Domain Flipping 101: Make Money With Domain Flipping

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Every website name or domain has an extension used to specify the organization’s entity. This comprehensive domain-flipping guide will teach you how to flip domain names fast and unlock the potential of this profitable online business.

Domain flipping is when you buy a domain at a very cheap rate to sell later when there is a demand for it. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to unlock the potential of domain flipping and start earning money online today.

Read further to find out more.

What is Domain Flipping?

Domain flipping is a way of money-making that involves purchasing domain names and reselling these domain names at a significantly higher cost.

The key to a successful domain flip is in the right place at the right time to procure a valuable domain name before it surcharges.

There are two stages to domain flipping, the buying and selling stages. A user can buy a domain from ‘broker websites’ such as GoDaddy and Flippa. These websites allow users to buy and sell domains. They also provide extensions for domains.

Why are Domains Valuable?

In the world of the Internet, domains are the foundation for us to build our digital presence. And the freedom it provides in terms of choosing your own address is what adds to their value.

Everyone wants custom domain names and will pay any price for one. For a vast number of businesses, the domain is an investment.

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How to Start Flipping Domains?

Before you even start flipping domains, understand that a domain is only profitable when you buy it at a low price according to your budget and flip it to a profitable margin.

Before you even start flipping domains, we’d request you start with a relatively low budget of $5. 

domain flipping


To start flipping a domain, first off, you need to find a domain, and it’s similar to finding land. But, before that, you need to understand the niche of the domain you want to buy and flip later.

Consider this to be similar to the area or the locality where you are looking for land to buy at cheap and later flip at a profitable price. On the Internet, though, you only need to understand the category. It can be anything from fitness to a media company name.

The categories are endless, but one piece of advice we’d suggest is to only look for niches that are trending on the Internet.  

What follows next is a three-step process to flip domains:

Step 1: Search for Brandable Names

Once you’ve figured out the domain’s niche, you want to flip, take a notepad, and write down the names of the domains you’d like to flip.

search for brandable names

Note: These are a few pointers that could help you narrow down your search:

A. Make sure they are suitable for Branding: People buy domains online to match their business names. Think of it to be similar to naming your child. The name needs to hold a particular meaning. The word(s) must convey the meaning of the website to the potential buyer.  

  Yes, Elon Musk’s child is an exceptional case. 

B. Find Domain names with only one or two meaningful words: Meaning, focus on searching for words that are short yet meaningful. The one or two words you’ve used as a Domain Name must be easy to remember. 

Mark specific keywords that’ll help potential buyers find your domain.

C. Focus on trendy or catchy extensions: Find .biz, .com, .co,, .io, .in(country name), .media, .org, .space, .tech, .xyz domains as they are currently trending and usually work efficiently with the brand name. Flipping domains with such extensions is a lot easier.

Step 2: Where To Purchase?

Now that you know the domain name(s) you are looking to flip, you only need a service that’ll help you acquire it. Down below are three sites that one could refer to while flipping domains.

where to purchase

  • Domain Hole: A website that shows domains that are about to expire in a day or a maximum of 60 days.
  • Namecheap GoDaddy: One of the most famous domain registrars in the world.
  • Just Dropped: A website that shows domains for sale and has information about how much you can flip a domain for, the value of the niche, and the suitability of domains.

One feature where JustDropped is better than the rest is that it allows you to widen your search and restrict your domain search to multiple options varying from whether it should include a hyphen or numbers or the keywords the domain should include.

Step 3: Where to Sell Your Domains?

This is the last and final step, where you start flipping domains to potential buyers.

To find the estimated value of the domain, we use the following sites:

  • EstiBot (Paid): It’s a bot-based estimation tool that allows you to estimate the value of a domain. 
  • FreeValuator: As the name suggests, it’s a free tool that allows you to estimate the value of a domain.

We suggest that you prefer FreeValuator, as you can get a certified appraisal value for the domain you wish to flip.

selling domains

You can use these tools for reference, and if you feel the value is more than what it says, you can completely post it for sale at a higher value.

Below is the list of marketplaces for domain flipping

Well, we hope our guide on flipping domains made it easier for you to understand the process, and we suggest you start with a readily available, inexpensive domain and start flipping.

Things that will make a Domain Name profitable

  • Take short Domain Names: Short domain names are more convenient and wanted by many people. It promises a significantly higher price if you sell it.domain flipping
  • Easy to remember: Do not buy domain names that are hard to pronounce or spell. It is also essential to pick domain names that are easy to remember. Equally, in the real world, the easy-to-reach location is a great and strategic location to start a business.
  • Brandable Domain Names are a safe bet: A brandable name is a domain name. If you pronounce it, it’ll sound like a particular brand from a product or business.Many people who just started a business or company that launched new products are willing to buy these types of domains no matter how much the price is. It is needed for product advertising. 
  • It should contain keywords: Almost every website owner wants a domain name containing keywords related to their website’s theme. Because of that, the domain that contains specific keywords will have a great chance of being sold at a jaw-dropping price. 
  • Look for popular extensions like “.com”: Many domains with an extension other than “.com” have been sold at a staggering price, more than the standard price. If you are new in the domain flipping business, you better look for “.com” extensions because they are undeniably the most popular.

How to find potential Buyers for your domain?

  • Same domain name with a different extension: If you possess a domain with a “.com” extension, then the domain owners of other extensions are more likely to be prominent buyers for your domain. Or find a company or individual with a “.com” extension and try to buy other extensions and resell them to the company or individual.
  • Similar or related domain name: If you possess a domain name similar to a popular site, you are most likely to be approached by famous site owners to make a great offer for it
  • Google search result: This is the most common way done by the domain flippers. You need to make a list of keywords that are related to your domain. You can use the Google keyword planner or other similar tools.
After that, you can enter the keyword in the Google search box and find your domain popped on the list.

What Are The Benefits Of Flipping Domains?

There is no denying that domain flipping has tremendous upside potential, so starting a business in it is appealing. Earn with domain flippingIt would help if you thought about it for the following reasons.

Earn additional money

Who among us doesn’t wish to increase their income?

You can: 

  • Make money while engaging in a side business through domain flipping.
  • Manage a profitable business full-time.

It is entirely up to you! Finding, purchasing, and selling domains from the convenience of your home allows you to earn an endless income.

Starting Is Simple

You can begin domain flipping right now. If:

  • Access to the internet
  • The laptop
  • An ATM card…

You may now proceed. There is nothing else needed for domain flipping.

Learning how to value domain names is the most crucial factor. No more prior knowledge is necessary.

The possibilities are endless if you master that expertise.


The low entrance barrier makes domain flipping a low-risk endeavor.

You can invest a little cash to buy domains and earn money. Your first approach can be to look for good $10–$15 parts to flip.

  • This enables you to: Begin with a bit of investment;
  • Reduce any danger
  • Amass money for future investments.
  • Before you make significant investments, get educated.

You can start small with domain flipping and grow as you get experience. Making significant expenditures is only necessary once you are prepared to scale.

Information You Should Have Before Starting Domain Flipping

In comparison to other internet enterprises, domain flipping has many benefits.Domain flipping

There are a few things you should consider, though, before you start.

NOT A Quick Way to Make Money

Patience is a quality of all successful domain flippers.

Only some domains that appear as superb prospects purchase right away. Finding the ideal parts at the pricing requires patience.

On the selling side, patience is also necessary

Your parts will sell most of the time rapidly. Other times, you may need to wait a few months and list your domain before finding severe purchasers.

Domain flipping is not for you if you want to make a quick buck.

It is an active process that needs commitment and drive

To flip domains profitably, follow the tasks below: 

  • Each domain evaluation is a must.
  • Make sure the investment is sound.

You must have drive and commitment to the task at hand. Finding the winner can be challenging. But once you take action, it can indeed pay off.

You’ll Make Errors

The answer is straightforward: You won’t profit from every domain you purchase. It’s entirely acceptable to anticipate making mistakes.

  • Every step of the process includes: Determining what went wrong is the most crucial part.
  • Study it to gain knowledge.

As you continue to refine your method, be sure it is sound.

Taxes Apply To Your Earned Benefits

Any profits you make must be taxed, just like any other firm.

Trading stocks and domains are comparable. You sell a store when you buy it, and it increases, right?

You can pay taxes on the profit you generate from that sale, but you must declare it.

Quick Summary

There are a few things to remember while domain flipping. They are as follows:

  • Ensure you invest in a domain that is not a brand or a trademarked name.
  • Make sure you invest in a domain that might have a rise in popularity in the near future, as it raises the chances of the domain name being sold. For example, the domain is a simple name that sold for $200,000
  • Try to make the buyer match your listed price. 
  • Make sure you buy the domain name at the lowest possible price and sell it for a higher price. Check for expired domains that might have a good chance of gaining popularity. 
  • Research the domain before you invest. 
  • Try listing your domain name on multiple websites to increase your reach. 
  • One good domain is better than a hundred bad domains, so be wise while investing in a domain name.


What is domain flipping?

Domain flipping is when you buy a domain at a very cheap rate to sell it later when there is a demand for it.

How do you flip domains quickly?

To flip domains quickly, find a quality domain, register the domain name, estimate the domain price, choose a platform to sell the domain, and then sell it.

Can I make money buying domain names?

Yes, it is possible to make money buying domain names. By purchasing valuable domain names in demand, you can resell them at a higher price to interested buyers.


All in All, these are all the essential things you need to know about domain flipping. You’ll learn from your experience and will grow.

Also, keep a check on regular conferences and webinars that experts do now and then. This will give you good expert insight on how to earn millions and enter the big game because this is the future.