Toy Buyers Near Me: 20 Places to Sell Toys for Money

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Are you looking to declutter your toy collection and make some extra cash? Explore the top 20 places near you where toy buyers are eager to purchase your pre-loved toys. From toy collectors and specialty stores to online platforms and local events, this comprehensive guide will entertain, educate, and show you the best spots to sell toys and turn them into money!

In this article, we’ll take you through the best places that sell toys near me. Each section will uncover options and opportunities to sell toys near you, local stores, online platforms, and more. Whether you’re a toy collector looking to downsize your collection or a parent seeking to declutter, we have got you covered with many options.

Top 20 Toy Collectors Near You

Discover 20 fantastic toy buyers near me, where toy buyers are ready to purchase your pre-loved toys and help you earn extra money!

Toy Buyers Near Me: Connect with Enthusiasts

Locate toy collectors in your area actively seeking unique and valuable toys. Engage with enthusiasts and explore opportunities to sell or trade toys directly.

Local Toy Stores: Find Specialty Buyers

local toy stores

Check out specialty toy stores near you that buy pre-owned toys. Some stores focus on specific toy genres, making them ideal places to find interested buyers for your collectibles.

Online Marketplaces: Expand Your Reach

online marketplaces

Leverage popular online platforms like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist to reach a wider audience of potential toy buyers. Create appealing listings with precise descriptions and high-quality images.

Toy Swap Meets and Conventions: Network in Person

toy swap meets

Attend local toy swap meets and conventions where collectors gather to buy, sell, and trade toys. These events offer an excellent opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and expand your toy-selling network.

Children’s Resale Stores: Sell Gently Used Toys

resale stores

Children’s resale stores often accept gently used toys and offer cash or store credit in return. It is a good option for selling toys in good condition.

Toy Buying Stores: Sell Toys Instantly

Certain stores specialize in buying pre-owned toys. Bring your toys to these stores, and they may offer immediate cash for your items.

Online Toy Marketplaces: Cater to Collectors


Explore online collectible marketplaces like Gemr and Colnect, where collectors congregate to buy and sell rare and valuable toys.

Garage Sales and Yard Sales: Attract Local Bargain Hunters

garage sales

Host your garage sale or participate in community yard sales. Toys at bargain prices can quickly catch the eye of families and collectors searching for hidden gems.

Online Toy Auctions: Let Bidders Determine the Price

toy auctions

List your toys on online auctions like, where buyers bid on your items, potentially driving up the final selling price.

Toy Swap Groups and Facebook Groups: Engage with the community

toy swap groups

Join local toy swap groups and Facebook groups dedicated to buying, selling, and trading toys. These groups can connect you with nearby buyers interested in your toys.

Local Facebook Groups: Reach Your Community

facebook groups

Join local Facebook groups dedicated to buying, selling, and trading toys. These groups can connect you with nearby buyers interested in your toys.

Toy Consignment Shops: Share Profits with the shop

Consignment shops allow you to display your toys, and the retailer takes a percentage of the sales price of the toys vended.

Antique Stores: Offer Vintage Toys

antique stores

If you own vintage or antique toys, antique stores might be interested in purchasing them, especially if they have historical significance.

Collectible Toy Stores: Target-Specific Buyers

collectible toy stores


Search for collectible toy stores that specialize in particular toy lines or genres. These stores may have a dedicated customer base looking for items you own.

Classified Ads in Local Newspapers: Target Your Area

classified ads

Consider placing classified ads in local newspapers to attract buyers interested in toys.

Toy Rental Services: Monetize Your Toys

toy rental services

Some toy rental services allow individuals to rent their toys for a fee, providing an alternative way to make money from your collection.

Specialty Toy Fairs and Shows: Showcase Your Collection

toy fairs

Participate in specialty toy fairs and shows that attract toy buyers and collectors alike. These events can be an excellent place to showcase your collection.

Local Thrift Shops: Sell Toys for a Cause

thrift shops

Some thrift shops accept toys and use the proceeds to support charitable causes. Selling your toys here can help you make a difference in the community.

Pawn Shops: Trade Toys for Cash

pawn shops

While not specialized in toys, some pawn shops may accept toys and offer cash for them.

Toy Buying Apps: Explore Mobile Options

Several mobile apps cater to buying and selling toys, making it convenient to connect with local buyers and sell your toys on the go.


How do I determine the value of my toys before selling them?

Research similar items on online marketplaces, consult price guides, and consider the condition and rarity of your toys to determine their value.

Can I sell damaged toys?

Some buyers may be interested in restoration projects or spare parts. Be transparent about the item's condition.

What types of toys are popular among collectors?

Vintage toys, rare editions, limited releases, and toys from iconic franchises often attract collectors' attention and higher prices.

Can I negotiate the price with toy buyers?

Yes, in some cases, negotiations are possible, especially in person-to-person transactions. Be open to reasonable offers to make a successful sale.

How should I package and ship toys when selling online?

Use appropriate packaging materials to ensure toys arrive safely. Consider using bubble wrap, sturdy boxes, and protective padding to prevent damage during shipping.

Are there any legal considerations when selling toys?

Ensure compliance with safety regulations, especially when selling toys intended for children. Familiarize yourself with local laws and regulations related to toy sales.


With numerous options to sell your toys for money, this guide provides valuable insights and resources to help you navigate the process successfully. Whether you’re a toy collector, parent, or simply looking to declutter, these 20 places near you offer fantastic opportunities to find interested toy buyers. From local toy stores and swap meets to online marketplaces and specialty toy fairs – every option has unique advantages to cater to your selling preferences. Embrace the possibilities and embark on a rewarding journey of turning unused toys into money!