Where Can I Sell My Bike For Cash Near Me? 5 Places

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Juggling with questions like Where can I sell my bike for cash near me? Then let me tell you this, you are not alone out there. But, no more wandering here and there because we have got you the best solution for your problem.

That is why we have brought you this guide, where you will get to know some of the best-selling options for your bike. They are as follows: 

  •       The Pro’s Closet
  •       Bike Exchange
  •       Pinkbike
  •       BicycleBlueBook
  •       Craigslist

If you want more information on how you can sell your bike near you then please read along.

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The Pro’s Closet

The first rank achiever in our list is this which will give you an answer on where to sell bikes near me. What makes it stand apart from others is its amazing features.

To sell your bike you just need to register with the Pro’s Closet and then submit some photos of your bike. Moreover, you will just have to enter some basic details of your bike and your work is done.

pros closet

The company will then provide you with a quote for your bike and if you like it then you can proceed further. As a next step, you will get a free shipping label when you just need to ship your bike.

When the Pro’s Closet gets your bike, it will inspect the bike thoroughly. After checking all the things it will finalize your payment and you can choose from the options offered.

Thus, you have got an answer to where can I sell my bike for cash near me. The only thing you need to do is get started and sell your bike.

Bike Exchange

Another option where you can sell your old bike is this which will give you a professional platform. You just need to list your bike for sale on this website and need advertisement fees. The amount for fees can vary depending on your bike’s price.

The website will display the advertisement for your bike for the next two months. If your bike is not sold within that period then you can renew your ad.

bike exchange

For that, you need to pay only half of the fees you paid earlier and you will get all the features like before. On Bike Exchange, you will get weekly performance reports on your bike, live web statistics, and unlimited changes.

You can feel the fees are a little bit overwhelming. But when you will get the features and their benefits, then you will love this website. Through this app, you can display your ad to a large audience and can get more buyers. 


One more nice place to find the answer to where can I sell my bike for cash near me is here. Many functions make this website different from other options.

For example, if you are looking forward to selling some spare parts of your bike. Or even if you want to sell your entire bike or bicycle, new or old, you can do both.


On Pinkbike you can sell your old bike or bicycle and even their spare parts. In addition to this, you can also sell some parts like seat posts, saddles, frames, gear, and other things.

So whether you want to sell your bike, bicycle, or their parts you don’t need to worry anymore. You can sell all your bike parts here without any hassle.

Similarly, if you are looking to buy spare parts for your bike at an affordable price, then you can use this. Hence, Pinkbike is a great app for you whether you want to sell your bike or its parts or purchase them.


As you can guess from the name itself, this platform is for your bikes and bicycles. From BicycleBlueBook, you can sell your bike or bicycle.

This website allows you to approach thousands of online shoppers through its marketplace. If you are using Facebook, you should know what an online marketplace is like.


Alike that, here also, you will get an online marketplace where online shoppers from nearby regions can see your ads. Thus when you advertise your old bike or bicycle there you will be reaching a million people.

Similarly, being a part of this marketplace will help you to buy related items. Hence, you can solve your many problems through BicycleBlueBook.

This app provides you with three methods to sell your bike, and you can choose any of them. The first way is to create a listing on its marketplace and then sell it.

The second method is to sell your bike to BicycleBlueBook. In this way, you will get a quotation for your bike, and if you like it, you can finalize the deal. After that, you will receive payment in your PayPal account.

Another way is to trade – your bike for a new one through its Authorized Trade in Partners. If you are selling your bike because you want a new one, then this option is perfect.

While you can sell your old bike, you can purchase a new one from the same site without any hustle or bustle.


Last but not least option in answer to where can I sell my bike for cash near me is Craiglist. This option is excellent for you if you don’t want to pay any fees.

Yes, you hear it right, on this platform, you don’t need to pay charges, not for registering and not even for a commission when you sell your bike.


On this website, you can just list your bike for free and set prices that seem reasonable. 

You just need to upload good photos of your bike, and whether it’s old or brand new you can sell your bike easily.

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Is selling an old bike good?

Selling old stuff is always good if you want some money or a reason to buy new things. Similarly, if your bike is giving a hard time to you or you just need some cash then selling your bike is a good option.

How to sell my bike near me?

Well, this is not a difficult question to answer and it depends on various circumstances. You can enquire offline if anyone needs a second hand bike in your locality, friend circle, or family. Or you can post an ad for your bike on online platforms for selling your bike. You can choose one of them, or try both ways to sell your bike


Selling even a pin nowadays has become hectic; what to say about expensive items like bikes? But now that you have read this article, you do know the answer to your question where can I sell my bike for cash near me?

Selling your used items near you is a big issue, and if you don’t find any good match, then there will be two scenarios. Firstly, you have to compromise on your selling price and incur a loss. Or you need to go to another place to sell your bike, which will be inconvenient for you.

But now you know the answer to where to sell bikes near me. Therefore, don’t wait for too long; just retire your old bike and get a new one.

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