Is Match to Win Legit? Unbiased Review (2024)

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Have you seen ads for the puzzle game Match To Win and wondered if it is legitimate or just another scam? You’re not alone. With so many apps promising cash prizes, it’s hard to know what’s real. We have decided to download Match To Win to determine if it is Legit.

Match To Win is a legit puzzle game app that pays users for completing levels and scratch tickets. However, earnings are typically small amounts, like a few cents to a dollar. While the app does offer sweepstakes prizes up to $10,000, chances of winning big are low. Most reviewers agree it takes a long time to achieve the $7 cashout minimum through gameplay alone.

In this unbiased review, we will share everything we’ve learned. You’ll discover if people do win cash prizes from this game. We’ll also reveal how the different money-making features work and how much you can expect to earn. By the end, you’ll know if Match To Win lives up to its promises or if you should save time for another app. Keep reading this “Is Match to Win Legit” guide for our honest assessment!

What Is Match To Win?

Match To Win is a puzzle game app for smartphones and tablets that allows you to earn real money. In the game, you solve puzzles by matching three or more items on the board.

By completing levels, you earn tokens. You can use the tokens to play scratch cards or enter sweepstakes within the app. The sweepstakes have cash prizes from $25 daily to $1,000 monthly. You also get scratch cards after each level with chances to win from a few cents to hundreds of dollars.match to win

The app lets you play free and enter these money contests without spending anything. Many players have earned $7 from playing games and scratch cards. Then, they can withdraw the money through PayPal. While the chances of a giant lottery win are small, Match To Win gives you free chances to try every game you play. There are many games like Match to Win, but this is one of the best.

Is Match To Win Legit?

Yes, Match To Win is a real game that pays users. The app is from a company called Rewardify and has millions of downloads. You can earn money from puzzle games, scratch tickets, and sweepstakes. legit or scamSome reviews say getting $7 to cash out takes a long time. The game is also very ad-supported. But most agree you can earn rewards like PayPal money or Amazon gift cards by playing. So with this, your doubt on Whether Match to Win Legit is a good fit must be clear. 

How Much Does Match To Win Pay?

Match To Win pays a little per hour. Most players say reaching the $7 minimum cash-out amount takes some time. You can earn cents or a few dollars from scratch tickets while playing puzzles. Your chances to win big prizes in sweepstakes are out on match to win Match to Win reviews estimate earning $7-14 per month on average. The game gets harder as you level up; slowing money wins. Referrals pay $1 each. Overall, Match To Win is more of a fun game than a high earner. But you can win prizes up to $10,000 in sweepstakes if you are lucky.

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How Does Match To Win Work?

Playing games is a fun way to pass the time, and Match To Win lets you do just that while earning some cash.earn money online on match to win The app has several different ways for you to win prizes, so allow me to break it down for you:

Download The App

Downloading Match To Win is accessible on both Android and Apple devices. Just search for it in your app store and install it. Once downloaded, you can start playing immediately without creating an account.

Complete Puzzles

The main game is a puzzle where you match three or more items vertically or horizontally to clear the board. It’s similar to Candy Crush or Bejeweled.complete puzzles Each level has a set number of moves to complete it. If you succeed, you earn tokens and get to play a scratch card for prizes.

Complete Scratches & Sweepstakes

You’ll get a scratch card every time you finish a puzzle level. Reveal three matching symbols to win a cash prize ranging from pennies to a few dollars. complete scratches & sweepstakesYou can also enter sweepstakes with your tokens for bigger prizes like a $25 daily or $1000 monthly draw.

Spin the Wheel game.

Another way to earn is to spin a prize wheel after accumulating enough tokens. It’s like a slot machine—you spin and hope it lands on a cash or token prize. spin the wheel gameYou never know what you might get!

Paid offers

Complete offers like downloading other apps to gain extra tokens or entries into sweepstakes. paid offersThings like free trials that you can often cancel before being charged. Just read the fine print.


Exceptional puzzle levels that reward you with tokens for completing them will pop up daily.quests Things like “Clear 50 blue blocks” or “Get 5000 points” keep you engaged with achievable goals.

Refer Your Friends

If friends join using your referral code, you get a scratch card worth up to $1000. It’s a fun way to encourage friendly competition and score some cash.refer your friend

The variety of games and chances to win prizes through puzzles, scratch cards, sweepstakes, and more make Match To Win entertaining. You could walk away with some nice extra cash with some luck!

Cashing Out & Rewards

Match To Win lets you earn money and rewards by playing puzzle games. One can win cash prizes from the games. You also get tokens and scratch tickets.

You need to earn at least $7 to cash out your money. Some say earning more is hard when you are close to $7.

You can use your tokens to join prize drawings. The daily drawings have a $25 prize. The monthly ones can win $ and win real cash

You earn other rewards like energy for playing more. You also get spins on the prize wheel each day. It can win you cash, tokens, or more spins.p

Inviting friends gets you scratch tickets. You can win up to $1000 from them. Doing offers and tasks earns gold bars. But it does not say what you can do with gold.

While Match To Win offers an enjoyable experience with puzzle games and the chance to win prizes and cash, the overall cashing-out process can be time-consuming and dependent on luck. The rewards system may pose challenges in earning more at times. Despite this, it can still be a fun addition to your money-making app’s arsenal. Managing your time effectively when using Match To Win and other free money hacks to optimize your earnings is advisable.

Pros & Cons

Match To Win is a puzzle game app where you can earn real money. Here are some good and bad things about the app:

Good things:

  • It is free to download on phones. You don’t pay any money to start.
  • You can win cash prizes by playing the puzzles and scratch tickets in the app. Some people have won $5 or $7 doing this. And there are no Match to Win app cheats; it is all fair game.making money
  • Kids and adults both like playing puzzle games. It can be fun to play when you are bored.

Bad things:

  • It takes a long time to earn enough money to cash out. You need $7, but levels get more challenging, and you earn less.long time to earn
  • There are many ads you must watch. This can be less pleasant if you get ads between every you must watch
  • Winning money also depends on luck. Some people get stuck and need help to earn more after a while.earn money
  • Other apps may pay you more money for playing games or doing offers in your free time.

Match To Win is okay if you like puzzles and don’t mind ads. But don’t expect to get rich from it. For the best results, try combining it with other money-making apps. 

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User Feedback for Match To Win 

AppAdvice and Google Play Store reviews show that Match To Win has received mixed user feedback. Many reviewers have mentioned that the game is fun to play initially and offers opportunities to win real cash prizes. However, several users highlighted issues with earning money on the app over some time. Some mentioned facing “errors” after decent wins or being unable to cash out earnings below $7. A few pointed out excessive ads after every win, affecting the gameplay

With over 415K reviews on the Google Play Store and an average rating of 4.3, Match To Win App is a popular app. However, it would help if you looked at both positive and negative user reviews to understand their experience fully. Players have appreciated various games like match-3 puzzles, lotto, and scratch cards. At the same time, the cash-out limit and frequent ads have also been called out.

The app delivers an engaging gaming experience in the beginning. However, there are concerns about actual monetization efforts yielding meaningful returns over the long run. Considering feedback from both sides will help new users decide if Match To Win is a reliable platform to earn real money through gameplay. Looking at the good and bad reviews can provide valuable insights before joining the app.


Can you win real money in a match to win?

Yes, you can win real money on Match To Win. The app pays players using PayPal or Amazon gift cards. You need to earn $7 before you can cash out your winnings.

Are there any games you can play and win real money?

Yes, there are several apps and games where you can play and potentially win small amounts of real money. Match To Win is one of them. It lets you play puzzle-matching games and scratch cards to earn cash and prizes.

Is the match to win safe?

Match To Win is considered safe as an established company runs it. However, it would help if you only played for fun and did not expect to get rich. Some user reviews mentioned issues with ads and difficulty reaching the $7 cash-out amount.

Is the Match to Win app free to download?

Yes, the Match To Win app is free to download on Android and iOS devices. You must not enter payment or personal financial details to sign up and start playing. The app monetizes through optional in-app purchases and watching video ads.

Conclusion: Is Match To Win Real Or Fake?

When exploring the best apps that pay real money via PayPal, it’s essential to consider the overall experience and payout potential. While Match To Win offers an entertaining way to earn extra spending through puzzle games, users should be aware of the increasing difficulty and the time it may take to reach the $7 payout. While some may find it enjoyable, better money-making apps are likely available for those seeking quicker rewards. We hope this article on “Is Match to Win Legit” has helped you know whether it is legit!