ClickBank Review: How to Make Money with ClickBank in 2024

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If you are finding legit ways to earn money, then here we will share ClickBank Review and How to earn money from Clickbank. With the growing technologies, the number of comfy methods of earning money is increasing daily. The younger generation is continually finding legit ways to earn more and more money. Online money-making is becoming increasingly popular and is attracting thousands of youngsters.

Starting as an affiliate and marketing site that has already been optimized to create your sales funnels is one of the finest methods to generate money with Clickbank. Choosing the correct product to advertise on ClickBank is crucial, just like when conducting keyword research for SEO.

Affiliate networks bridge vendors and buyers, providing a platform for newbies and experienced people to earn legit money. Clickbank is an affiliate network that acts as a great online marketplace where many digital products can be sold and bought. It enables people of any age to earn some amount from this great platform, as it plays three significant roles in its user’s life: the seller, the middleman, and the buyer. One can opt for the three and earn money if used properly. In this blog post, you’ll see the ins and outs of ClickBank so you can start making money!

What Is Clickbank? Is Clickbank legit?

Clickbank is an online sales platform used for buying e-products and earning money. One can efficiently sell or buy digital products like videos, e-books, and software. This platform provides a wide range of products for customers to buy.

It is one of the top ways on the Internet to make quick money through affiliate marketing.

As mentioned above, it has mainly three functions or three pillars, that is:

  • Vendor or Seller: The person who displays its products on the website for selling is generally termed the seller.
  • Buyer or Customer: The person or the customer who buys the product from the vendors or the sellers.
  • Affiliate: They act as middlemen by promoting product links for buying. Thus, they earn a commission on each recommended product.

The whole mechanism works like this. A little bit confusing, isn’t it?! Well, don’t worry; we are here to take you on a mini-tour in the adventuresome world of Clickbank, or you can call it a detailed Clickbank Review on the Internet till now.

At the end of this article, you will have a clear vision of Clickbank in your mind.

How ClickBank Works

ClickBank is an online marketplace that connects digital content creators with affiliate marketers. ClickBank allows content creators to sell their digital products, such as ebooks, courses, and videos, to affiliates who promote them on their websites and social media channels. The content creator earns a commission when a product is sold through a ClickBank affiliate.

How ClickBank Works

ClickBank is a simple way for content creators to make money online. All you need is a digital product to sell and an affiliate marketing platform to host your product.

Once you have created your product, you can sign up for a ClickBank account and start promoting your product to affiliates. When someone buys your product through an affiliate link, you will earn a commission of up to $15 to $50.

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How To Make Money With Clickbank

Here’s how you can make money with Clickbank:

Creating Your ClickBank Affiliate Link

When you’re ready to start promoting ClickBank products as an affiliate, you’ll need to create a unique affiliate link. This link redirects the customers to the product page on the ClickBank marketplace and will track any sales made by the customer back to you.Creating Your ClickBank Affiliate Link

Creating your affiliate link is simple. Just log in to your ClickBank account and click on the “Account Settings” tab. Then, under the “Affiliate Tools” section, click on the “Create HopLink” button.

On the next page, you’ll need to enter the ClickBank ID of the product you want to promote. You can find it on the product’s page on the ClickBank marketplace. Once you’ve entered the ID, click on the “Generate HopLink” button.

Your unique affiliate link will then be generated. You can promote this link on your website, blog, or social media pages. When a customer clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you’ll earn a commission on the sale.

Promoting Your ClickBank Link

If you understand how to make money with ClickBank, you must promote your ClickBank link. There are many ways to promote your ClickBank link, but pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is the most effective way.

Promoting Your ClickBank Link

  • PPC advertising allows you to target potential customers who show interest in what you have to offer. When someone clicks on your ad, it takes them to your ClickBank sales page, where they can purchase your product.
  • To get started with PPC advertising, you need to create an account with a PPC provider such as Google AdWords or Bing Ads. Once you have created your account, you must create an ad campaign.
  • When creating your ad campaign, you will need to choose keywords that are relevant to your product. You will also need to set a budget for your ad campaign. Once your ad campaign is up and running, you must monitor it closely to ensure it performs well.

Is Clickbank Worth It?

Clickbank gives numerous reasons for any person to join its link. It is one of the topmost priorities of any affiliate. The advantages of choosing Clickbank over any other network are:

  • A large category of commodities: One of the biggest reasons for switching to Clickbank is that they provide an enormous variety of products. There are thousands and thousands of products. The more the number of products, the more will be the opportunities for an affiliate to earn some money.
  • New Faces Are Easily Accepted: Unlike other online sales platforms, Clickbank proffers equal respect to amateur affiliates. They guide them and give them space to explore new opportunities for them. Clickbank is newbie-friendly.
  • Fast Payment Methods: Their mode of working is straightforward and quick. They work on a simple principle; as soon as you get the product sold by your link, you get the money.
  • Pretty Handsome Commissions: Clickbank is termed as one of the fastest ways of earning money. Their commissions are remarkably high, and that is why it has become its customer’s favorite. They offer 70%+ commissions on each sold product. They pay such high commissions only because their production cost is almost zero (since digital products). And hence, they never fail to satisfy their affiliates.
  • Fast Payment Methods: Their mode of working is easy and quick. They work on a simple principle; as soon as you get the product sold by your link, you get the money.

Is Clickbank Safe For Use?

This question is something that pops up in both the affiliate’s and the customer’s mind. If you are also someone who is planning to use Click Bank but is in doubt about whether it is legit or not, then you are at the perfect place to clear all your doubts.

It is undoubtedly a legit online earning platform for everyone. Their payment processing system is highly robust and safe to use. It is a well-secured platform to fulfill all customer needs. It is not a scam, as reviewed by numerous users.

What Requirements Must You Meet To Register With ClickBank?

Everyone can join ClickBank for free, new affiliates included.

To join, you need to:

ClickBank Register Requirement

Reside in an acceptable country (United States, Canada, etc.)

  • Make cookies available in your browser.
  • Own an identification number such as a Social Security or tax identification (if you live in the U.S.)
  • A one-time activation charge of $49.95 is required to sign up as a ClickBank vendor. For any extra accounts, you only pay $29.95.

Which Affiliate Programs Are Offered By ClickBank?

Whether you are an experienced digital marketer looking to increase your revenue or a tentative rookie who wants to put a toe into this make-money-online business, ClickBank has you covered.

ClickBank Affiliate Programs

There are numerous affiliate programs, as well as numerous items and categories, to select from:

  • Arts & Entertainment
  • As Seen on TV
  • Betting Systems
  • Business/Investing
  • Computers/Internet
  • Cooking, Food, & Wine
  • E-Business & E-Marketing (Internet Marketing)
  • Education
  • Employment & Jobs
  • Fiction
  • Games
  • Green Products
  • Health & Fitness
  • Home & Garden
  • Languages
  • Mobile
  • Parenting & Families
  • Politics/Current Events
  • Reference
  • Self-Help
  • Software & Services
  • New Age & Alternative Beliefs
  • Sports
  • Travel

The Different Types of Products You Can Promote With ClickBank

There are a few different types of products you can promote with ClickBank. These include digital products, physical products, and services.Promote With ClickBank

  • Digital products include ebooks, courses, software, and membership sites. Physical products are things like DVDs, books, and equipment. Services can be things like coaching, consulting, or web design.
  • To find a product to promote, you can search the ClickBank marketplace or look through the vendor’s website. Once you’ve found a product you want to promote, you’ll need to sign up for a ClickBank account and create a “hoplink“.
  • A hoplink is a unique link that tells ClickBank what product you’re promoting and who should get credit for any sales made. You’ll then use this hoplink to promote the product on your website or blog.
  • You’ll earn a commission when someone clicks on your hoplink and buys the product. The amount of money you make will depend on the product’s price and the commission rate that ClickBank offers for that particular product.

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How to Pick an Effective ClickBank Product to Advertise

If you want to make money with ClickBank, one of the most critical decisions is choosing which products to promote. Knowing where to begin can be complicated when there are so many things to choose from. 

Start by thinking about your niche and the products that would be most appropriate for it. For example, if you’re in the health and fitness niche, you might promote health supplements or workout programs.

How to Pick an Effective ClickBank Product to Advertise

Once you’ve determined what type of product you want to promote, look at the sales page and see if it’s something you feel comfortable promoting.

It’s also important to consider the gravity of a product before promoting it. Gravity indicates how popular a product is and how well it’s selling.

The higher the gravity, the more likely people will buy the product. You can find the gravity of a product by going to its listing page on and looking at the “Stats” section.

Finally, read through the affiliate agreement before promoting a product. It will help ensure that you understand your rights and responsibilities as an affiliate. By following these tips, you’ll be on your way to choosing an excellent ClickBank product to promote!

Clickbank Review

Year Established: 1998

Number Of Merchants: 3,500+

Offer Types: CPA/CPS

Clickbank, this word itself displays its meaning. It is a platform that helps human beings to earn money in the form of affiliates and vendors. The procedure is very simplistic and easy to understand.

One may achieve great heights and success in life if it uses Clickbank with utter smartness and intelligence. And you are the smart person as you are reading the ClickBank Review article on Finance Police before checking everything else.

The Procedure

As mentioned above, it is very evident that the main pillars of Clickbank are Vendors, Buyers, and Affiliates. Each has its working style and importance. The vendor can act both as an affiliate and the seller.

And it is possible only because the affiliate becomes a vendor in the future (if they would like to work as a vendor). Their work is very similar to each other.


Let me make you understand the point bit more clearly. Suppose you are the vendor, then using Clickbank’s system; you can develop your digital products and then post them later.

Before posting anything, it is necessary to create a vendor’s account on the Clickbank system. The vendors then have to post all their digital products.

The best way for a vendor to earn money is by creating a competent customer-seller relationship. A happy customer may attract more traffic in the future. This way, the vendor can sell enormous commodities, thus earning money using Clickbank.

Clickbank plays an important role here. They then assemble all the listed products of the vendors so that thousands of affiliates can access them. Clickbank provides unique, accessible links to each of the products for tracking their sales and so on.

The affiliates now act as middlemen between the vendors and the buyers. It is very convenient to earn money as an affiliate. The first step is to sign up for a Clickbank affiliate account.

Following this step, the next part is browsing through categories and lists in search of e-products posted by the vendors.

clickbank earn money

Now, the affiliates search for excellent quality goods. After the search for the products of the partner vendor, Clickbank provides a unique affiliate link that leads the buyers to the vendor’s selling page. Now, the foremost and final task of being an affiliate comes.

They have to promote the product in all possible ways and to many human beings. The more the product bought using the affiliate’s link, the more credit the affiliate will get.

This credit is, given in the form of commissions. Clickbank provides a 70%+ commission on each product sold as soon as the customer buys the product. Clickbank credits this commission amount into the referring account, or you can say the affiliate’s account.

Finally, the customer or the buyer plays the most crucial role since the entire procedure is useless if the buyers won’t buy any product. Whenever a customer buys anything, then only the commission is credited to the affiliate and henceforth to the vendor.

Clickbank Marketplace

For earning money, it is very crucial to keep in mind all the features of any platform. Clickbank marketplace behaves like such a factor, or you can say a place. It is a jackpot for the vendors and the affiliates.

The vendors can categorize all their products at the Clickbank marketplace. Here, they can keep track of all their products which product has the highest gravity, or which product is highly appreciated or loved by your customers.

clickbank offers

You all might be wondering what gravity is?! Well, gravity here refers to the state of demand for any product. High gravity means that many affiliates are generating sales from that particular merchandise, and the customers love it. Similarly, the graph goes down according to the demand for each product.

This place is a gold digger for all the affiliates. They can search for various products sold by the vendors according to their gravity rate. Higher gravity can both be beneficiary or non-beneficiary for the affiliates.

Any product having high gravity means that a number of affiliates are trying to sell that particular commodity using their affiliate link.

This means the competition rate is high, and the probability of the product being bought using your affiliate link is less. But on the other hand, high gravity means the cost of the product is high, which means more commission.

Pros & Cons Of ClickBank

Check out the pros and cons of ClickBank:


  • The earliest network that only deals with digital goods
  • Commissions that are incredibly high (up to 90%)
  •  The few networks that provide recurring commission
  • A 60-day cookie offer is universal by ClickBank.
  • You can promote things without getting permission; click and go.
  • It’s effortless to create affiliate links.
  • Weekly and biweekly rewards are available from ClickBank.
  • Most niches can be fill-up with products.

ClickBank pros and cons


  • It would help if you waded through the hype to uncover good products because the dashboard is a jumbled mess of outdated and modern user interfaces.
  • ClickBank no longer dominates the market for digital goods.

In What Ways Is ClickBank Unique From Other Affiliate Networks?

Not your usual, established affiliate network, ClickBank is different.


Simplicity: The registration procedure is simple. Without lengthy paperwork to fill out or administrative hurdles to jump through, you can open a ClickBank account in a matter of minutes and begin trading.

Inclusivity: It is free for anyone to sign up for the network. It’s perfect for individuals who are just getting started with affiliate marketing.

Duality: You often have a vendor or affiliate account on affiliate marketing networks.

 You can maximize your revenue by joining the ClickBank fray as a merchant and a marketer.

A wide range: Your affiliate program options are many, with thousands of brilliant affiliate products in every imaginable niche.

Effective commission rates: ClickBank offers generous commissions of up to 75% or 100%. They also pay swiftly, enabling you to purchase the item you’ve been eyeing without waiting too long.


  • Service that needs to be faster. According to some BBB reports, ClickBank may take up to 7 days to react to customer emails.
  • Payments on Inactive ClickBank Accounts. You charge a daily cost of $1 after 90 days of no sales, $5 after 180 days of inactivity, and a hefty $50 after 360 days.
  • A few waste products. Later on, we’ll talk more about how to do this.
  • Strong Competition for Good Programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ClickBank Trustable?

ClickBank has a 4.5-star rating out of over 2,300 ratings on Trustpilot. With more than 4,000 products listed in the ClickBank marketplace, vendors adore it as well.

Can you Really Make Money With ClickBank?

You can anticipate making between $15 and $50 from a single sale thanks to ClickBank's comparatively high commission rates. This means that affiliate marketers can make up to $200 per day in passive income by referring just four sales.

How Much Does it Cost to Join ClickBank?

Customers of ClickBank are not charged a monthly fee. Every time a payment is issued to a client, a $2.50 pay period processing fee is charged.

How much does ClickBank pay per click?

Most ClickBank goods pay commissions of 70% or more. In that example, you would make $70 from the sale of $100 goods.

Does ClickBank pay per click or per sale?

ClickBank purchases your product for $91.50 each time one of your goods sells.

Is ClickBank good for beginners?

It's ideal for beginners who are just getting started in affiliate marketing.


All in all, if you’re a retired veteran or wish to retire early, you can use ClickBank to earn some extra bucks from home. While using Clickbank, you have to remember that every good thing takes time.

Similarly, earning money needs patience and a lot of hard work. One must never get demoralized or demotivated if one does not attain success in the beginning days. Clickbank will make you earn a lot of money if utilized fitly.