Who Buys Used Appliances Near Me? 6 Best Places

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Brainstorming with the question of who buys used appliances near me, then let me tell you, are not all alone. Millions of people always wonder what to do with their old appliances. That is why we have come up with this brilliant guide.

In this guide, we will consider the following ways of where can I sell used appliances near us-

  • Used appliance dealer
  • Selling the parts
  • Donation for tax cutoff
  • Sell to individuals near you
  • Scrap the metal

who buys used appliances near me

With that, we will also tell you some other benefits of selling old appliances in the last section. So please read along to learn more about how you can maximize your profit by selling used appliances.

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Used Appliance Dealer

One prominent and foremost way of getting money from your used appliances is by selling them to used appliance dealers.

If you visit an online store, you must submit photos of your appliances. They also might ask you about your appliance’s physical condition.used appliance dealer

And if you are going to an offline store, they will examine your appliances and present you with a quotation. The same happens in the online procedure; if you are happy with what you are getting, you can lock the deal.

Otherwise, there are more options for selling your old appliances, and you can try them too. Some stores may ask you to come and drop off your old appliances, while others offer pickup services.

You can look at the options below if you need to learn how to sell your used appliances.


Craigslist is a fantastic website to sell your used appliances and anything you want to sell. You need to register with Craigslist and put some good pictures of your item. Then you need to provide some details.

Also, you can buy various things from the same website and get good deals.



Facebook Buy/Sell Group

Another method to find selling and buying stores or websites is to search for them on Facebook. Its marketplace is the largest ever made and includes buyers and sellers worldwide.

You will surely get some good options to sell your used appliances from here. 

facebook marketplace

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Selling The Parts

Another way to get the answer to who buys used appliances near me is to sell parts of your appliances. This condition implies two prerequisites; first, your appliances must be partially functional.

If your appliances are not working, but some parts are alright, then you can use this option. The second requirement is that the working part of your appliance must be in good condition.parts

If your used appliances are accurate to the abovementioned requirements, you can sell them for their parts. Many dealers buy parts of used items and then pay you for the parts sold.

They either use those parts for repairing other appliances or for their metal or other things. However, you will get money, so you don’t need to think about that deeply.

But while selling your used appliance parts, you can stretch the bargain if you sell a demanding part.

You can search and contact your nearby dealers working with used parts or have repair shops. Some shops are also available online, and you can use them too.

Donation For Tax Cutoff

It is an unusual yet very beneficial way of having old appliances. You must have understood by the title that you must donate your appliances here.

This answer to the question of who buys used appliances near me is particularly effective if you are a taxpayer.tax cut off

You can avail of this benefit if you regularly pay state and central taxes. This is a method of letting go of your old appliances for a good cause. 

There are many donation centers for used appliances where you can donate your items. While some of them have pickup service, and you don’t need to go anywhere. Some require you to visit the centers to drop off your appliances.

Some easy-to-find and popular centers for donating used appliances are,

  • Goodwill
  • Habitat ReStores
  • Salvation Army
  • Vincent de Paul

While donating your used appliances, remember to take the donation receipt for future use. You can use that slip as evidence for tax deductions.

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Sell To Individuals Near You

One of the most accessible and straightforward answers to the question of who buys used appliances near me is this. Why? You don’t need to wander here and there to sell your old appliances.

You can ask your neighbors, family, or friends whether they want used appliances. Or you can put up a notice in your neighborhood for selling new appliances.


Also, with these offline methods, you can try your luck with online ways to sell your appliances. For instance, you can put your appliances on sale on your social media sites.

Now, everyone connected with you can get the information and contact you. Also, you can bargain about informally selling prices without any hassle.

Scrap The Metal

Another way to sell your old appliances is this, in which you can sell them to any local junkyard. There they will use the metal parts of your appliances. This option is best in two conditions.junkyard

When your old appliances have many metallic portions or are not in use anymore. Because by selling your appliances to the junkyard, you will not get a significant amount. However, you will not be throwing away your appliances just like that and getting cash for them.

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Where can I sell my old kitchen appliances?

There are numerous options to choose from when selling old kitchen appliances. Whether it's a mixer grinder, spatula set, knife set, or any other kitchen item, you can sell them. If you want to sell conveniently, you can register with some online platforms. Also, you can post online about those kitchen appliances you want to sell.

Can I purchase old appliances?

Yes, purchasing and selling old appliances has become straightforward with the advent of technology. You can post or ask about selling or buying old appliances on social media or related websites.


Therefore, getting cash for your old or used appliances is possible. And there are many ways in which you can do that.

Also, just getting cash is one of many benefits of selling old appliances. You can ripe the advantages of selling old appliances in many more ways.

While migrating, you have to pay for the packers and movers’ services. However, if you sell your old appliances and other things, then you don’t need to pay for them.

Also, you can buy new furniture and appliances with that cash, giving your new home a different look. Thus, now you can stop worrying about who buys used appliances near me.

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