Ways

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so Little Alchemy is a game that consists of the creation of elements by combining other elements. In this game, players begin with four fundamental elements: air, water, earth, and fire. Their creativity and logical thinking combine these elements in various ways to generate more intricate objects, substances, and even living organisms. So, how to make money in little alchemy?

You can make money in little alchemy in different ways. You may either sell your creations to other players within the game. Also, you can attract potential buyers and negotiate virtual currency transactions by showcasing your crafted items. Otherwise, you may also combine specific elements to generate valuable things that can be sold for real money. Players can monetize their in-game achievements by participating in external trading platforms or marketplaces.

In this article, let us look into several aspects to understand “How to make money in little alchemy?” and “How to make money in little alchemy 2?”

How to Make Money in Little Alchemy? Full Guide

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You must keep the following in mind if you are planning to make money on Little Alchemy or Little Alchemy 2:

How To Make Money In Little Alchemy

Emphasize Valuable Elements as your Priority

How to make money in Little Alchemy? Attention to the most valuable elements should be your primary focus when making money in Little Alchemy.

While combinations can be made with any two pieces, specific pairings are more useful. For instance, the fusion of fire and earth creates lava, which holds significantly greater worth than its components.

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fusion of fire and earth

Therefore, directing your efforts toward generating combinations that yield the most valuable products is crucial.

Efficient Use of Hints

The hint system in Little Alchemy can be a valuable asset when you find yourself stuck or needing inspiration. However, hints come at a cost, so it is essential to use them wisely.

Prioritize using recommendations only when you are genuinely stuck and require assistance to progress. By optimizing the hint system, you can save valuable resources and allocate them toward more productive money-making endeavors.

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Utilize the hint system strategically.

Little Alchemy offers a hint system to assist players in discovering new element combinations. However, these hints come at a cost, necessitating prudent usage.

Little Alchemy hints

It is advisable to utilize suggestions only when genuinely stuck and unable to progress without them. This approach will help you save resources in the long run.

Explore diverse approaches

In Little Alchemy, there is often more than one way to combine two elements. Don’t hesitate to experiment with various approaches.

Some methods may be more efficient than others, so trying different combinations and determining the most effective strategy for your progress is worthwhile.

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Foster creativity and unconventional thinking

In the realm of Little Alchemy, valuable results can stem from unexpected combinations. Encourage yourself to think beyond traditional boundaries and explore unconventional pairings.

how to make money in little alchemy

Being open to all possibilities when striving to create new element combinations can lead to significant breakthroughs. So, how to make money in Little Alchemy?

Strategic Element Management

Managing your elements and inventory efficiently is crucial for financial success in Little Alchemy. Please keep track of your list, identify high-demand factors, and strategically combine them to maximize their value.

By optimizing your element management, you can make the most out of your available resources and increase your wealth-generating potential.

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Completing Quests and Challenges

How to make money on Little Alchemy? Little Alchemy presents players with quests and challenges that offer rewarding opportunities. These quests often provide monetary rewards upon successful completion.

Keep a close eye on available quests and actively engage in them to boost your earnings. By strategically tackling these challenges, you can amass virtual currency and advance further in the game.

Thinking Creatively and Outside the Box

In Little Alchemy, creativity plays a significant role in unlocking new combinations and opportunities. Sometimes, unconventional pairings can lead to unexpected and valuable results.

Train your mind to think beyond traditional boundaries and consider all possibilities. By embracing creative thinking and exploring uncharted paths, you may stumble upon unique combinations that can yield substantial financial gains.

Let us now look at several combinations using which you can make money on little alchemy:

  • earth + fire = lava
  • fire + air = energy
  • air + water = rain
  • rain + earth = plant
  • plant + mud = swamp
  • earth + water = mud
  • swamp + energy = life
  • earth + life = human
  • human + metal = tool
  • wind + stone = sand
  • sand + fire = glass
  • sand + glass = time
  • plant + time = tree
  • tree + tool = wood
  • wood + pressure = paper
  • fire + water = steam
  • steam + air = cloud
  • cloud + air = sky
  • sky + fire = Sun
  • rain + Sun = rainbow
  • rainbow + metal = gold
  • gold + paper = money
  • fire + stone = metal
  • 2x air = pressure
  • sand + fire = glass
  • steam + air = cloud

How Do You Make Money on Alchemy 2?

Little Alchemy 2 is a well-known game that enables players to combine various elements and discover new creations.

Little alchemy 2

Although the game’s primary objective is not centered around monetary gain, players can still explore inventive combinations to accumulate virtual currency. 

Following are some of the element combinations you may use to make money on Alchemy 2:

  • Diamond + paper
  • Gold + paper
  • Bank + paper


What is the concept of Little Alchemy?

Little Alchemy is an online puzzle game combining various elements to create new ones. The objective is to discover all possible combinations and a wide range of items.

How can I generate income within Little Alchemy?

While the primary focus of Little Alchemy is on exploration and discovery rather than financial gain, there are a few methods to earn virtual currency within the game. One process involves creating new elements, often rewarding players with coins or points. Additionally, completing in-game challenges or quests can provide monetary rewards.

Are there specific combinations in Little Alchemy that can enhance my earnings?

Little Alchemy offers numerous combinations, and although some may yield coins or points, there isn't a guaranteed combination for generating income. The game encourages players to experiment and explore different combinations to unlock new elements.

Is it possible to trade or sell items in Little Alchemy for monetary gain?

No, Little Alchemy does not include a feature allowing the trading or selling of items for real money. The in-game currency primarily serves to unlock hints or access additional features, but it cannot be converted into real-world cash.

Are any cheats or hacks available to expedite the money-making process in Little Alchemy?

Little Alchemy is designed to be a casual puzzle game, and resorting to cheating or hacking contradicts the intended gameplay experience. It is best to enjoy the game naturally, exploring combinations at your own pace. Cheating or utilizing hacks can detract from the enjoyment and sense of accomplishment of independently discovering new elements.


By reading this article, you may have understood how to make money in Little Alchemy. In summary, although Little Alchemy prioritizes exploration and creativity over monetary gains, players can still find avenues to generate virtual currency through strategic element combinations.

Players can augment their in-game earnings by uncovering valuable pairings and successfully completing quests. 

Using judicious hints and embracing innovative thinking is vital to unlock fresh possibilities. Little Alchemy offers an engaging experience where players can unleash their imagination and occasionally reap the benefits of their endeavors.

So, venture into the realm of Little Alchemy and embark on a thrilling journey of virtual prosperity.