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LEGO, a symbol of creativity and cherished memories, is more than a toy. This guide explores various methods for selling used LEGO sets, whether vintage collectibles or outgrown toys. Navigating the vibrant LEGO resale market can be complex, but this comprehensive guide simplifies the process, helping you find the best platform to sell your LEGO treasures.

We’ll examine the benefits of over 15 options, including eBay, Amazon, Mercari, Bricklink, BrickOwl, StockX, and The Plastic Brick, as well as online communities and forums like LetGo, Facebook Marketplace, DeCluttr, OfferUp, and Craigslist.

Other options like Garage sales, Yard sales, and thrift stores are also discussed. This advice is your best bet whether you’re looking for top pay for a mint-condition Millennium Falcon or a hassle-free, speedy sale for a slightly used Hogwarts Castle.

Types of Lego Conditions

The value of LEGO sets is highly dependent on its condition. You can check which one fits your set the best-

Type 1: New Sealed Box


The set is new, off the shelf, and still factory-sealed in its package. They are still sealed, locked tight in their boxes, so the pieces they have numbered remain whole and unassembled. This is similar to selling Pokemon cards.


This pristine and untouched slice is usually quite highly regarded by collectors.


The box is in good condition, with no signs of wear. All LEGO portions and items are still sealed within their original unopened bags.

New Sealed Box

Type 2: New But Open Box


This is a new, complete set of LEGOs, but the box has been opened. Inside, however, the manufacturer’s wrapping remains unopened and untouched.


Great overall. It’s a great box, as all the pieces are there and none are missing or broken, even though you can see that they have opened it up to look at its contents from time to time.


The box will have a few scuffs and nicks here and there and the spot the ruby was cut out of. But the seal on each bag remains unbroken.

New But Open Box

Type 3: Sealed But Damaged Box


The LEGO set remains factory-sealed, although the box bears noticeable signs of damage or wear. That could be creases and tears from being removed frequently without care or dents in corners from years on the shelf.

Even though the outer pieces might not be torn, we expect the box inside to remain intact and undisturbed.


To collectors, the condition of this box may be less desirable because the damage is visible at the bottom end.

Sealed But Damaged Box

But since it has contained LEGO pieces for so many years and never had a lid to protect them from dust, inside or out, it should not have experienced any ill effects when left loose in an old cardboard box like this.

Type 4: Unsealed But Unassembled New Box


Someone lifted the lid of the LEGO box, but they still needed to do something inside. All the pieces are still in their original bags or compartments.


It was out of the box BUT unfolded, so it was in a new condition.

The box opens only for inspection or verification measures as if it hasn’t been used long. The LEGO pieces remain untouched and are ready for assembly.

Unsealed But Unassembled New Box

Type 5: Less Used

We unwrapped and assembled the LEGO set, but there are no signs of use. It wasn’t thrown about like many other toys. It was either displayed where eggs could be laid or gently played with. So its condition is excellent to this day.


Fair overall with minor wear that does not seriously mar the set.


It doesn’t have bad scratches and doesn’t peel easily or fade. There are only minor marks on the stickers, which are worn in some places.

Less Used

Type 6: Extensively Used


People assemble, frequently use, or disassemble the LEGO set as the valley warms up. It may have wear and tear, missing parts, or considerably faded.


Depending on use or damage, it mostly ranges from fair to poor.

The wear and tear caused by heavy use, missing parts that need replacement, fading colors, or broken pieces can cause damage. In all cases warranty covers only one year of normal usage. Avoid falling into collectibles this way.

Extensively Used

Places to Sell Lego-

There are various marketplaces to sell used LEGO sets, and you can carefully choose which one is best for you from the list below-

New and Used LEGO Sales Platforms


Due to its broad readership and variety of selling choices, this enormous online auction and fixed-price marketplace is perfect for both new sets. You can also sell used LEGO sets. It is also famous for selling YuGiOh cards.


It is an easy-to-use platform that supports negotiation-based direct sales for new and gently used LEGO kits.


This popular website with stringent policies is ideal for brand-new, sealed LEGO kits and provides the ‘Fulfillment by Amazon’ option for easy shipment.


Specialized LEGO selling platforms

Bricklink and BrickOwl-

All LEGO enthusiasts can sell sets and individual parts. They’re great for tracking down uncommon or discontinued LEGO pieces. They are also perfect if you want to sell used LEGO kits. These are similar to specialized platforms like those for selling comic books.


Renowned for certifying and offering collectibles for sale, such as rare or highly sought-after LEGO sets, and assuring customers of the genuineness of the items.

The Plastic Brick:

An authorized LEGO reseller specializing in new and old kits, with low pricing and an easy-to-use sales process.

The Plastic Brick:

Online Communities and used Marketplaces.

Online Communities or Forums:

Promote direct exchanges or sales between fervent LEGO lovers by interacting with collectors and enthusiasts in specialized online communities or forums like Reddit’s r/legomarket.

LetGo, Facebook Marketplace, Decluttr, OfferUp:

Several internet marketplaces with user-friendly interfaces and negotiable opportunities for selling lightly used LEGO pieces locally or nationally.

LetGo, Facebook Marketplace, Decluttr, OfferUp:

Local Selling Venues

Craigslist and local classified ads:

These are good places to sell LEGO sets to prospective customers locally. These methods typically involve auctions or in-person sales in the neighborhood.

Garage sales, yard sales, and flea markets:

These are also great places to sell used LEGO sets to nearby customers at deep discounts and encourage in-person interactions. These are also great for selling other old items like Disney VHS tapes.

Local Toy & Thrift Stores:

These provide sellers a handy local option by purchasing or consigning second-hand LEGO sets.

LEGO lovers organize specialized get-togethers such as LEGO conventions and local events, which provide collectors networking opportunities and direct sales and trades.

Local Toy & Thrift Stores:

Strategies for Selling LEGO

There are certain things that one must keep in mind before selling-

Pre-sale cleaning

Extensive Inspection:

Thoroughly examine each piece and set before listing to ensure no dust, grime, or stains while you sell used LEGO.

Gentle Cleaning:

To clean the bricks and stickers without damaging them, gently use a soft brush or microfiber cloth.

Part Organization:

Pay close attention to the composition of every part, and make sure each is as it should be in its own set. A finished product must look neither clean nor messy for people’s tastes.

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Completing the LEGO set

Check Completeness:

Check Completeness:

Verify that the set has all the necessary pieces, mini-figures, and accessories.

Replacement Parts:

If any pieces are missing, consider sourcing replacements to make the set whole and attractive to buyers.

Instructions and Packaging:

Include original instructions and packaging if available, as these add value to the set.

Research Prices

Comparative Analysis:

Research recent sales of similar LEGO sets on various platforms to gauge the market value.

Consider Condition:

Price is accordingly based on the set’s condition, rarity, completeness, and demand in the market.

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Provide High-Quality Photos

Clear Images:

Capture high-resolution, well-lit photos showcasing the LEGO set from various angles.

Detail Shots:

Highlight specific details, unique pieces, or imperfections to provide potential buyers a comprehensive view.

Detail Shots:

Show Completeness:

Display all included components, such as minifigures, accessories, and the box if applicable.

Provide Accurate Description

Detailed Information:

Write a comprehensive description outlining the set’s condition, wear or damage, completeness, and noteworthy features.


Disclose any issues or missing parts upfront to manage buyer expectations.

Useful Specifications:

Include set numbers, release years, and any unique characteristics to attract buyers looking for specific sets.

By following these strategies, sellers can ensure they present their LEGO sets in the best possible light, accurately depicting the product’s condition, completeness, and value to potential buyers.

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Where can I test my LEGO set's cost?

You can research similar sets that have these days sold on websites like Bricklink or eBay. Online databases and rate guides precise to LEGO are also available.

Should I sell my LEGO kit unsealed or sealed?

Every alternative has advantages. While opened sets in top condition might also draw customers, sealed sets are usually more attractive to collectors. The set's rarity and situation are essential factors in assessing its fee.

How can LEGO sets have secure shipping?

It's critical to bundle when you sell used LEGO. Use strong boxes that can be thoroughly cushioned to avoid breakage during transit. If needed, disassemble fragile parts, and consider shipping more expensive items with insurance.


LEGO sets keep a special place in creditors’, fanatics’, and informal developers’ hearts. Selling LEGO units may be a rewarding challenge, providing a risk of passing on cherished units or making space for brand-spanking new creations.

This complete manual has explored many avenues, from online marketplaces to specialized forums, nearby promoting venues, and strategic promoting strategies.

Now geared up with insights, techniques, and many selling options, embark on your LEGO-promoting adventure, connecting your bricks with enthusiastic consumers and ensuring those loved pieces discover their new houses while maximizing their value.

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