18 Best Places To Sell Your Antiques in 2020

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If you are planning to sell the antique piece you recently found out, it’s better you delve some information on that since this will help you to crack a great deal as well as you would be on the safer side of not getting conned. You can sell your antique, whether locally or online. You need to look for a good option if you want to fetch a great deal. We have a number of options below and can opt for any that suits your antique and buy you a great deal.

Best Places to Sell Antiques (Antique dealers Near Me)

Though there are a lot of online antique dealers, we have featured some trustable and reliable antique buyers on the list. So let’s get started with the best places to sell your antiques.

sell antiques near me

1. Tias

This is an online platform solely for the antique market. You find every category under this field posted on the site. The items and collectibles are also segregated in a way that the preferences are laid clear for both the customers and the sellers. Tias caters to a universal audience. Hence the price value varies accordingly.

It is an online retail marketplace to sell antiques and collectibles by member dealers. It also runs a chain of sites that trades for the same. Some of which are:

  1. curioscape.com
  2. antiquearts.com
  3. collectoronline.com

2. Consignment shops

Haven’t heard of such shops, but you might find one somewhere near your locality. It’s the best place to sell your antique material locally. These shops are a bit different from the regular antique shops. Here, you agree on a price with the shop owner, and he lets your antique put up for sale in his shop once the item is sold to a customer you get paid eventually.

3. Rubylane

This is a site similar to that of Tias. Rubylane covers all the essential categories under the categories of art, architecture, crockeries, among other collectibles. promises you an audience with the required interest you seek for them to invest in your collection.  

One of the largest curated Marketplace dedicated to antiques round the globe. If it ever crossed your mind that you want to open an antique shop online, the ruby lane is the one-stop solution.

Here, you could open your own shop online or be more precise, a virtual shop for the people who are readily active in the digital world, curate your antiques on your online shop, and people would approach you to buy. All you need to do is to pay a maintenance fee on a monthly basis. A lot many dealers are making money through Rubylane.

4. Social media

It won’t do justice to the people if i don’t mention social media. It’s just so apt for this purpose. You could always indulge in some social media marketing. Through social media, you could reach a lot of people to sell your item merely by creating an account on it.

Facebook and Instagram tend to do a lot of social media marketing since these are some of the social media handles used by a maximum number of people worldwide.

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5. Bonanza

This online Marketplace is beneficial for your pocket as you only have to pay when you make sell, i.e., 3.5%. If you decide to advertise on Google Ads, then you have to pay further 5.5%. Bonanza is more pocket-friendly than other marketplaces. They also have other advertising programs which would help you in driving customers for your antiques.

6. OfferUp

It is the most popular place to sell antiques. If you want to sell locally, you can. OfferUp has a different section for antiques, so it is very easy for buyers to access the antique section. The best thing for the seller is that it does not have listing or selling fees.

7. eBay

It has 180 million active buyers worldwide, so your product will get more exposure. It has zero listing fees and a 10% final valuation fee. eBay also has other different programs like Multi-User Account Acess, Creating your own eBay store, etc.

eBay adds benefits to your journey. Creating your own eBay store allows you to boost traffic, brand yourself, optimize listings, dedicated customer service, e.t.c. ( according to its website).

8. Facebook Marketplace

It has some advantages in terms of exposure. Facebook has a vast audience, and the people who visit the Facebook Marketplace section can see your listings.

facebook marketplace

The best thing for you is that listing your product on Facebook Marketplace is free, free, and free! It keeps your pocket heavy.

9. eBid

Your product will have exposure to a wide audience. Another best thing is that you don’t have to pay more than 3% and also there is no fee for listing products. You can sell antiques like Art, Clothing, Furniture, and home decor items, etc.

10. Amazon

This is a wider space for sellers to post their collections with a decent profit in return. Although you can post up on different antiques, collectibles, and art on this site, most buyers prefer book collections in this field.

11. Osian’s

This auction house is found in Mumbai and New Delhi. It is known to display items such as antiques, modern & contemporary art with sports and cinema souvenirs/ collections. It is one of the most famous auction houses in India. Osian’s also boasts of participating in other ventures and initiatives significant to art and history. 

12. Bid & Hammer

This auction house is situated in Bangalore. It showcases art from famous pioneers in the field and is sought after for its immaculate collectibles with ardent value for the same. Artists and art lovers from around the world are known to visit the auctions at Bid & Hammer.

Auction houses are a great way to understand the market value for antiques and collectibles of every kind. The trade that takes place in this field can also prove to be essential for the needed conscience in this sale. 

13. Collectorbazar.com

It is an online marketplace for online dealers showcasing huge collections of antique materials, including stamps, old coins, arts, etc. You could register yourself on this platform and introduce your collection to people out there.

This site provides you with a great space to sell antique materials based on every kind in this category. Collectorbazar is a sole platform dedicated to the purpose of collectibles and antiques. You can post up on stamps, coins, postcards, posters, photographs, accessories, banknotes, among other collectibles.

It provides you a space for auctioning goods too. Up-to-date information regarding the exhibitions on similar likes is also added to this site.

14. Online Buying

On this website, people can buy antiques online. Because many are imported, .it’s easy this way, you can just go through photos and ship them. These sites are supported by auction clubs, donations, and advertisements from their users.

You can set up your own shop for selling. You don’t need to pay for membership fees or listing fees to buy items. But they don’t have many customers on their websites. They have a unique way of production.


This is a place where you can get all types of antiques that are from a thousand years back. You need to give a donation and buy it when the piece is ready for giving out. Auctions are held in different places where a lot of people gather to buy the antiques.

This is a people gathering place where a lot of rich people gather. People who are interested in buying different things and are interested in exploring ancient mysteries are the best places to go to. This auction can also be held in museums and historical sites.

16. Antique House

Places near to you. These places also have repair and remodeling for antiques. This is a place where you can go and see things and feel them before buying them. These people go all around the world, searching for antique pieces.

You can sell or buy them here. These houses exist from a thousand years back and are run by their heredity. You can visit these shops and go around seeing and observing those items before buying them.

17. Artfire

This is an online website. Artfire is a cheap place to buy antiques. This place also sells handmade crafts, jewels, etc. You can go through every piece and can buy them. They have links to other selling top websites. It is a smaller website but has good products. They have monthly plans for listing fees. You can participate in auctions through these shops.


Online and marketing stores to buy antiques all over the world. They have many types of antiques and fine arts. They are having a rapid growth in this buying website and are coming up with more shops. You can just see the price and pay them without bidding.

They don’t do auctions, so we can just skip the bidding process. They have a fixed price for every item. You can name the item you want, and they can get you it by shipping them. They have in-person delivery systems.

Summing Up

There are many other places to find these antiques. Go and explore them and get to know what lies beyond their mysteries. Have a different hobby of collecting items. Remember those days when you find an old coin and ask your parents about its story and those excited eyes.

Try to get that experience again, and feel the same excitement. Ask around your grandparents and ask them stories about your inherited antiques. Dig into your ancient houses and get your ancestral accents. Keep them safe and try to remember them forever.