How To Make Money On OnlyFans?

Need Easy Extra $350+/Month For Free?

Today, the world is changing fast with changing times, and surprisingly to know about some of the ways one can earn money online! Let us walk through what it is, how it works, and most importantly, how to make money on OnlyFans.

Are you someone with some exclusive content to sell online in a smooth, hassle-accessible, and lucrative manner?

Well, your search should end in creating an OnlyFans account online.

These days, every content creator is talking about the new kid on the block, OnlyFans.onlyfans

Let’s start first by looking at how to create an account first. Click here to know How To Make Money Using DoorDash In A Day In 2022?

Creating an OnlyFans Account

To begin, this is as easy as creating an Instagram or meta id; users need to go to the OnlyFans website and log in for free. onlyfansAlso, they will request identification verification, which will be approved and will finish your account application.

Let us look at how to make money on OnlyFans-


The most commonly used and forward way to make money using OnlyFans is through subscriptions. Premium content one offers available to the customer if they pay a monthly or likewise periodical fee. 

The accounts owner pockets almost 80% of this revenue directly in most cases, with 20% going to the OnlyFans company

Basically, this method exploits most adult content creators or retired pornstars, who provide premium exclusive content to the paid members in their OnlyFans accounts.

In addition, this is garnering more and more people who are paid members now, especially during the pandemic times, because of the “exclusivity” and direct connection these accounts offer to the users compared to the millions of other unpaid users on the internet. 

The charge of the OnlyFans membership is entirely on the creator and usually is a tricky amount to decide for new users.

An OnlyFans star, Morgand Edwards, more famously known by the alias, “Kitty K,” made $1.2 million from the platform in two years!

Reportedly she, too, had hiccups determining the initial membership price, but only she got the hang of it. She started charging $70 for access to her onlyfans account.onlyfans

Dani Daniels is another adult star of note with similar OnlyFans accounts, albeit after retirement.

Direct messaging

The following method of creating money through OnlyFans is direct messaging or dm

This, although tricky and immensely time-consuming at times, is one of the most profitable methods of creating wealth through an OnlyFans account.

After creating an OnlyFans account and creating a solid member base, users can start charging for direct interactions with these fans through a per-message fee or a one-time charge, depending on their terms and conditions.

Thus, although very lucrative from the word go, this technique can be pretty taxing, with some creators spending a large chunk of their day on the internet interacting with the OnlyFans members.

To combat this, some creators even hire people to answer the messages or interactions on their OnlyFans for the members in place of them. onlyfans

Justine Jakobs, an OnlyFans owner with 36k subscribers, spends most of her day answering her fans directly and making loads of money simultaneously.


Creators are also selling education or coaching services through an OnlyFans account. 

This describes the versatile nature of these accounts and how almost everything from pleasure to learning can be done on an OnlyFans account.

These individual or private company owners offer various courses and programs to users. On OnlyFans which are getting increasingly hit in lockdown and work from home culture.

With users getting premium coaching or guidance services and materials from top teachers to creators making an easy buck for their expertise, this is a win-win for both parties.

Ironically, Audrey Aura got a lot of requests from OnlyFans members. To explain how this thing works, she is now advising on how to excel on OnlyFans using OnlyFans!

She had more than 2600 people on the waitlist, even before launching this service. That is the power of OnlyFans and the internet today.

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It is possible to generate revenue even from a free OnlyFans account. This is the favored method of making money on OnlyFans, as the number of free account users is a lot more than the paid ones.

There is a straightforward way: making just some percentage of one’s content paid for all the free streaming. 

Besides making money, this technique very cleverly adds sheer exclusivity to any account and gives texture to the creator’s account.onlyfans

Paid posts can be quickly enabled by going to the ‘compose new post; option and clicking on the ‘post price’ icon.


This method uses in both paid and free accounts, with the users depicting their appreciation too for the creators. Tipping can be with users having 5 or more posts on their OnlyFans report. onlyfans

The members can tip the profiles, posts, and direct messages simply by clicking on the tipping icon’.

Live to stream

This entertaining feature helps creators connect with their fans directly in real-time. The fans can tip the creators in a live stream with many methods and even set up the payment through a payment-gated system.

That means that the fans pay a fee to watch the entire life.


Even philanthropy work can be very quickly done through an OnlyFans account. This means that all noble charitable causes can be done by simply going to the ‘compose new post’. Select ‘your target,” and the creator can set their target for charity.onlyfans

Basically, this is how to make money on OnlyFans. Let us look at some of the most common questions people ask.


How much money can one make on OnlyFans?

Although the average, according to a study, is $180/month, most content creators make about $145/month.

What can you post on OnlyFans?

Fitness coaching, travel blogging, beauty, adult content, cosplaying, gaming, etc.

How quickly can you get paid on OnlyFans?

Can be tracked by three to five businesses in the payment requests section of your statement.

How to be successful on OnlyFans?

Talk to our fans, set the right price, work hard on your content, get to know your audience, and work smart.

What do OnlyFans payments show up as?

OnlyFans payment shows OnlyFans in your account, which is taxable white money.


Summing Up

To summarize, in this digital era, especially during the pandemic time, the internet is the bread and butter for most people, companies, and businesses. OnlyFans is a very lucrative and relatively simple way of making money off it.onlyfans

With so many beneficial features and legit cash made from the comfort of your home and your pace. OnlyFans is a very viable option for any amateur or professional to set up or expand their work on the internet fast and well.

That is all about how to make money on OnlyFans. Also, if you have the brains, gut, and talent on onlyfans and have a way with people, the sky’s the limit!